Friday, 23 April 2010

Could this be the "One"?

Eldest Daughter popped up last night and our conversation progressed to her 21st Birthday in June.  Luckily she decided a while back that she didn't want a party, which is a bit of a relief considering I had Middle Daughter (Uni Girls) party last June and have Youngest Daughters 18th party, hall and DJ booked for September, so it is a major payout year.  I have toyed with the idea of tickets to Paris for ED and her boyfriend as last time we spoke she was unsure what she wanted.  I would love to buy her a Cartier watch like mine, but now at almost Two Grand, it is an impossibility and I had to reach 40 before I was bestowed with such a classic and elegant timepiece. My next item of choice for her, if money were no object, would be a Chanel bag and I am wondering how much the smaller version of the 2.55 is, she could certainly do with a nice evening bag, so if anyone knows what the small ones retail at, do let me know please but last night she said, in light of the problems with her LV Musette, that she would like a day bag but not LV.  It has to be large and slouchy she said.  We had a look on net-a-porter and she said that nothing really grabbed her around the £500 price bracket.  So I found myself on the mission that the Grazia reader was in which I posted about the other day.  An investment bag for £500.  I pointed out the Halston number as worn by SJP, even though I know being Blue Suede it is not a practical everyday bag, but I think I was drawn to it as I could do that outfit Sarah Jessica wears so easily because I have the scarf and can easily roll up my jeans, although sporting a dark coloured bra under a white vest is a complete no no! but ED didn't really seem impressed even though it fulfills the Slouchy requirement and is such a good price.
Halston Heritage Bright Blue Slouchy ultrasuede Sac Bag, £350 from

I also loved the Canvas version, with its beautiful bright colours, great for summer with a little dress and sandals and fab as a beach bag!

Canvas Slouchy Sac bag by Halston Heritage, £155 (what a bargain) from

Then today I saw stylish friend and tamer of my locks E, who recently treated herself to the Mulberry Mitzy Hobo.  Now this bag ticks all the boxes! I loved it when I saw it online, but those pictures have nothing on it, compared to when you see it in the flesh, I have a case of serious bag envy and I don't know about buying it for ED's birthday, this is going on my wish list! well I guess ED could have it in Black like E, and I could go for the Oak!

Mulberry Mitzi Hobo £495 from

Forget "it bags" this is a timeless classic, its huge, its stylish, and its within Budget!

But if you are still after the latest Fashionista Fix, then the leopard oak Alexa is back in stock!
Mulberry Oak Leopard Alexa £795 from


  1. Hi - I like your bag analysis! They are all contenders. I saw the Alexa at Copenhagen airport - gotta say it was much slouchier than the pictures. It looked like it would age quickly, I was surprised how delicate it was for the price! The Hobo is lovely. I got my first Mulberry when I was 21 from my Mum and its still with me. x

  2. I adore those bags and they are perfect for a girl your daughter's age. Still I would consider the Cartier watch...but vintage, not new so it won't be so expensive.

  3. Oh good luck, the possibilities are endless! x

  4. I have to say that the Mitzy hobo is my favourite bag have used it daily for almost a year and love.. it gets better with age too .. I have it in oak.. but would still like an Alexa ... xx

  5. I love the Mitzy Hobo too!! I'm sure ED will love whatever you choose!!

  6. Hi there-adore the Mulberry hobo, so very classically stylish and chic!!

  7. Love the Mulberry hobo too! Just adore all handbags! Plan to post some favorite pics in a later posting!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    PS Omitted to add in comment to previous post that the trilby is v Kate Moss - trouble is I invariably end up looking like Pete Doherty!!

    PPS Any UFO sightings over there in the UK recently?!!

  8. Oh yes definately a Mulberry handsdown! I dont think mini 2.55's are really worth the money unless you specifically wanted a tiny bag as they are only about £200 cheaper than the regular 2.55 which are now £1,400, but you could always go vintage and if you hunt hard keep in the £500 budget.Or some of the seasonal bags go for around £850 depending on material. I've not been keeping up on Chanel bags lately its all about the clogs LOL!

  9. I'm curious to know what you finally pick for her. Do let us know!

  10. Those Halson bags are an incredible rip off. Just saying. Simplicity has that same bag, cost me $100 if I made it in suede. Yikes. And it's not even cute.

  11. The Mitzy Hobo is great - but unfortunately you see it way too often dangling from another woman's arm. It's a bit too ubiquitous for my taste. However, for a younger woman it could be a great bag. I think in my early twenties I WANTED bags to be recognisable as what they were. It was all part of the game.
    Now, the Halston Heritage in suede, WOW! I am seriously impressed. I think I want it. No, make that a 'need it'. :)

  12. Awe! Cool you I have four kids and am trying to make it work in my 40's as well!
    Love fashion and design. Another thing in oldest turned 21 in December.She will go to Vegas with her friends this summer once they have all turned 21.
    Happy Thursday!

  13. ill have the mulberry one pls x


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