Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wardrobe Changeover

Nevis Jogger
Baukjen Joggers £59.

What wardrobe changeover I hear you cry, because you know that I haven't even done it yet!  I hate the idea of putting my summer threads away and it's nothing to do with not liking winter clothes (I am a massive fan of a winter coat to cover up the poorest of outfits) but more to do with the fact we only wear our summer clothes for about three to four months of the year if we're lucky and the rest of the time it's jeans, boots and outerwear.  Couple this with the fact winter clothes are so much more expensive, it's no wonder I am hanging on to summer dresses and flip flops (or birkies) for dear life!

Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Faux Fur Gilet £69.

The weather has been truly amazing of late, I have enjoyed every precious minute of September sunshine mindful of the fact it won't be long before the heating is on and I am curled up on the sofa in my trusty Baukjen joggers for the third year running (I don't think they will ever wear out) and doubling my electricity bills with constant use of the tumble dryer.

raymond, black shoe by kurt geiger london - women shoes boots
Kurt Geiger Raymond Ankle Boot £195.

There are of course lots of things about autumn and winter that I love which don't include a designer ankle boot. I adore the cosiness of dark evenings, warming up a cold teenage boy when he comes in from school with the biggest of mum cuddles, comfort food and of course a scented candle or two (always good to rid the house of "eau de pug" when you can no longer open the windows on a daily basis).

The White Company "Winter" Signature Candle £20

I have however made a concious effort to put a few things away which was inspired by an ironing pile the size of Crete. I took all of my summer clothes out of said Crete sized ironing pile and popped them straight into my out of season storage i.e. the two under divan drawers on my side of the bed. I figured it was pointless ironing them and putting them back in my wardrobe, only to be folded and put in said divan drawers in a few weeks time. It all gets washed and ironed again as it re-emerges to fresh new eye's when the sun begins to shine again the following year and quite frankly I had so much to do, this great idea was a blessing to my busy "let's fit an hours ironing in on a Saturday afternoon" schedule.
Leather Rucksack
Marks and Spencer Autograph Rucksack £99.

The biggest problem of having not got my winter wardrobe sorted out yet is the lack of a new season wishlist.  I know that I want a red bag for sure but think I will have to ask for money for both my birthday and Christmas to try and nab one in the sales (oh Celine Trio be mine). Other than that I have, as yet, no idea what gaps need to be filled but I definitely find that because I have two children with birthdays in the autumn which leaves me just six weeks before the man in red pops down our chimney, I don't have the funds to not invest wisely. I'm more frivolous in summer, the heat does strange things to me (especially when buying sandals) and I'm not just talking about the hot flushes!

Jigsaw Knitted Cape £89.

So have you done your summer to winter changeover yet? Got a wishlist?

Monday, 15 September 2014

Holiday Blues

No holiday would ever be complete without my Boden Beach Throw On's. I particularly like the blue one. 

The Indigo Blue of my Marks and Spencer Boyfriend Shorts go with everything and were a holiday wardrobe staple.

Blue skies and blue Seas always make me smile and raise the happiness factor no end.

Dressing down the cobalt blue of my Maison Martin Marguila MOTB bride dress for a special night out at Villa Tiberio.

Tommy Hilfiger blues for Teen Boys.

The navy blue of my heart print sarong.

Blue tiled backdrops for instagram #ootd photographs.

Spending hours staring at blue skies between the palm tree's and shady umbrella's.

The turquoise blue of a swimming pool makes it an enticing cooling retreat from the heat.

I can't believe I have been back from holiday for ten days now and boy what a hectic ten days it has been!  With my husband spending Saturday night at the A&E department followed my an admission on Monday and not released until Thursday evening. Lots of work for me catching up from being away. A whole twenty four hours without internet which doesn't help my stress levels at all and Teen Boy started back as a Year 9 student!  I think it's fair to say that as much as I have loved our recent sunshine,  I really do have the holiday blues and could do with a week away just to get over the post holiday madness!

Now that the new school term has started, have you got the holiday blues?

Friday, 12 September 2014

On Cloud Nine With My New Camel Coat

As with any fashion blogger worth their salt, a camel coat is the ultimate in autumn/winter chic.  I have featured camel coats on the blog virtually every year since I started writing and have always dreamt of a maxmara style wrap coat - a true classic in outerwear terms and the thought of having a coat that will never date is also a massive draw for me.

The other thing I really love about a classic camel wrap coat is that just like a trench, they can be worn by any age and look just as good on someone in their twenties as well as those of us who are old enough to be the mother of someone in that age group, so when House of Fraser got in touch and asked me to choose a coat from the "Cloud Nine" range although the Parka's were a draw, it was the classic camel wrap coat that won me over, a no brainer. I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn't go for this option.

Initially worried that I would look stupid in a long coat being just 5ft 2, I then decided that I didn't give a hoot, it just had to be mine.  The only problem has been getting the review done when everyday has been sunny since I got back from holiday and the usual impatient photographers who don't allow you time to compose yourself before they start snapping away and walking off!

Cloud Nine Classic Wrap Coat £299 at House of Fraser.

There are so many ways to style a camel coat.  I love them worn with leopard print accessories, red and navy. Pretty much anything goes, you can even layer over light camel like Kim Kardashian and I'm sure it won't be long before it's cold enough to style mine up with my beloved LV scarf, I'm looking forward to getting that back out of it's box, but for now I chose to style mine over and all black ensemble of jeans, t-shirt, old Dior sunglasses and middle daughters shoes which will be on my feet more than hers if I have my way!

Are you opting for a trend led or classic coat this winter?

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Spot On

Sarah Jessica Parker - Joan Rivers Memorial Service

If there is one person you can rely on to always crank up the fashion factor, even at a memorial service, it is Sarah Jessica Parker.  I have been going a bit dotty for spots myself lately and with a budget that won't stretch to this seasons designer polka dot offerings, I broke my August spending ban for the M&S polka dot dress so beloved of some seriously stylish bloggers (on sale I might add for a mere £15).

Polka-dot dress
Mango Dress £34.99.

1. Saint Laurent Silk Polka Dot Dress £1,555. 2. Oscar De La Renta Evelyn Polka Dot Flats £570. 3. Kilian Kerner Polka Dot Full Skirt £43. 4. Polka Dot Scarf £29.99. 5. Boden Button Back Jumper £69. 6. Wallis Spot Dress £34. 7. Topshop Polka Dot Collar Top £22.

Good to see that Boden have done the spotty button back jumper again this season, it was my go to jumper last winter and has 15% off today with their diminishing discount offer.

The new spotty additions to my wardrobe - little and large!

Whilst in Puerto Banus last week, I convinced my husband it was pointless bringing the last of our Euro's home, so persuaded him to let me go shopping with them and picked up another spotty number which is a worthy transeasonal piece, I'm not going back in the jeans just yet!

Are you going dotty for spots this season?

Style Tip: If you don't have big boobs but wish you did, the pleat detail on the neckline of this dress really makes your boobs look big, I was shocked when I looked at the pictures!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Thomas Sabo Pearl Bracelet from Francis & Gaye

I have to admit that jewellery isn't really one of my shopping addictions.  Sure I buy the odd statement necklace but other than that I usually stick to fairly classic items, small diamond studs (big would be good if you have any going spare) a classic watch and a couple of bracelets, one a link chain from Tiffany, a birthday present from years ago and a thin chain with two charms, again years old.

Personally I do find bracelets easier to wear than other pieces of jewellery and love the look of stacked bangles and friendship bracelets sitting alongside a man sized watch, but I don't like to over do it personally, so when Francis and Gaye Jewellers got in touch and asked me to choose something from a selection of Thomas Sabo jewellery, I couldn't resist the pearl adjustable charm bracelet.

Pearls are a true classic and just like diamonds, continue to stand the test of fashion time. Couple this with the fact I thought they would break up the silver toned jewellery nicely, look fab on my recent holiday, plus go with everything and I wasn't disappointed. I definitely think I should add some pearl stud earrings and maybe a classic strand of pearls to my collection in the near future, they will compliment every outfit.

The charm bracelet I chose is now on offer for just £22.72 and would make a super gift for a woman or girl of any age, don't forget it will soon be Christmas and in my opinion, this really doesn't need any charms, it looks great just as it is!

Do you wear stacks of arm candy or prefer to stick with just one bracelet at a time?.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Postcards from Marbella

There were times during the summer holidays that I felt as though my vacation would never actually arrive. But arrive it did and as usual, Marbella didn't dissapoint with ten days of blue skies and sunshine to refresh and revive a particularly busy 2014 thus far.

Work, writing deadlines and blogging keep me busy enough without the everyday stresses and strains of being mum and housekeeper, so any time out to relax is always a massive bonus greatly appreciated. 

You can never have too many shoes and a holiday in Marbella always calls for Choo's and the coolest accessories from sunglasses to flip flops and my beloved Stella McCartney sarong which had a few outings over the last ten days.

I am always mindful of how quickly the girls grew up and as much as they love family holidays when finances allow them to join us, I like to make the most of fun times with Teen Boy before it becomes uncool for him to have "selfies" taken with his old mum.

The flower obsession continues no matter where I may be.

Traditional Paella's feature heavily in any Spanish holiday and of the two I tasted this time round, the Trocodera Playa's version beat Restaurant Carmen's hands down.

The first of two books I read this holiday. A great read with a disappointing ending but looking forward to the film regardless. 

Never a holiday day out or an evening meal would be complete for me without a cocktail and this Mango Colada was a particularly scrummy tropical afternoon treat in the heat.

Although Teen Boy isn't back to school until the 8th, I think, according to my Facebook and Instagram feed, this is the exception to the rule, but it was obvious, come last weekend, that there was a mass exodus of families from our complex leaving an empty kids pool for TB to float around in at his leisure and nobody to get in the way of his diving practice. 

I often wonder about going somewhere else and am always open to recommendations although after visiting for the last ten years, something tells me this won't be the last time I see Marbella.
Until the next time.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Red Alert

I can hardly believe that since my high end arm candy obsession started with my first Gucci handbag in my mid twenties, I have never actually owned a red handbag and with a wardrobe full of neutral colours like black, grey, navy and ecru, if there is one way to add a pop of colour both summer and winter to a neutral colour palette, I can't think of a better way than with a red bag.

I am already visualising accessorising my autumn (and spring) uniform of Breton top and jeans, camel and trench coats, so it looks as though it could well be one of those birthdays and Christmases where I ask purely for money to fund such a wishlist item in the January sales maybe. A lottery win would come in really handy right now.

I have to admit I am finding the large totes I have carted around for years now, becoming a bit of a pain in the ar...m (see what I did there?) if I'm honest and I am finally beginning to understand why old ladies actually carry fairly small over shoulder or across body bags!

1. Aspinal Mayfair Satchel £395. 2. Mulberry Bayswater £1,100. 3. Tory Burch Robinson Tote £415. 4. Michael Kors Reese Cross Body Bag £235. 5. Kate Spade Mandy Cross Body Bag £185. 6. Marks and Spencer Greta Leather Across Body Bag £59.

Do you already own and love a red handbag?