Friday, 15 April 2016

Keep Calm For Sample Sale Success!

Whoohoo! Tomorrow I get to shop the Net-A-Porter Staff Sale!  Seriously beyond excited to attend this event for the 3rd year running and just as excited that it has led me to write a blog post at long last.
Who knew there was so much to think about when shopping an event like this but just like a sample sale or indeed any other sale that is met with great excitement and open to the public, there are so many things you can do to ensure an enjoyable experience, so I felt it only right to share some those tips with you all so that if you hear of any sample sales from your favorite designers or retailers, you will be fully equipped to attend the event with a clear head and a plan in place to ensure sale shopping success.

1. Plan your travel in advance

The reason I say this is because last year I left home in what I thought was plenty of time. I got to the train station, bought my ticket to London only to find that there were engineering works on the line, a replacement bus service for a large part of the journey and I knew that I was going to be late for my 1 hour slot.  I'm not sure about other sample sales but with the NAP Staff Sale you have an allotted time of which I missed the first 30 minutes. Lesson learned and tomorrows travel is planned and engineering works have been factored into the time I plan to leave home. Know your route, which tubes you need to take and any changes that are required. Buy tickets in advance if possible as you can often save money and don't want to miss your train because you were caught in the ticket queue.

2. Dress for success

Take an across body bag so that you are hands free or large tote bag that a lightweight jacket can fit into. Empty your bag of any unnecessary items so it is not heavier than it needs to be. Take a bottle of water - these things can get very hot and I remember people fainting in the queue at the Next sale back in the early nineties!
If it's cold - wear light layers you can take off. Maybe a jumper over a shirt or t-shirt that you can tie round your waist if you get a bit hot under the collar with all the excitement!
A lightweight coat or jacket with a hood will eliminate the need to carry an umbrella in your bag.
Wear separates. At a lot of these sales and certainly at the NAP one, there are no changing rooms and people try clothes on over what they are already wearing, so jeans or trousers in winter with a cami as your base layer means you can try on shirts and dresses without too much bulk underneath. In summer swap jeans for crops or shorts.
Comfortable footwear is a must. Its not a fashion show so if you turn up in trainers and yoga pants who cares - yes you've guessed what I shall be wearing tomorrow!

3. Go with a list

Or at least a good idea of what you would like or what gaps you have in your wardrobe. Don't ever buy anything just because it is a great deal. I've bought shoes worth hundreds for £40 and have never worn them. That makes them a waste of money. If you come away with nothing, so be it. You would of kicked yourself if you hadn't gone and sat at home wondering if you missed out on a designer bargain. These events are a complete game of chance.

4. Grab everything

If you don't, somebody else will, so fill your bag with anything that takes your fancy and sort through it before you make your way to the checkout.

5. Check for defects

Another area I have failed in miserably in the past. A lot of items are returns and could be damaged so check zips, buttons, seams on clothes, clasps, zips and buckles on bags etc I even bought some Stella McCartney canvas pumps which had come undone on the seam and I didn't notice till I got home.

6. Check for sizes

Especially on shoes! I've found what I thought were size 6 shoes were actually an 8 when I got them out the bag. So do try shoes on. Its also a good idea if you check that you can actually walk in them.

I will be back next week to share my purchases - wish me luck!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Wishlist Item Number 1

Image 1 of ASOS Bright Orange Fire Bird Midi Shift Dress

If there is one purchase I like to make every spring, it's a new dress. For me this is one area where I like to add a bit of colour to an otherwise fairly neutral wardrobe.

Image 3 of ASOS Bright Orange Fire Bird Midi Shift Dress

I like to be prepared for summer weddings, parties and holiday evenings. Buying a new dress early in the season means I won't have to spend loads of money on birthday or wedding presents and then scratch my head over the expense of a new outfit!

Image 2 of ASOS Bright Orange Fire Bird Midi Shift Dress

I know what shapes suit me and I also like to invest in a dress that I can visualise with both heels and embellished or metallic flat summer sandals. Shift dresses usually fit that bill unlike shapes that have a waistline which often look silly worn with flats.

Image 4 of ASOS Bright Orange Fire Bird Midi Shift Dress

This Asos dress took my eye and pretty much fits all of my requirements. I haven't really looked anywhere else, this is on the wishlist, my heart is set on it. I'm thinking my gold Moschino block heeled sandals (My-Wardrobe sale years ago) for occasion dressing and strappy flats for holiday evenings in Marbella in May. Asos Bird Print Midi Dress £68 here.

Have you seen a summer dress to covet?

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

New Boots

I really haven't been impressed with the Net-A-Porter sale for the past few years. Everything I want either isn't reduced enough or my size is sold out before the sale even starts, but when you have your daughters staff discount to deduct from the sale price, I keep looking and looking, keeping an eye out for a mega bargain or a return in my size.
I'd thought about these Sam Edelman boots for a good few weeks but it wasn't until my middle daughter actually bought them (the one who takes my size) and I got to try them on, that I realised what a great purchase they were. About £26 with the additional discount and made of the blackest, softest suede, investment purchase screamed out to me and I took the plunge. Still want the leopard print ones in the same style but they aren't reduced as much and I know the black will serve me well. I'm out to lunch tomorrow so these beauties will get their first outing, provided it doesn't rain.

The black are now sold out but do keep your eye open for returns, that's how I got mine, plus you can get an extra 20% off Clearance using SALE20 at checkout here.

Have you had any fab sale purchases this season?

Friday, 9 October 2015

Jog, Jog, Jogging Along. Again.

If there is one thing I absolutely hate having to do, it's replacing items that are absolute wardrobe essentials for me, which was recently the case with my Baukjen jogging bottoms. When you have a winter wishlist as long as your arm and you have to replace the staples, it pains me somewhat but I knew it was something that had to be done, otherwise I'd have nothing to wear indoors all winter!

Nevis Jogger reduced to £35.

Now these may not be the height of fashion which they were when worn with heels or ankle boots a few seasons ago, but for me they are items I rely on heavily when working from home and not only because they are so comfortable and work well if I just have to slip on a pair of trainers and pop to the Village shops, but ever since I became a dog owner, it's pretty clear that the black leggings I used to lounge around in are no longer an option due to the copious amount of pug hair they end up covered in, which is quite frankly nothing short of gross, so joggers it is.

The two pairs I purchased about two and half years ago really were on their last legs which isn't bad considering for about 8 months of the year I have one pair on and one pair in the wash! So on a cost per wear basis the price is such a massive minus, I honestly feel like I got them for free!

I ordered two pairs and have to say they are both completely different fabrics and also different fabrics from my two previous pairs.  First up the blue denim melange "Bray Jogger" which are like a heavy silky jersey material and classed as a summer jogger but don't worry they aren't ultra thin or anything and I shall be wearing them all winter. Then the pale grey marl "Nevis Jogger" which are far more like a traditional tracksuit bottom with a similar fleecy feel to the inside of the fabric, fab for keeping warm when the temperature drops a tad plus these babies are on sale, so win win if you are after some winter warmers!

Just look at the Baukjen styling of both pairs, kills me every time.......

So let me apologise in advance to all my friends, family and other visitors, because I'm back in uniform! Oh yes the bare legs and dresses are gone and it's joggers and bretons from now till next May. Move along, nothing new here, just a love for some old favorites rekindled! Oh and did I say how I have worn these to travel in whenever I have gone somewhere and its not high summer?  Super comfy!

What are your lounge wear favourites?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Oils Of Life

Its fair to say I am a big Body Shop fan and eagerly await any new collections that are released by the brand especially it's latest range "Oils of Life"  I was intrigued by the use of seed oils in skincare but am impressed with the benefits they offer from an antioxidant, anti-bacterial point of view.

Giving life to a new plant, seeds are one of the most concentrated sources of essential nutrients known to man and Body Shop have incorporated three of these seeds into their new skincare range. Black Cummin, Camellia and Rosehip seed oils sourced from exotic shores, are to your skin what super foods are to your health and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try these out for myself and have been using them on a daily basis ever since.

First up, the toner, or Essence Lotion as it's called. Now I've been using a spray toner recently so went back to a cotton wool application for this, although of course you could decant into a spray container if you wished. It honestly feels and smells so amazing, I couldn't stop wiping my skin with it the first time I tried it! I honestly thought I would be red raw by the time I had finished, I was hooked on first application oh boy this stuff is intoxicating!

Next was the Facial Oil and to be honest I haven't used a facial oil for years and like many other women worry about being left with a greasy feel or the affects it might have when applying foundation, but all those concerns were and are unfounded because even greasy skin can benefit from a light oil, so don't be put off.  I left it to sink in for a few minutes before I applied moisturiser and it's been totally fine.

Finally the Gel Cream (Moisturiser) whose texture I adore. Light to apply and quick to sink in, its a product junkies dream cream and feels lovely and cool upon application.  I have to admit to having a lot of fun with the facial massager too, although I do look a bit of a fright as my cheeks are rolled somewhat closer to my eyeballs than is normal, but I am sure my skin is grateful for the oxygen this will bring to the surface of my skin.

Check out for the Oils of Life range here with free delivery over £25!

Have you tried Oils of Life yet?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Leopard Lover

Image 3 of Alice & You Animal Print Shift Dress

When you suddenly find your diary full of birthday parties, naming ceremonies and surprise 50th celebrations, 2 of your "go to dresses" are in the dry cleaners who have shut up shop and cleared off to sunnier climes for a fortnight, what is a girl to do? Well it's time to buy a new dress obviously but when you are penny and not style pinching, where is a girl to go for a quick fashion fix?

My dress requirements are short sleeves with a shift or A Line shape, so at least I manage to refine my search, having thousands of dress options gets a little bit daunting for me and can put me off the bigger websites but on this occassion the Asos price points were right, with so many cards and presents to buy over the last few weeks, there was little left in the coffers for a new outfit.

At just £30 the leopard print dress fitted the bill perfectly and although I have always been a massive fan of leopard print and have various accessories and a jacket, I have never had a dress in this timeless print that designers roll out in their collections every season.

Image 2 of Glamorous Tall Animal Print Shift Dress

Simple to throw on and accessorise, its an outfit that takes little on the styling front, the print does all the talking and boy did it get some compliments! I was amazed by my facebook comments and 106 likes - certainly boosted the old girls confidence I can tell you and I look forward to wearing this timeless dress on a few nights out in the run up to Christmas, making it a purse friendly purchase on a "cost per wear" basis (can't beat a bit of fashion maths to justify a purchase or two).

Image 2 of Glamorous Petite Animal Print Shift Dress

Another thing I was really impressed with is that the dress comes in petite, tall and plus size options, so there is a fit and length for all. I will certainly be dropping into Asos again when funds are low and style is high on the agenda, I have a feeling this won't be the first and only dress I purchase from them, my daughters all have prime delivery as they use the site daily around their pay days!

Now it's time to move on to the Leopard Print Ankle Boot search.............

Have you bought a dress from Asos recently?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Grey Boucle Knit Coat:

Having only just returned from holiday last week, I'm loathe to start thinking about Winter Wishlist items.  I have a confession to make - I'm still wearing dresses and bare legs complete with goosebumps, please don't let me cover up the tan just yet!

So chic. This is totally my style and my colors!! Style Inspiration: Shades of Black:

I haven't even trawled through the winter collections on my favourite websites as yet, however there is one thing I know that I want and whether that is bought early on, or goes on the January sales list, I'm not really sure, but it's a grey coat. I know we are supposed to be buying our coats in August but sorry I just can't get my head around that right no. No I need a bit more time to peruse what's around and get the shade of grey right. I will know it when I see it. Or try it.
It does of course have to flatter the apple shape without swamping my 5ft 2 1/2 inch frame, doesn't look like it's gonna be an easy ask and knowing me with my impulsive shopping tendencies I will no doubt buy exactly what I like even if not the most flattering piece of outerwear out there!

Traveling? 25 Comfy-But-Cute Outfits to Wear on the Plane | StyleCaster:

Yes I'm feeling a grey coat, it's a definite "wish" and not "need" item and I'm going to wear it over a completely black outfit. I see it in my head already and by the time you get to read this I shall be off to Pinterest to gather images of gorgeous looking creatures half my age looking ultra chic in my imagined ensemble.
See I kept my promise! Don't they all look lovely?

Miranda Kerr in the streets of New York. 생방송바카라SUN330.COM 생방송바카라생방송바카라 SUN330.COM 생방송바카라생방송바카라 SUN330.COM 생방송바카라:

I will of course add a nice little collage of what I think are the best around at the moment, do let me know which is your favourite!

1.Whistles Sasha Slim Coat £195.
2.French Connection Apollo Wrap Coat £180.
3.Linea Weekend Coast Ombre Wool Coat £150.
4.Phase Eight Josie Ruched Collar Coat was £180 now £126.
5.Autograph Overcoat with New Wool £129.
6.Asos Coat with Hairy Wool £75.

What piece of outwear is featuring on your A/W wishlist?