Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Boyfriend Shirt And The Apple Shape

When I bought this boyfriend shirt from Gap early last spring, I don't think I really looked at it properly when I tried it on.  It was featured at the front of the store on a mannequin underneath the classic trench coat I had specifically gone to purchase and you know me when I spot such a classic look (I fall hook, line and sinker) and with a white shirt hole in my wardrobe (I was going to say gap again) it seemed the perfect time to purchase.

I picked up the XL tried it on, it fitted, I put the mac on, it fitted, I bought both, then when I went to wear the shirt I really wasn't sure and it has taken me all this time to figure out why.
I have put it on a few times over the last year or so and each time I have taken it off and put it back on the hanger.  I don't think my figure is a friend of the boyfriend. One of my daughters bought me a boyfriend style cashmere jumper from The Outnet for my birthday last December and that doesn't do me any favours either if I'm honest, so don't just assume because you are an overweight apple shape that any big and baggy old item will cut the mustard, trust me, it won't.

A Line, swing and tunic shapes remain my best friend when it comes to shirts, tops or jumpers (and dresses) but saying that, if the fabric is soft and drapes well, you will be fine, I have other shirts or blouses that aren't a problem. So in hindsight, could it be proportions, as I am rather short, could it be that the garment is not yet wash softened, remains stiff so doesn't hang well, or that there is too much fabric around the hips where I am a dress size smaller than up top? Who knows, but it has made me cautious of boyfriend styles although I did bite the bullet and wear it out last week, seemed such a waste to keep it hanging there and being from Gap I don't consider it ebay worthy.

Shirt - Gap, old, similar here.
Jeans - M&S,  old, similar here.
Shoes - French Sole, old, similar here.
Sunglasses - Dior, old, similar here.
Bag - Louis Vuitton old, similar here.

How do you get on with the boyfriend style of shirt?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Boden Holiday Mini Haul And This Weeks Boden Discounts

That means mini haul as in small amount not as in buying from the Mini Boden range. So now we have that cleared up lets press on, but at this stage I need to issue a skimmed milk coloured bare leg warning. I hastily tried on my new stuff in a flurry of "oh goodie here's the courier" and "who cares what I look like, I shall just grab my daughters skater shoes to get an idea of how this little lot will look" and "I shall bare my white legs for blog research purposes only". So here goes.

First up the Kaftan. Been on the wishlist for a while. Sized up due to the reviews and quite rightly so, my actual size would have been too tight on the bust I'm sure.
Love how it isn't sheer like a lot of Kaftans I've have in the past, which means if you are staying in a hotel you can't wear them down for breakfast so have to change, yet again. Not a problem I normally have as we usually stay in an apartment, but I will be B&B in a hotel for my daughters hen do.
Choosing a colour was the main difficulty here and do I want more of these in different colours? The answer is a resounding "yes" as these will last you years.

Next up the short sleeved Breton. Yes you all know my love of stripes knows no bounds but I was seriously lacking in the short sleeved department owning just an old Juicy Couture one which is still going strong but has a v neck. This top featured in my very first Boden wishlist of the season, as I knew it would be a summer staple and so cheap with the discount.

The shorts. Well what can I say about these. I don't think I'm a fan. Bought my normal size which were fine but it's the leg length.  Now don't get me wrong I think it's great that Boden offering different lengths but the difference between a 4 inch and a 9 inch inside leg means one pair is young and flirty and the longer, bordering on frumpy! Come on Johnnie we need something in between! This kind of length is fine in a smart city short you might be wearing to the office in the summer but on a casual chino, er no, but you must bear in mind I am only 5ft 2 1/2 (don't forget the half, it is v.important). Not sure it's worth the cost of a seamstress to get them just right and they are bright, very very bright and I am not sure I care to draw that much attention to myself. I would class these as vermillion in the shades of red colour spectrum and would probably prefer a more muted tone but who knows what I will decide on, I've had them for days and still can't make my mind up!

They certainly look better rolled up a couple of times like in the picture above and with brown legs, might look quite nice!

These three pieces cost me somewhere in the region of £80 with free delivery and free returns. There were discounts on the website on certain items and I had a code which appeared to stack. Gotta love a stacking code!

This week see's Boden offering a range of discounts on certain departments every day this week until Friday.  Today is Tops, Tees and Knitwear. Tuesday: Dresses, Bridesmaids, Boys Shirts, Mens Shirts & Suits. Wednesday: Coats, Jackets, Skirts, Trousers and Jeans. Thursday: Accessories, Shoes, Shorts, Swimwear, Loungewear, Nightwear and Friday is a Lucky Dip?
This offer includes free delivery and free returns.

The only downside of my order was the swimming costumes I wanted are on a delay and won't be in stock before I go away. Bit of a pain being as I have sold everything in my holiday drawer on eBay to fund new purchases, so the hunt for a cossie continues!

Will you be taking advantage of these special offers for your Boden wishlist? Shop Boden here.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

It feels kind of weird when your children are of an age when you can no longer hide chocolate eggs in the garden. It used to be such fun on Easter Sunday although I admit to sometimes forgetting how many I had hidden and finding the odd one amongst the shrubs when gardening months later!

I was all set to do a Boot Fair this morning, but as I mentioned in a previous post, nothing ever goes to plan. My middle daughter was doing it with me in an effort to clear both our clutter and raise some extra funds for the Hen-Do but she got offered a night shift last night so if anyone has any idea what I can do with the 6 black bags on my bedroom floor - please let me know! P.S I don't deem it eBay worthy.

Dinner will be earlier due to change of plans. We always have roast lamb and homemade onion sauce on Easter Sunday. Luckily all three daughters are around, so we will have a full complement and the dining table will house daffodils and Prosecco.

Whatever you are doing, have a lovely Bank Holiday.

Friday, 18 April 2014

If You Only Buy One Dress This Weekend

Buy French Connection Solar Spells Dress, Capri Blush/Ice Cooler Online at
Make it the French Connection Solar Dress £120.

Victoria, Victoria Beckham Victoria, Victoria Beckham 
Victoria, Victoria Beckham £1,150 and £795.

This season French Connection takes inspiration from the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection with it's Solar Dress featuring on trend blush tones, colour blocking and pleated skirt detail.

I am in absolutely no doubt at all that any of these dresses, either the high end designer or the purse friendly option, will give you a dress that will take you from weddings to holiday evenings, a day at the races or a relaxed summer BBQ.

Some dresses just do it all and if you can find one that works with both flat metallic strappy sandals or a skyscraper heel and looks just as good with a rafia tote as it does a statement clutch, it really does take the headache out of summer event dressing.

Do you have a dress that works for every occassion?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bridal Make-Up At The Bobbi Brown Counter And Boho Chic For Grown Ups At Monsoon

With a day out to Canterbury planned for yesterday, I was hoping to have a good look around a few shops that seem to have lots of stuff I love online and report back. Sadly things never ever go as planned! Well not in my world anyway. My eldest daughter picked me up at 9.30 and we just about made her 10.30 appointment at the Bobbi Brown counter in Fenwick on time. A bridal make-up run through and before you know it, it's gone midday. The MUA had another makeover waiting and we hadn't even decided what pieces to buy at this stage, nor have time for me to test out some colours that were on my Product Junkie radar!  So we headed off for a bite to eat, no time for the school holiday queues in Wagamamma's (much to my daughters disgust) instead a baguette and a coffee in the sunshine before her 1pm wedding dress fitting, which took 1 1/2 hours, then back to Bobbi's counter for a 2.30pm where I finally got to try out the products and colours I wanted, make a purchase or two, beg for freebie samples and before you know it, it's 3.30 and I haven't even looked at an item of clothing which wasn't ivory and covered in lace all day, grr, grr and treble grrrrrrr.

As we walked past Monsoon on the way back to the car park, I begged for a quick look around and my eldest indulged me (thankfully) as I have been falling more and more in love with Monsoon ever since the very first Yasmin Le Bon campaign and with Boho chic being high on every fashionista's radar thanks to Isabel Marant, what do you do if a) you can't afford Marant or b) feel you are just a tad too old for this seasons ethnic offerings from Mango? Well you pop into Monsoon of course!

If I didn't have my daughters wedding drawing ever closer and a hen party in Puerto Banus three weeks tomorrow, I could have done some serious monetary damage in Monsoon today. Sad that I couldn't, as I can imagine wafting around in the sunshine in a few of their gorgeous pieces. Le sigh.

Always drawn to a white top, as soon as picked this up Chloe said "that is so you" which of course it is because it is loose, off white in colour and will look fab with jeans and sandals. Pearl Kaftan £29 here.

I looked in my wardrobe this morning and realised there is an awful lot of navy, but I still want this, desperately! Liberty Embroidered Top £45 here.

Yet another white top to love, just pass me a pair of denim shorts! Summa Swing Top £29 here.

If you are looking to do that whole boho dress with bare legs and cute ankle boots thing this spring then this black dress fits the bill perfectly. I'd probably wear it with tan sandals but either way it's the perfect piece to rock the trend this time round. Helena Embroidered Dress was £79 now £59 here.

The store in Canterbury isn't the biggest Monsoon I've been in, I've found stacks more stuff with the bohemian vibe online to add to the wishlist! I think I might sell my whole wardrobe and just wear the one brand this summer! I really am in love!

Farah Heritage KaftanEmma Embroidered TopJamila Top

Ameline Printed KimonoAragon Embroidered Maxi DressDiego Denim Dress

And what did I decide to wear for our day out?

Last seasons Monsoon Camilla quilted jacket of course!

Are you shopping boho chic this season?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Steal Her Style - Elle McPherson (Fab At Fifty)

Just in case you were on planet Zog the other week, Elle McPherson celebrated her 50th birthday (yes you read that correctly) with friends over dinner at Zuma. 
To look that good at such an age, one can only assume she over indulged in a plate of lettuce leaves washed down with some very expensive water and bathed in the urine of a siberian tiger before she left home.  Either that or she has an amazing surgeon who keeps the facial wrinkles at bay and the cellulite zapped before it can even make it's way to her thighs. Jealous, me, never. OK just a teeny bit. How gorgeous is she?

I don't like to encourage women of a certain age to wear black bra's under white jumpers, but if you would like to get the rest of her look on the high street and look as chic as Elle in her on trend whites, shop away. I know I quite fancy going out for dinner in a similar outfit although somehow I don't think I'd look that good!

 Classic Link Bracelet £88 J.Crew. Glam 2 Desire Nail Laquer £15 Michael Kors. Bailey Court Shoes £99 Kurt Geiger. Mango Slim Fit Trousers £34.99. Cotton Waffle Jumper £38 Oasis.

Have you been celebrity style stalking lately?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Lets Have A Little Fun

I hope you enjoyed the Quiz on behalf of Nigel O'Hara Jewellers, don't forget to let me know who was your celebrity style twin, I was Orlando Bloom!