Saturday, 31 October 2009

Malene Birger Leather skirt for £80 from Last Chance Wardrobe

If you are a size 12 - then it could be your lucky day! have this wicked Malene Birger leather skirt up for £80 and it is £176 at theoutnet! Now you know how I love theoutnet, but I do love a bargain too! A great investment piece, not too short, don't want to look like "mutton dressed as lamb" now do we?

The Outnet collaboration with Corso Como of Milan

Here is the latest news from The Outnet:-

On November 3rd,, the world's most fashionable fashion outlet, will bring you Corso Como. Over 200 styles from designers including Alaia, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Bruno Frisoni, Charles Anastase, Christopher Kane, MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela, Marni and Prada will be available at discounts of up to 50% off.

Fascinated by selling fashion via the internet, 10 Corso Como founder Carla Sozzani thought there was no one better to collaborate with on an online fashion venture than the experts at 10 Corso Como is the fashionistas’ favorite store and a must-visit shopping destination in Milan. Over the past years, 10 Corso Como has built up a fabulous archive of designers’ past collections. All pieces are labelled with the season of creation and are real vintage collector’s items. Since its launch on April 16th, 2009, has successfully made its mark as the most fashionable fashion outlet. It has risen to become the one-stop fashion shop devoted to previous season designer fashion with a strong line in archival and collector’s pieces. By partnering with 10 Corso Como, theOutnet continues to bring the best past season fashion to its customers at incredible prices. The collaboration between 10 Corso Como and is a match made in fashion heaven.

Check out some of the key picks below!

Christopher Kane dress Original price £2955, price £1625
Marni bag Original price £745, price £409

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A DIY Fendi?

According to US Instyle, Fendi want you to make your own Baguette! Put your personal stamp on their ever-popular baguette, the iconic bag loved by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City. The limited-edition Baguette Mezzo Punto includes a canvas baguette, needle, thread and how-to charts to help you embroider the logo—or whatever design you choose! The $995 do-it-yourself kit goes on sale November 30th at Limited Edition Experiences in Miami. If you can't make the trip to Miami, the Baguette Mezzo Punto will be available at Fendi boutiques nationwide this spring and I can only hope that will include the UK! What a Fab idea!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Todays Outnet bargains - Cinderella you shall go to the Ball in Marchesa of course!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have to go to a Red Carpet event or some Christmas Ball at the Ritz where you would be required to wear something such as the stunning Marchesa gown above? 70% off at the Outnet today, it is beyond beautiful.....

If you are young and feeling frivolous how about this little fluffy number? I instantly fell in love with it until I read that the feathers are from a Turkey! It actually turned my stomach when I read that! how odd, almost put me off my Christmas dinner, I mean Turkeys are far too bloody ugly to be a adorning a Notte by Marchesa piece surely? I mean what were the Marchesa design duo thinking "oh we will just pop down to the local egg farm and gather up some feathers to stick on what would otherwise be a rather plain frock and charge the same as if it were edged in Mink".

If the dresses don't grab you, how about a nice practical Malene Birger 100% wool cardigan with sparkly embellishments? It is only £38 so this will be my bargain of the day, shall I buy it?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Express Delivery

Sadly (or Gladly) there is only so much of my body I can fit onto my mobile phone screen when holding it at arms length, but just had to share with you the fact that the John Lewis delivery arrived today! How amazing is that, ordered on Saturday arrived on Monday and on the free delivery option! With any other retailer you would have to wait about 3-5 days for standard delivery or pay a fortune for express. I am sure this is a one off, as I usually wait a few days, perhaps they are going all out to impress me at the moment, oh and obviously I am keeping the dress, anything that makes that area below my ample bosom look fairly trim and costs only £29 is a keeper!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Oh dear the John Lewis fascination continues.... and a nice little ebay dress from a fellow blogger

I had decided that today would be all about sitting on the Laptop, catching up with Blogs, Twitter and online "window" shopping. I thought I would have a quick peek at John Lewis and thought I would check out the special offer section which is basicially a mid season sale. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this silk Planet colour block dress which was £139 then £99 then £49 and now, drumroll please, only £29!!!! Jesus, you can't get one in New Look for that! I mean, it would have been rude for me not to buy it at that price wouldn't it?

After paying that for a Planet dress, £29 for a Hobbs t-shirt seemed a bit much, LOL, but I wanted this a while back and it was originally £39 so at least I have saved a tenner. The main reason I bought this is because I am fed up with bobbling on my Jigsaw new season knitwear grrr (even the bloody cashmere), so wanted a long sleeve t-shirt. Nothing special, just another wardrobe basic.

The thing is, the Planet dress isn't even in the sale on the Planet website and the Hobbs t-shirt has the same reduction on its own site, but of course the beauty with John Lewis is delivery is free or you can pick up instore if you live near one! So I really think it has taken over from the House of Fraser website for me, which has a lot of Lipsy and Therapy etc, All Hail JL!

I had never really looked at the online shoe selection before, but I know 3 girls (aka the daughters) who would all love these shoes by Carvela, reduced to £69 they are totally wicked, I love them, they do them in black leather too, but unless you are a size 3 or an 8, you are out of luck my friends! I may own a pair of Louboutins but I am in love with these babies.... what a gorgeous colour....

I would also like to take this opportunity of pointing out a really lovely little brand new dress that a fellow blogger has put on ebay. It is an Xtra Small so if you are that size, then get bidding as it is a super little number by Trashy Diva which originally cost $195 and has a starting bid of £9.99. You could wear in all seasons, with tights and boots in winter and with sandals for summer. I know a lot of you thrifters and ebayers will love this and I didn't want you to miss out, you can bid here.

Coats, Jackets, John Lewis and Select...

Now, regarding my "school coat". It would be crazy to think that for one minute I have been too hasty in my purchase. Afterall, you all know how long I have been harping on about getting the right one. It had to be black, hooded and three quarter length. I didn't want a shiny, cheap looking specimen and discarded loads in my search as they didn't have all the components I was looking for. About two weeks ago I went on to the John Lewis website, a site I had previously browsed and initially found nothing, but this time, after more stock had been added, I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was looking for, as in the picture above. The coat was on the John Lewis own label and cost a mere £85. I only got it on Tuesday as I had delivery issues and couldn't find a day when I would be around to accept the parcel, so was more than pleased to see it eventually delivered and to find that it was everything I had hoped for. Upon wearing it on Wednesday for the first time, I did find the collar inside the hood quite stiff and high but it was a little too late to do anything about it as all labels had been removed and I was in the middle of the worst downpour I have had the pleasure to be drowned in, for many months and it is not John Lewis fault that I don't have a long and slender neck which looks fab adorned with pearls and more of a "lets just stick the head on the shoulders of this one" kind of neck! The padding is Down, the coat is thick and quite heavy and the rain just ran off it without penetrating the fabric. Being an Apple shape I might have been better to go for one that just skimmed my bottom as it is too big on the Hips but I suppose that does just balance the look when I am wearing it, I don't think anyone else would notice when it is being worn. You can not fault the quality and I am amazed I have bought a couple of things on the John Lewis own label now, as I got this cute top with my £25 off voucher about a month ago, which meant this pretty top, which will no doubt see me through a few summers to come, cost me only £24! I was lucky enough to be able to wear it when I went out to lunch with a friend at the end of September when we still had plenty of sunshine and no need for jackets. I also finally wore the Steve Madden Wedges that day too and with my pale blue flared seven for all mankind jeans and Dior sunnies, didn't look too bad for an old timer!

Another recent purchase was the Leather jacket from Select which you can see here in the flesh. Apologises I took the photo before I took the tissue paper off of the zip pulls! I was really pleased with this until my youngest daughter came home from school and said her friend had it on and I have since questioned whether it is a bit young for me! Oh well, it will fit daughter 1, so I can always give it to her!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Chloe at The Outnet tomorrow - up to 80% off!

Add some Parisian "oh-lá-lá" to your wardrobe with Chloé’s romantic designs.
Log on tomorrow (Tuesday) to shop the fabulously edited selection of feminine and chic pieces at up to 80% off!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

I need to tell you a story

A story about a lovely really "cool" little leather jacket.

Friend V (who was 35 last Tuesday) came round for coffee the other day. Friend V always looks really "cool" or "wicked" to coin her own phases, as opposed to my friend K who I aspire to dress like, who is the epitome of chic, sophistication and designer clothing. Friend V prefers quantity over quality, whereas K is the other way round and I fall somewhere in the middle, with a few high end pieces which usually consist of bags, shoes and jeans. Anyway, V arrived in long pale denim shirt over black leggings, high heeled black ankle boots (probably faux suede from New Look, if I was close enough to touch them) lots of junk jewellery and it was all topped off with the cutest leather jacket you ever did see. I could tell the jacket was really soft even before I touched it and fell open in an asymmetrical way as she wore it undone, very Kate or Sienna. After a little chat, I couldn't resist asking "I love your jacket, where did you get it?". V replied with "everybody comments on it and a couple of people have asked if it is All Saints" "Yes I agree, it does look very All Saints, so come on tell me, Topshop, Warehouse?" "No" said V "wait for it......., £60 from Select" "WTF, I don't believe it" and to be honest I still don't, even though I can see it with my own eyes here and it is now reduced by a tenner to £50 and is on order with Mr F's debit card to make Mrs F very happy. Seriously girls, if you are looking for a wardrobe staple in the shape of a leather jacket, don't do a Mrs Fab and turn your nose up at buying this item from Select, because in the flesh this garment is truly stunning and really does look like it is from All Saints ......

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Shopaholics Top 1000 websites

Not that I really need much help in the online shopping department, but there might be a time when net-a-porter, theoutnet, mywardrobe or matches actually don't have what I am looking for, or what about my quest for the puffa coat that I still haven't bought? I didn't find one that I completely fell in love with, within budget, so what is a girl to do? pick up my lovely shiny brand new book, The Shopaholics Top 1000 websites! Oh what a wonderful book this is and when teenage daughter wanted to spend some birthday money on clothes, online, the other day and said "I have done River Island, Topshop, Asos and Warehouse and am bored of them, what other sites can I look at?" I was able to assist by handing her my beloved new book!

The book is not just about fashion either, although sites for the fashionista, whatever the budget, are in abundance, there are also listings for beauty, home, men, children and very importantly at this time of year, Christmas etc, in fact this book makes the perfect Christmas shopping companion if you are thinking about doing your Xmas shopping online, or would make a fantastic gift for all your Shopaholic friends!

The book's author is Patrica Davidson whose blog Glamoursleuth is in my reading list and is a must read for all you fashion crazy ladies, so do check it out and if you want to buy the book, for only £6.49 you can do so here.