Monday, 31 August 2009

You can see the look I am trying to achieve

I seem to have missed this puffa jacket (£335) by Day Birger et Mikkelsen on net-a-porter although it doesn't really matter as it doesn't have a hood, but this picture is exactly the look I am hoping to achieve and I think it just goes to show that puffa jackets/coats can look smart as well as giving ultimate warmth.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

A/W essentials

OK so even I have to admit there is a distinct chill in the air and I have just had to close the Patio door whilst pondering whether to go and swap my Shorts for my ever trusty, 9 months of the year attire, Jeans. The change in weather has got me thinking about my winter coat, now don't get all excited thinking I am going for something stylish because Mrs Fab only wears Puffa Jackets/Coats. Oh, I hear you gasp with horror, but you must understand a couple of things a) I still have to do school runs, standing at the top of my road waiting for a lift to school with the beach in my sights, can be pretty bleak come January and February and b) I am getting old, thus I feel the cold!

Now the prereqisite for this years coat (I haven't had a new one for three years) is that 1. it must have a hood, I really can't be done with umberellas when you are carrying your own bag, a school and a P.E. bag, so hoods are the best option and don't blow instead out, therefore making you like a complete and utter twit as you struggle to turn the bloody thing back in the right way on wet and windy days and 2. this year I want one that covers my bum, as found that my back was getting rather chilly the last few years.

I don't really want to spend loads of money as god knows, I think I have spent quite enough recently and would rather spend more on getting some Boots in the January Sales as feel that with a decent bag and some quality footwear the onus will be taken off the fact that my coat is from a High Street store.

Now the object of my desire, if I had the budget, would be this wonderfully warm looking coat from Burberry at net-a-porter for £495

Sadly it doesn't have a hood, but I can't help lusting after it. I can visualise myself in this with those Jimmy Choo Wylie boots and skinny jeans.
Then there is this gorgeous leather puffa from Planet at £399

again no hood and if I was going to pay that, I would add the extra and go for the Burberry.

I have trawled every website I can think of and I am beginning to despair that I will never find the perfect "one" and I have had to take a reality check and realise that I am probably going to end up buying one of the following:-

this one from Next is only £75 but is in Bronze, the length is good and I like the diagonal zip giving it a funky twist..

again from Next, only £45, I like the longer length but it doesn't look as thick and warm as the one above..

this one is from M&S at £55, doesn't really get the juices flowing.....

and this one from M&S's Limited Collection is my OH's favourite. I suppose it is a bit more edgy and I really like it too, but again, no bloody hood!

So girls, if you see one that fits the bill, do let me know!

Hate her but love her style?

From the minute she graced my television screen earlier this year in "The City", I hated Olivia Palermo. A New York socialite working at DVF alongside the shows star Whitney Port (ex The Hills) it was immediatley evident that she was a complete Bitch and later on in the series, when she took full credit away from Whitney, over having chosen an outfit for an Elle cover, well, I just wanted to climb into the television and kill her!
I am not obessessed by her or her style, I can take her or leave her, but there is no getting away from the fact she always looks great. I just stumbled upon the above picture and there for all to see, is a prime example of effortless chic, one which can be adopted by any of us, at any age, we may need to adjust the length of the shorts a bit though! A white shirt is always listed as a wardrobe staple but I don't think I would have thought about wearing one with shorts nor would I have put such a large statement necklace with a shirt collar. If I didn't know better, I would think "The Sart" had taken this picture on the streets of Paris.
The bag deserves a post of its own, but don't want to depress myself.
With autumn coming, I may need to remember this picture for next summer, but for the coming season I think I will adopt this look with skinny jeans, so have decided I am definitely in the market for a white shirt - suggestions anyone? and for those of you who are fans of Olivia ( you know who you are), check out this fan site just incase its not you who started it!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Missing - one Debit Card

So we arrived in London at lunchtime, made our way to the West End and sat down for a spot of lunch in Garfunkels, with the shopping mecca that is Selfridges within my sights across the road. Whilst eating OH rang up and said the kids (3 of the 4 were with me) could hve £50 each to spend and he would pay for our lunch and that I could have £50 too! (his generosity is astounding - NOT!) anyway I went into major panic mode when I went to get the Debit Card out of my purse as it wasn't there. Oh shit. I was hoping I hadn't lost it, but remembered using it the night before to pay for tickets for the Zoo online, so was hoping it was in the house.

Luckily I remembered that I hadn't touched this months Family Allowance and scooted off quick to the nearest cashpoint with a different card. What a bloody disaster! Anyway at least the kids had their money but it left me with nothing to spend - boo hoo!

Whilst the girls were looking round the young and trendy department at the back of the ground floor in Selfridges, I spent a while drooling in the Chanel section, trying different bags out for size and making out to the assistant I was going to buy one (one day I will, dear shop assistant) after that I went up to Shoes (where else?) and had a good look at those Jimmy Choo £650 boots I had seen on net-a-porter and decided I did really like them, but will like them much more when they are hopefully half price in the January sales!

I love the detailing on them and the leather is so soft. They also had some biker boots, but I have decided I am too old for them, I just want a flatish pair of smart black leather boots to replace the ones I have had for 2 years and that cream clutch in the background wouldn't go amiss either - it is gorgeous!

Before hot footing it to the hospital appointment the trip was intended for, I popped into Monsoon because I had seen this one shoulder leopard print dress (see pic below) in the paper the other day but it is not on their stupid website. It was instore and I really liked it, you know anything leopard or animal print gets my vote (must be the Bet Lynch and Pat Butcher in me!)and it would be nice for going out over Xmas with the Louboutins. I did think £160 was a lot for Monsoon though and although it is a shop I haven't been into for ages, they have got some really lovely stuff this season, I could have spent loads in there - had I remembered to take the Debit Card!

Daughters consultant wants to see her again within the next 4 weeks before she goes to Uni and I can guarantee you, that bloody card will be in my purse!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

In and out of love with Bags

I used to be totally obsessed with Handbags - big style. My love affair first started 22 years ago with my first Gucci and then I went from Louis Vuitton to Fendi, Balenciaga to Chloe, Celine to Marc Jacobs and back again. Most of these bags have been sold on ebay, as once they get grubby or tatty, I have got rid of them, some of them have been nicked by my daughters, but for the most part, the money made from selling them on, has gone towards other things, although I do regret getting rid of some of them.

About a year or so ago, I noticed the YSL Muse. I quite liked it, but felt as though I had fallen out of love with bags a bit and after once having had a Fendi B, I felt that I couldn't stick the hassle of having a bag with a flap front and clasp again. Nothing was really grabbing me. For Xmas, I opted for the LV Neverfull, as felt it was good daytime bag, due to its size, but it wasn't real love, like when I wanted the Celine Boogie or Marc J Stam, or my continued lust for a 2.55, until I saw this, bugger the fact it has a clasp and flap front, I heart this version of the YSL Muse and am in love with bags again.....

only problem is, it costs the same as a Chanel ........

Monday, 24 August 2009

OK so its nearly Autumn

OK, so with the schools going back, next Thursday in my area, even I have to admit it may be time to start thinking about a few winter wardrobe staples.
I do have a fairly decent pair of Mode In Pelle black leather biker boots which have lasted me for two years but I really want a Jimmy Choo pair. What I love about Choo Pumps and Boots is the little gold plate on the back of the heel, telling the world who made that wonderful piece of footwear you are running around in, pathetic I know. Also the other reason I really want a pair is that Friend K, turned up in Choo boots earlier this year, when she had nothing Jimmy Choo before, how gutted was I? I have seen a great pair for £650 on net-a-porter and was thinking that I may wait till the January sale and hopefully get a pair for about £300 and then I thought I would browse the Sale section on the Jimmy Choo website.

Along with some fantastic shoes and bags at amazing knock down prices, surprisingly they did have some Boots in the sale, a couple of pairs of heels but I want a flat pair and the only ones they have are these.....

They are a great price, Was £387.00, Now £193.50, they are black which is what I want, but I am not sure if I want something just that little bit smarter, is the sole a little too casual? would I prefer something with a very small heel? and does the fringe detail stop them from becoming a wardrobe staple which I will wear for the next few winters? I think I could live with the fringe - do you think I could tuck it in if I got fed up with it?

At the moment they only have a size 5 with the other sizes "coming in soon" or so the Site says, so hopefully there is time for you lovely ladies to give me your opinion on these, I do like them, there is no doubt about that and I do like the price, but just not sure if I should make do, until the Sales and try to get these instead?

Sorry for the continuing footwear posts, I promise to start looking at a winter coat in the near future, but we all love shoes, don't we?

Email Address

I thought I would add an email address to the Blog as many people do. The trouble I had trying to get a user name that had something similar to this blog title was an absolute nightmare! In the end I had to press the button for AOL's own suggestions for the words I had typed in, so there you have it I am not Fab looking, but striving to look Fab, which in my book is something completely different, so please don't think I have got a bit to big for my boots (or Loubs, or Gina's etc etc).
So, if you want to get in touch to tell me that I am an idiot and that you think my blog is pointless and my choice of clothes, shoes or the money spent on such things is in fact, ridiculous, then I don't mind, it will only go in one ear and out the other anyway, so no harm done! Alternatively if you would like to chat to me about your clothes, your husband, your kids and would rather email than comment, I am more than happy to hear from you as I am a wise old bird who would love to help. Speak soon xoxo

Saturday, 22 August 2009

More Bargain Steve Madden Shoes

Seriously, who would have thought about Amazon for shoes, not me, thats for sure but there are still some great bargains to be had, like these Tati shoes for £28.50 (this colourway only)

I really like these, in Brown they are £32.28 and are called Terriee

At only £29.16 in brown, there is the Madalynn which my reader Anna has ordered. These are of course, a copy of the Dior shoes as worn by SJP in the Sex and the City movie.

I love these Togga, in black they are only £27

Or the bargain of the century has to be these Gold strappy wedge called Vivaci for only £18! Now surely these would be a great wardrobe staple, being Gold they will go with everything for the remainder of this summer and next!

There are loads of flat sandals and Gladiator styles (including the Gladiator flat sandal as seen in many magazines on Sienna Miller), aswell as more heels, all reduced, but some huge reductions are just on certain colours, but at risk of uploading all of the 75 Steve Madden styles on Amazon, I will let you look at the others! They still have the ones I bought but in the colourways they have left they are £71 but I would keep an eye on them as they are bound to get reduced in future and for comfort they are fantastic, so great for people that struggle with heels. All shoes are eligible for free super saver delivery and mine arrived within 3 days, for free p&p I think that is excellent.

Friday, 21 August 2009

OMG - The most comfortable shoes on the Planet!

Finally tried them on because Anna asked me how they were for size, because she has fallen in love with Steve Madden shoes (size wise, they come up true to size). Well girls, so have I! After getting lost in "Louboutin Love", I kinda forgot about these babies and have to tell you, they are Fab. A bit young looking for Mrs Fab but I don't give a Flying F@@k, I am in love, AGAIN! Dance round that Decking, baby......

Thursday, 20 August 2009

What I am using right now

As you all probably know, I don't just read Fashion blogs, I also read Mummy Blogs and Make-up Blogs. I love make-up and perfume and although I seem to be old enough to be a mum to all of the make-up bloggers I read (they are all so young), I do find their reviews very interesting. In light of this, after having enjoyed our "whats in your bag" tag a while back (if any readers didn't do this, please participate as I would love to see what you carry around with you on a daily basis and what you carry it in, mine is here if you missed it) I picked up this "product" tag from EllieMarie84 and thought I would find it fun to do and I hope you will all participate in this one aswell as it will give us all new ideas on what to try next!

Shampoo/Conditioner: Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner

Styling Products: Frederic Fekkai Coiff, Anti Frizz Silkening Creme, Loreal Spiral Splendour, Boots Hot Iron spray

Shower Gel: Ren Otto Rose Body Wash

Body Moisturizer: This Works Leg Oil and Palmers Coco Butter

Deodorant: Soft and Gentle

Fake Tan: Fake Bake or He-shi

Cleanser: Eve Lom

Moisturiser: Eve Lom

Eye Cream: Eve Lom (don't forget I bought that gift set)

Face Mask: Dermalogica Age Smart Multi Vitamin (always forget to use it though)

Exfoliator: not using

Primer: not using

Concealer: Laura Mercier no 2

Foundation/Tinted Moisturiser: Chanel Precision Hydramax in Bronzlit (summer only)

Powder: Clinique Almost Powder Make-up in Light (winter only)

Blusher: Bobby Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks in Flushed Pink

Bronzer: not using

Highlighter: Benefit High Beam

Eyeshadow Base: not using

Eyeshadows: Have an Estee Lauder palette but only use when I go out

Eyeliner: Urban Decay Liquid Liner

Mascara: YSL - I love it but it smudges everyday, must go back to Lancome - all theirs are fine

Brows: Benefit Speed Brow

Curler: not using

Lipstick: not using

Lipgloss: Chantecaille in Taffy, Mac in Love Nectar, Clinique Air Kiss, Nars Turkish Delight, A Fake Bake one (no name) and Pout Plump (no name)

Nail Color: In summer I use an Opi tangerine colour - label has fallen off (looks fab with a tan) in winter it is Chanel Rouge Noir or Opi Black Taxi

Perfume: I told you all mine before, Hermes, Guerlain & Tom Ford

Please join in! xoxox

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

At last I am at peace....

God it wasn't even 11am and I checked site, picked a pair of classic pumps, well those above in fact, £162, got to checkout and showing out of stock! Laptop wouldn't go fast enough for me to get back and pick another pair but I managed it, far higher than I wanted, but they are black and they were £196. Finally I have found inner peace, just knowing that finally I have a pair of Loubs...Ah.....

Monday, 17 August 2009

Its about time my head ruled my heart in Fashion

As most of you who have been with me since the beginning will know, the main reasons I started this blog was because a) having been a reader of Fashion Blogs for sometime, I didn't feel there was much out there for us women of a certain age, b) I wanted to be more like my friend K, dressing with effortless chic and style and c) I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe.

A few months down the line and I still haven't even sorted my wardrobe out, it looks the same as it did in my very first blog post, infact worse because I have bought more since then and I still feel as though I am not always buying the right things.

One of my big problems is that I can't resist a bargain, as you can probably tell from posts on recent purchases and if I see a bright yellow dress, I am immediately reminded of Demi Moore in hers and buy it (remember the Gap one back in May?).

So I kinda feel a bit drepressed that I am getting nowhere - fast!

I also have a confession to make, last week I ordered two more pairs of shoes. Yes its true. One pair have arrived, a Castener Rafia wedge reduced to £38 from Matches (I am sure these will be a timeless classic) and a Steve Madden Wedge reduced to £24 on Amazon which I am still waiting for. I saw both these pairs on another blog and immediatley ordered them. Oh dear.

What I am thinking is a) my wardrobe still contains slogan t-shirts from See by Chloe and Juicy Couture which according to articles I have read, shouldn't be anywhere near someone over 35 let alone 40, but I guess I know that and didn't need to read it, so they should go on Ebay really or I guess I could wear them to do the housework and b) if I hadn't spent all the money I have so far this year and saved it, I would be that much closer to a 2.55 or a pair of Loubs or some of the other items I am now putting on an A/W wish list.

Now talking of Loubs, don't ask me how I missed them, but a few bargain pairs creeped on to The Outnet without my knowledge and I always remember to check the site on Tuesdays and Thursdays, although often I have missed stuff I would have liked because by the time my cabbage brain realises what day it is (I do lose track when the kids are off) they have sold out in my size, or sold out completely. Anyway, apparently they sneaked some on, last Friday and there are still a couple of pairs left - but what is a girl to do?

These Guizine satin sandals have 50% off, originally £520 and now £260, but they are red, so as much as I want a pair of red soled beauties, should I not pay an extra £100ish and get a black pair of this seasons in a more classic style? They won't hang around for long and they only have size 7 left (I am a 6 but everyone says they come up small) what do you think girls? decisions decisions......

Monday, 10 August 2009

The Zoe Report

Finally, it dropped into my inbox, The Zoe Report from Rachel Zoe. As you girlies probably remember, I got completely hooked on The Rachel Zoe Project, Season 1 when it aired in the UK a little while back, so to keep me going until season 2 hits our screens on Really (sky 248), I signed up for this little email fix of all that is RZ. Rarely seen outside without her oversized sunnies, she is reporting on these little beauties by ex Olivers People designer Barton Perreira. These are his Starlet Sunglasses ($525) but I love the fact she is doing this "parallel universe" thing where she shows a cheaper high street equivalent. But if you fancy the real deal visit where you will see that there are 2 retail outlets in the UK, both in London, but I am sure if you rang and paid on your card they would send them to you (thats what I do when I want something!).

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Filling a Gap

Jeans crazy woman that I am, you name it, skinny, straight, bootcut and flared in white, stonewash, indigo or black, it doesn't matter, I love them all and I fell totally and utterly in love with this Gap pair I saw on an American Fashion Blog the other week. I think I could see them "going on" because the shoes in the picture are not too dissimilar to my Hobbs bargain sandals which I posted about and showed you all, the other week.
The problem with Gap is, I have never understood why we don't have a UK website. My nearest branch is Bluewater and with the very quick stock turnaround they have, it is often impossible to get hold of something you may have seen in a magazine. They are undoubtedly the best for basic items, but I also love the summer day dresses they do and their puffa coats, my school run winter wardrobe essential of choice, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that Gap is going to be sold at I still don't understand why they are not investing in their own site, as no doubt the range at Asos will be very limited, but means I may get my mitts on these wicked jeans afterall.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Get those Gina's on and step up to receive this wonderful award from the lovely Chic Mama.

Anyhow, the rules for receiving this award are as follows
1) Brag about it.
2) Choose seven blogs to receive the award & link to them.
3) List ten honest things about myself.

Here we go with the honest stuff :

1. I am a Sagittarius who has always hated having her birthday 10 days before Xmas. As a child I really missed out as my Mum always said "you can't have much, it is so near Christmas" scared me for life that has. My birthday was always the day we walked to the local Green Grocers and bought our real Tree - yet more money which should have been spent on Me!
2. My second child was born (accidentally) on the lounge floor in 45 minutes (ruined a 6 month old carpet) and my 4th child was a c-section which resulted in me Hemorrhaging when he was 10 days old - I honestly thought I was going to die as I sat on my then, cream leather sofa with .....well you can imagine, waiting for the midwife to come and admit me to hospital (thank god it wasn't a fabric 3 piece! ). It is the only time I have left the house without Make-up and with flashing blue lights above my head. I will never forget the looks on my little girls faces who were then 11, 9 and 8.
3. My favourite dessert is Creme Brulee, but I am a sucker for cheesecake and cupcakes.
4. I love spending money (but you knew that).
5. The thing I want most in the world is a Chanel 2.55.
6. I am adopted (does anyone know how women can give kids away - I have never worked that one out).
7. I visited Japan in 1998 on a business trip with work (yes I once had a great job and a good figure and brains - I really don't know where it all went wrong).
8. I hate housework and would much rather sit at my laptop all day than tackle cleaning the oven.
9. I carry some worry beads with me all the time. Daughter 1 bought them back from holiday 2 years ago - I have decided they don't work, I am the biggest "worry guts" of a Mum on the planet and still treat the girls as if they are 5. Two minutes after leaving the house, I ring to check they are OK, I get lots of abuse in return.
10. I love perfume and at the moment I own three, Hermes Eau Des Merveilles for day, Insolence by Guerlain or Tom Ford White Patcouli for night. I prefer the Tom but the Guerlain gets the most comments and lasts for ever - you can smell it on your hair for days.

Many Congratulations I now award the Honest Scrap Award to:
and before the Award ceremony ends, may I just take this opportunity to thank everybody who has shown their support or left me a comment even when I have touched on controversial matters such as Botox or how a girl can get a pair of shoes without opening her purse..... Thank you! Shit, just nearly tripped up that red carpet, knew I couldn't walk in those bloody shoes.......

Monday, 3 August 2009

Do you think she likes them?

Um, not so sure. They are very gold (as in yellow gold). They are a little too big (normally I go up a size in Gina, but it wasn't necessary in this style and they don't have these in my normal size, although I could get away with it) and the Cone heel, is, well, more like a bloody Cornetto! I have other Cone heel shoes but not as obvious as in this pair.
They are very Puerto Banus, the sort of shoes if I saw someone walking around the Port, or coming into the Hotel restaurant, me and the girl children would be saying "check out the Gina's to your right, Woman in blue dress). Only problem is, doesn't look like I am going to PB this year does it? Friend K is out there, would have gone, but didn't realise daughter 3's passport has run out, so have just applied for new one, so could make it for the end of the month I suppose, but you know I don't want to go without Other Half, othewise I will have to play games in the pool which is soo boring, especially if you get your hair wet.
So I am a bit undecided and returns policy is a nightmare. No form to fill in or prepaid postage sticker. You have to phone them first. No wonder p&p is free, still makes a refreshing change from the tenner bloody net-a-porter charge! Honestly a bloody tenner whether its a bikini or a hefty tote, joke.
Daughter 1, came up last night, and like the Bling Magpie that she is, spotted them a mile off. "Oh my god, let me try them, let me try them" she said, as she attempted to squeeze her size 8 Boats in them. "Oh my god, I want them, they would look wicked with a pair of jeans and a lovely top". No love, Mummy wasn't thinking Jeans. Jeans would cover up the diamante ankle strap wouldn't they?
p.s. no comments about the length of my second toe please, I have had them all my life and yes I know I would only be about a size 4 if it was normal.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

A touchy subject

I have often thought about having Botox over the last couple of years and was intrigued a couple of months back when my sister-in-law took the plunge and booked herself in.

I asked my MIL what it had turned out like as I don't see SIL that often. She said SIL looked fine and was really pleased with it. A couple of weeks later MIL said she was having the kids, as SIL was going back again. Intrigued, I wondered why. I thought you had it done and it lasted for what, somewhere up to 9 months? Then a few weeks later, back again, and then last Friday back again! Whilst in town, I bumped into her, so I asked why she had been back so many times. The second visit saw her go back for a top-up and the third visit was because one eyebrow had drooped! Oh my god, imagine, just how low did that eyebrow go! and Fridays visit was for before and after photos, apparently. She asked me if I thought she looked any different and I said I did, she said her OH thought so too. I can't quite explain what had changed about her, but I could only describe it as a touch of the "Alicia Duvalls" and if you look at her pic - you will see what I mean, I think they call it "The Pillow Face" look, which I guess means a duck and feather filled one, as opposed to Polyester?

But what about Nicole Kidman here? I honestly think she looks nice, well apart from the top lip, her face is fine but what do you think?

It does seem to be a touchy subject with few people addmitting to having it done, but what about you guys, anybody had it? anybody considering it, recommendations etc?

So called Miracle creams cost a fortune and don't work really do they, lets be honest, god knows I have never used anything other than high end skincare and I honestly believe that you should cleanse, tone and moisturise but what product you use makes little difference and as we get older and still enjoy fashion and dressing up, what is the point if we begin to look like Mother Teresa's twin sister?