Monday, 23 November 2009

Pump it Up

Whilst browsing the Reiss website a while back, I fell in love with these cute little studded pumps. I live and die in ballet pumps during spring and autumn, Uggs in winter and gladiators in summer. I had made the decision that when I got my birthday and Christmas money from my Mum, these are what I was going to buy, so you can imagine I was more than thrilled to find a Reiss giftcard for 20% off, on the cover of Elle Magazine!

I checked back online last night to drool over them again and to ponder on when I will be able to next get to Bluewater, when I looked a little more closely at the other colour they come in and am now in a quandry as I want both pairs! Even with the discount off it is still a lot of money that I could put towards a pair of Chanel pumps and I have decided this is my major problem, I should save more for the much wanted items I want, when you look at how much I have spent on clothes this year, I could have had that 2.55! Trouble is what would I have to blog about if I bought nothing next year? What would you do? they are cute.

Paul and Joe for The Outnet on sale Tomorrow!

P&J for is a collaboration between theOutnet and Paul & Joe to create fabulous pieces from archive fabric at This is an exclusive limited edition collection available from from 1st December (tomorrow) - there will be over 30 styles from as little as £85 to £250.

You will know how much I love a little floral top to go with my jeans (remember the John Lewis number?) well I have fallen, hook, line and sinker for this gorgeous number and anything that makes me feel summery when the weather outside is so hideous, is a sure fire hit!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Santa Baby......

The OH and I had a rather indepth discussion the other night and I can assure you, being Mrs Fab does not involve discussing whether our troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan, more about what I want for Christmas. Ever since I have been with OH, I have always had a designer handbag for Xmas which although cost a lot of money, can be justified because my birthday is 10 days before the festive fun and my gift covers both celebrations. I am so happy with last years Louis Vuitton Neverfull (which is always full, by the way) I have decided that no bag is totally grabbing me this year and I have opted for something I have wanted since it's launch, yes you guessed it, the LV leopard print scarf. On numerous trips to London over the past couple of years, it has always been sold out, but this year I have noticed it is still instock on the website, although the other two colourways are sold out, namely the pastel pink and the blue nite. I am consumed with utter jealousy whenever I see a celeb sporting this much coveted item, Trinny Woodhall on that "Living on the Breadline" programme (the bitch had all three colours!) and the darling Louise Redknapp on "Farmers Wife"(although in her case, I might actually want her husband more than her scarf collection).
The OH says that £420 for a scarf is an excessive amount of money and I do have to agree with him, afterall that is what last years bag cost, but I have tried to justify my yearning by saying that it is all about what I want, not about what he thinks I should have or whether the amount of money is justified or not. He would happily pay it for a bag, so why not a scarf? Also the fact I have lusted after it for so long, surely I wouldn't go off it, once I had it. I am almost afraid to check the website to see if it is still instock and if out of stock, did he buy the last one? What if he leaves it too late on purpose and gives me the money to get something after Christmas, which has happened in the past when a much wanted bag has been near the £1,000 mark and I have picked it up in the Sales at a great reduction? Will they have it in the LV Royal Exchange branch if he goes instore to buy?
With a present list as long as your arm, and still so much to buy, why can't I get my brain in gear for anything other than thinking about this bloody scarf?
What have you asked for this Christmas?, I would love to know!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Normally I hate designer collaborations with a passion, I don't know why, possibly because I would always be lusting after the real thing and on that basis have never found myself coveting a designers High Street spin off range, until Jimmy Choo for H&M, which went on sale, in selected stores yesterday.

Apart from the fact Tamara Mellon is a bit of an icon for me (although I am bitterly disappointed she has left good old London town for a life in New York) with most womens love of shoes and bags, I feel this could possibly be one of the most successful high street/designer partnerships yet.

The shoes are undoubtedly gorgeous and with a price tag of £65+ they are cheaper than anything you would get by Kurt Geiger and I am loving the fact that the first time Jimmy Choo ventures into clothing, it is for the High Street! Tamara Mellon does have a share in Halston and coupled with the fact she always looks a million dollars, the dresses are real lust after pieces.

The shoes and bags really are copies of the original Jimmy Choo designs and I don't think anyone would bat an eyelid if they asked where you got your bag and you replied "Jimmy Choo". Lots of animal print (which Mrs Fab adores) chain handles and biker details adorn everything from clutches to totes, pumps to boots. The dresses are one shouldered, have fringing details and all look very sexy!

Although I would never have braved a queue outside a H&M in London yesterday, I can imagine the heat and would have got all menopausal and possibly passed out with excitement (I would have been like a teenager at a JLS concert) but I can't blame anyone who did, there is not one piece in the whole collection I wouldn't like to be the proud owner of, I totally love every piece I have seen in every magazine, press release etc and Tamara really is a lady who knows how to look fab in your forties!

*Winning collection: suede dress, £149.99; leather bag, £179.99; zebra-print pumps, £49.99; leopard-print bag, £79.99; and leather shoes, £79.99

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Thats the wonder of Woolies!

I have always hailed from the Winter Wardrobe School of long sleeved tops and very rarely of snug warm cashmere or chunky knits, which could possibly explain my love of puffa or padded jackets and coats for the colder weather, as I can't bear being bundled up in roll necks or jumpers so thick, you can't do your coat up, or if you do manage it, feel as though you have bought your coat, two sizes too small.

However, I decided to change all that this year, in my never ending quest for wardrobe staples, and bought a couple of pieces on my last trip to Bluewater in Jigsaw and more recently in London, at House of Fraser where I have invested in a couple of pieces that are either cashmere or contain it and a waterfall cardi of an Angora mix.

Now, I was feeling quite smug about spending out (should this say "investing") on some warmer winter pieces and decided that I would definitely get into this layering look and now that the weather is actually cold enough to start wearing them, I am feeling a tad disappointed.

First up the waterfall cardi on the Linea label from HOF in Oxford Street which had 20% off on the day, so cost only £35. Most things I have bought recently have been from the grey/black/white/aubergine colour palette, but I saw this cardi and thought how nice it would look on the school run with my leopard print uggs (which none of the grey/aubergine stuff will go with, see I am not very good at this Wardrobe Staple lark am I?) and got the chance to wear it for the first time the other day. It wasn't on my back for more than a total of 2 hours and look at the piling! I was horrified! I know you can buy a device to get rid of it, but why should you have to? I don't want to spend my spare time de-piling my knitwear, FFS! and the state it made of my new black long sleeve top was unreal, I used nearly a whole roll of sellotape to get the bloody fluff off!

I mean honestly, look at it, it looks more like skin tags than piling! Imagine standing in the playground with all that hanging off your knitwear!

Then the grey a-line jumper from Jigsaw, cost about £58, again piling and bobbling all over the show and this one even got bobbling over the bust area? doh!

I was petrified to wear the cashmere top, again from Jigsaw, £98 this time, very lightweight and in the shape of a long sleeve t-shirt - well yes you guessed it, it also bobbled, not as bad as the cheaper pieces but bobbled all the same. So if anyone wants to know what to get me for Xmas then one of those nice little devices, no doubt from JML, to defuzz my clothes with.....please.