Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Net-A-Porter Sale Edit - Now Get Up To 70% Off!

Needle & Thread  front
Needle & Thread Embellished Dress was £175 now £70.

They used to say there was only one sale and it was Harrods but when it comes to online designer shopping there is only one sale for me and I only get excited when that sale goes up to 70% off! Not only is it that big reduction a lot of you are waiting for but it is also that time of the year where you don't have to deal with the wrath of your husband or bank manager and doesn't have you running to the door when the postman comes to retrieve your joint bank statement.  OK so those days may be over now that we have internet banking, but nothing beats a completely guilt free designer purchase at high street prices or that much coveted piece you would buy at full price if only you could afford it, so I've picked some classic pieces that would fit into any capsule collection easily and will be worth their wardrobe weight in gold!

1.The red Jil Sander bag on my wishlist is now 50% off but I am also bowled over by this timeless classic black handbag which will go with everything and won't ever date and has a massive 70% off!. Now this is how to shop the sales, investing in a classic. Was £1,440 now £432.

2. Shop ahead for summer with this Marantesque homage from Michael by Michael Kors also with 70% off was £155 now £47.

3. The Helmut Lang cotton biker jacket with leather sleeves will be a wardrobe staple for many years to come also with 70% off was £705 now £211.50.

4. You can't beat designer denim at sale time and it never hangs around for long! Jean trends come and go but you can't go wrong with a mid rise skinny for tucking in your boots during winter or wearing with sandals and a boho top once the temperature rises. Was £125 now with 70% off £37.50.

5.Every wardrobe needs a silk shirt and I adore the leather trimmed twist on a classic which will look amazing with blue jeans now and white jeans in summer. Again with 70% off now £81.

6. We are sucker for a bit of high end shoe porn at SAEA HQ and these Rupert Sanderson heels have my heart a flutter! 70% off was £495 now £148.50.

Have you shopped the net-a-porter sale this season?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Younique New Year

Normal Mascara to the left, Younique 3d Fibre Lash Mascara to the right.

If you have been anywhere near my social media feeds recently (or in fact anywhere near social media at all) you have probably noticed that Younique Cosmetics has launched it's direct sales business in the UK and everywhere you look there are people taking selfies of their eyelashes or Younique presenters adding pictures of clients wearing the amazing 3D Fibre Lash Mascara, the brands biggest selling product. Is this mascara the best thing ever or is it just a load of hype?

I first became aware of Younique at the beginning of October, a month before the 1st November UK product launch. An old friend who I worked with back in 2008 at a local salon contacted me telling me about the brand, the mascara and how selling it would sit well alongside my existing business. Having extremely short and sparse lashes, I asked if she had one I could try and once I tried it out for myself I was chomping at the bit to sign up and start selling this amazing 100% natural fibre lash mascara to anyone who would listen!

I had never worked in Direct Sales before but it didn't take long for me to see that getting in at the beginning of something and working your butt off means it is possible to make a decent amount of money. If you pick your Direct Sales company right and love the products you are promoting then you are half way there. The first few months can be hard and some may use that as an excuse to quit - others work harder and push themselves from a few hours a day into part time or full time work and income. For some lucky or very hard working presenters, direct sales can be the ticket to an amazing dream life. The highest UK presenter earn't £10,000 on the day we launched in the UK which kind of made me wish I had heard about the opportunity earlier and spent months before launch as she did, building a team of presenters who then went on to recruit their own team and so on and so forth.
The trust that everybody had in her and the product is pretty amazing when you think about it, but not everybody wants to take it that far. Some sign up with a view to trying to get rich, some just want to sell mascara and other beauty products and some just want the kit. £69 to sign up for a kit containing £150 worth of products has been a pull for some. However people want to do it, it is totally up to them.

I like the fact the products will bring in repeat sales, are as easy to promote at the school gate (if you still do a school run) as they are in a beauty salon and with 5 million pounds worth of sales in the first month, all those women can't be wrong and with Younique now the biggest direct sales company in the UK - the new year looks very exciting.  I now have a small team, have taken orders from places I least expected them, been supported by bloggers and had numerous trips to the Post Office sending on orders to those of you who live all over the country. Thank you.

Is it worth it?

If you are thinking of joining yourself I would most definitely say yes. Whether you need the money to enable you to have a holiday this year, a stay at home mum who needs some extra income without spending time away from the kids (Younique is mostly social media based) work in the beauty industry and looking for additional income, whatever your reasons the 3D Fibre Lash mascara is amazing and can be worn quite natural or as big and voluminous as you like! The fibres are made from green tea leaves so are 100% natural, the mascara is water resistant but removes just like your normal mascara and demand has been phenomenal. The other products are amazing too, 100% mineral make-up without the parabens, fillers and chemicals found in Mac and Bare Minerals so it appeals to those living and eating a healthy lifestyle who don't want to apply nasties to the outside of their bodies when they nourish the inside.

Everything can be run through your facebook and phone. Take orders from people you see or get a client to host a virtual facebook make-up party for you where she will earn hostess rewards, free stuff and half price items. If you have a background in home parties there is no reason why you can't do them with Younique - it is totally up to you.
You can do this part time, full time, run it alongside your full time job, family or existing direct sales business and along with your kit you also get your own personal Younique website on sign up, so you can place orders straightaway and get paid your commission three hours later!

The last couple of months have been amazing and I look forward to going forward into 2015 being the best team leader possible and offering as much help and support to my team and anyone who may be interested in this amazing opportunity.

If you love make-up or are looking at getting into direct sales please feel free to email me or take a look around my website and JOIN MY TEAM HERE.

Remember no matter what their age, every woman wants great lashes!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Savvy Sales Shopping

Buy Fenn Wright Manson Gracie Dress, Poppy Online at johnlewis.com
Was £160 now £80.

If you haven't yet braved the sales or sat down with your laptop to do some serious online sales shopping, there is still time to avoid hasty panic buying of items that you don't really need and won't ever end up wearing, so sit back grab a cuppa, read my advice and go forth and purchase, happy in the knowledge that you have shopped wisely and haven't wasted your money no matter how good the reduction might be!

1. Shop Your Wishlist

If you created a new season wishlist at the start of the autumn/winter season, is there anything on there that you didn't manage to get at full price?

There was lots on mine, it's always a season where I don't have a lot of money to spend on myself so there are a few bits I wanted but didn't get. A red handbag sit's at the top of the list and I adore the Jil Sander one currently on sale at NAP but sadly I didn't get that much birthday or xmas money and my daughter doesn't get her staff discount until she has been there three months (despite the fact she has interned there in the past). The other items which were high on my list were new jeans, a chunky jumper in either dark green, black or grey and a lightweight red knit to wear underneath my camel coats as red looks fab with camel.
All of these items remain unbought despite a sales shopping trip yesterday so it looks like I will be turning to ever faithful boden for an injection of new knitwear. I did however make one purchase which was on the list, a red dress from Fenn Wright Manson (top picture) which I adore. I have a "thing" about tulip sleeves and we all know that a LRD is as much as a wardrobe staple as a LBD and this looks stunning on. Yes even on me!

It looks pink in the photo's uploaded via the Blogger app but it is red and I am pretty confident that this is a dress for all seasons, all occasions and will look as good with black or nude court shoes as it will with gold or silver strappy sandals. 
It has already sold out on the John Lewis website so grab yours from HOF quickly if your wardrobe has a gap for a show stopping red dress. 

2. Shop Wardrobe Staples

Basic T-shirts in black, grey or white, breton tops, classic shirts in white, pale blue or denim (this Paul and Joe Sister one has been a big favorite of mine since last summer but I don't think the L would fit me sadly), cashmere (want this but sold out in my size), jeans, boots, court shoes, trench coats for spring, classic black trousers, maybe a lace or leather skirt? They may not excite you massively but they form the backbone of any hard working wardrobe and can be very unappealing at full price! 

3. Shop Ahead

This was something I always did when the girls were little. Dressing three little ones at the start of a new season was always costly when I was a single mum for a while, so in the winter sales I tried to pick up dresses and tops which where either sleeveless or had short sleeves and in the summer sales I would pick up long sleeved tops, knitwear, jeans and jackets. I've also done the same thing myself on many occasions as did Annemarie recently with a Boden dress she failed to pick up last summer which is now in clearance for less than £30. Now that's what I call savvy shopping!

4. Shop Statement Pieces To Treasure

Buy those pieces that will add a wow to your wardrobe and you wouldn't want to pay full price for like these faux fur one strap sandals (seen on lots of bloggers but a bit young for me sadly) from Dune, the Tarzi skirt from Coast or the Boden embellished clutch.

Have you been shopping your wishlist, shopping ahead or investing in statement pieces this sales season?

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

And A Very Merry Christmas To You!

The house is cleaned (sort of) the sausagemeat and stuffing balls are made and in the fridge as are the chipolatas wrapped in bacon. The milk for the bread sauce is infusing with cloves as we speak and I have pinched my daughters laptop to come online and wish all of my amazing readers a Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
Thanks for sticking with this crazy old bint for the past six years and with  a bit of luck someone will have bought me a new laptop tomorrow although I know it's more than a likely to be a pair of slippers but never mind, lets just count ourselves fortunate for what we do have and the love of those around us which is so much more important than our retail therapy addiction!

Have a fab time sweeties! Mucho Love S xxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

Boden Sale Buys - For Once My Head Ruled My Heart

And that is something I struggle with at sale time, getting caught up in the bargains, the bigger the reduction the better in my book and I find it difficult to restrain myself. I have a wishlist of items, some of which I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, but when the Boden sale started I had a couple of pieces in mind so spent some of my birthday money wisely.

Image via Fashion Foie Gras

The zebra print t-bar flats had been on my wishlist since I first saw them on the Fashion Foie Gras Blog at the beginning of September. My love of animal prints is well documented but there is no zebra in the house and I thought these would be the perfect way to add print to an otherwise neutral outfit and am pleased to report the sizing is good, the embellished flats are quite tight but these feel really comfortable, although I haven't been outside the house in them as yet! I would of liked a bigger reduction but was worried they might go out of stock in my size which is what usually happens when I try and hold my nerve and I wasn't prepared to take a risk on these.

<div class="superCaption">This is <span class="nColor">image</span></div>
Boden T-Bar Flat Also in Aubergine and Metallic. Get yours here.

Next up - a leopard print top. Just a jersey t-shirt that will be nice and comfortable for cooking the dinner on Christmas Day. My Xmas day attire has to be comfortable, nothing too hot (my tiny kitchen soon gets steamed up) and a print is essential to avoid the fat splashes that I always seem to get when cooking no matter how careful I am! It would be lovely to get invited to somebody else's house for a change, a chance to dress up instead of thinking about oven heat and comfort, I could rock up somewhere in heels and sequins whilst somebody else does all the hard work for a change.

There are plenty of leopard print accessories and a jacket in my wardrobe but I have never had an actual item of clothing before so am super excited to wear this and can see how easily it will dress up or down, in fact I might wear it out Saturday night save wearing the Boden lace top I wore last time (which is now super cheap in the sale). Leopardprint has fast become a wardrobe staple that never dates and looks amazing with black, navy, camel or red so I know I will get lots of wear out of this.

<div class="superCaption">This is <span class="nColor">image</span></div>
Animal Print Top with 40% off now £21.00

I hurriedly tried both items on as soon as they arrived but promise I won't be wearing the shoes and top at the same time! Nor will I be wearing them with my work leggings!

Other things that I will be keeping a close eye on as they are also on my wishlist but currently either sold out in my size or not cheap enough are the Perfect Party Top in Daisy Jacquard, The Sequin Cable Jumper, The Off Duty Jumper but only in Navy or Charcoal and have just realised that with 60% off, the Embellished Jumper in grey could be winging it's way to my wardrobe very soon!

And finally I'd like to apologise for not having much time for blogging or commenting at the moment but things are rather hectic at SAEA HQ, not helped by the fact my laptop is broken and trying to borrow one of the kids results in them changing their passwords or leaving them out of battery with the lead hidden to avoid me uploading photo's, not shutting down properly etc etc so my pictures are evener poorer quality than usual and all sorts of funny shapes thanks to the Blogger app which seems to have no continuity or quality for that matter! 

So tell me has your heart ruled your head in the Boden sale or have you stuck to your wishlist?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Friday Night Out But Not Out Out

I had a girls night out on Friday and it was great to catch up with the girls over a scrummy supper and a couple of G&T's.
I've been to this particular Indian restaurant many times before at this time of year and have been surprised by the mixture of people, some really dressing up and those that can't be arsed to cook on a Friday night so pop out without dressing up at all, so it was all about balance and not looking either too over or too under dressed but I wanted to make a bit of an effort in light of the fact I am almost another year older (drat) and Christmas is just around the corner, so it was a good opportunity to finally wear my Boden Lace Top along with the Next PU leggings beloved of a few of my favorite bloggers. An item that I was really unsure about, especially when I was sitting on my friends heated front seat!

The top was out of stock in my size when I first went to buy it some time ago but I kept checking back and finally got it. I thought it was a bit too fitted for my liking so checked again and ordered the next size up but honestly don't think there is a lot in it if I'm honest or perhaps I put on even more wait in the week it took to come. Then in true Boden fashion it got reduced in their recent up to 40% off promo so I wasn't a happy bunny despite the fact I did get it discounted, but not as generous as in the promotion. 

I was quite amused by the fact I wore two completely black outfits in one week (see previous post) but am considering myself to be ultra chic in my colour choices and may well turn into one of those women who only wear black eventually, but not just yes, so I slung on my very old leopard print coat to take the edge off and stop anyone thinking I had come straight from a funeral. 

Boden Lace Top here. Their sale is now on so you can get it nice and cheap!
Next PU Legging £28 here.
Hobbs Patent Shoes £129 here. Love these because they aren't too high and are really comfy but still elegant. Also available in nude patent or navy suede.
Anya Hindmarch Mini Gracie Bag old larger version in Midnight available here.
Leopard jacket old similar at Topshop for £89 here. I'm really fussy with leopard print and like a clear large print, not small or blurred.

I have a few things on y Boden sale wishlist I am hoping to spend my birthday money on tomorrow so fingers crossed I can get what I want and more importantly that they don't just have a miserly 20% off I much prefer half price items! 

What's on your Boden sale wishlist?

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The All Blacks

Bonmarche Padded Coat £55.

As I hurriedly got dressed for a day trip to London, I took one look in the mirror and thought to myself how many times have I seen this all black look replicated over the years. Black puffa coat, black jeans or leggings and long black boots, it's a fail safe winter fashion formula and certainly one that never seems to date. I had every intention of secretly taking some pictures of every woman I saw wearing a similar outfit in the West End but as I spent all day locked deep in conversation with my God Daughter or silent in admiration of Christmas Window Dressings, I kind of forgot, but I am sure there were hundreds, I have clients who come to me dressed like this, I've seen women in the playground or the supermarket dressed the like this and the only time I haven't worn this look myself over the years was last winter when my black puffa coat finally gave up on me after three winters of virtually constant wear and school runs. 

You can add colour with your scarf, bag or a hat but the other three elements have to be black to become a member of the "All Blacks" gang. I didn't have time to changeover bags (should of done it the night before). I toyed with the idea of ankle boots but knew I needed flats for walking around all day so pulled out my trusty Jimmy Choo patent boots which I can rely on for both comfort and classic style and I'd like to say a big thank you to Bonmarche for gifting me the coat - although I was equally excited by the pre-loaded Starbucks card which was also in the parcel and enabled me to have my first Eggnog Latte of the festive season!

Jaeger Long Padded Coat 50% off now £99. Warehouse Faux Fur Puffa £90. Karen Millen Signature Padded Coat £350. Boden Padded Parka £179. Mango Feather Down Long Coat £79.99. Linea Weekend Urban Padded Coat Was £130 now £65.

If you don't yet own a black padded coat there are plenty of reductions around so you may wish to treat yourself to this wardrobe outerwear staple, I know I was lost without one last year.
So tell me, is this a look that you or someone you know tends to wear every winter? Will you be keeping an eye out to spot an "All Black"?