Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A few little Fashion Rants!

Been a busy day today trying to restore order to a house that has hardly had any housework done for the last two weeks, I still have Blogs to read, but after having a quick browse at today's Grazia, I felt I needed to post about a couple of things.

Firstly, how did I miss this picture of Coleen Rooney presenting the Prize for the most stylish lady at the Grand National the other week?
Before I even read the comments in the Magazine, thoughts of a 60 year old wedding guest came to mind!  Jesus, I wouldn't wear that if one of my girls got married and there is no doubt I am old enough to have given birth to Col!  I know you have had a Baby Love, but he is a baby still, not 55, and you are a young and normally stylish yummy mummy!  This is the second time I have critised you recently, firstly for your black "Clubbing" ensemble at Ladies Day and now this!   You normally wear great outfits to the races, brightly coloured ensembles with "to die" for accessories, I really don't know what is going on lately.  If Cricket in Liverpool has shut down, give net-a-porter a try! You could have embraced the Nude trend in a younger, fresher way, so many great dresses out there right now.  There is nothing "right" about it at all, the dress is too long, it all looks too "wishy, washy" with the pale coloured shoes, bag and light orange nails. I like your hair and earrings though, but come on girl, even George at Asda wouldn't want you now!

With your unlimited Fashion budget, if I'd have wanted Nude, I would have gone for this

Fendi £1,010 from net-a-porter

The other thing that really got my "goat" in my weekly fashion Mag of choice was the Style 118 section, and not one question but two!
Question One has a reader saying she normally buys two pairs of new jeans a year, one for summer and one for winter, but this year she only wants to buy one, so what style do they advise.  I agree with the answer that it should be a pair of Skinny jeans as you really need this style for tucking into boots in Winter and they look equally as good with gladiators as flares do, but come on Grazia, don't advise someone to buy Pale Denim or Black!  Pale Denim never, ever, looks smart enough for evening, even if teamed with £500 heels, and Black, hello wash fade and sun bleaching from the washing line, no no no no no Grazia, this lady wants dark Indigo, which looks fab even if teamed with a plain white t-shirt, tan belt and sandals for day or a pretty nude ruffle blouse and heels for evening.
Question Two has a reader saying she is usually a bargain hunter but she wants to spend up to £500 on an investment bag.  Paula Reed answers Marc by Marc Jacobs or See by Chloe, which I do agree with, wholeheartedly, but come on Paula you don't show a picture of a tan suede bag by Carven.  If anyone is going to invest in one good bag, it shouldn't be a) suede or b) pale in colour.  For an investment bag you really need to go for black or tan, which works whatever the season and I would also have recommended Louis Vuitton as there are plenty of styles in Monogram or Damier which are under £500, a good sized Speedy 30 is £430 which would leave you £70 to buy a nice dress.  I would also check out mid-season sales from high end websites such as Browns or Matches and keep your eye on theoutnet.com which has new stock every Tuesday and Thursday or wait for the summer sales where you will be able to "bag" a bargain.
Ok rant over, I want a new job answering the questions on 118 in Grazia, even without a fashion background I could do a far better job!


  1. A great rant I love it!! So spot on ref the jeans and never buy a suede bag unless you've got money to chuck away!

  2. Yes great advice .. Mrs Rooney looks a bugger !!
    I have to admit to liking pale jeans in the summer... its the 80's in me .. but I have to just have to have dark indigo jeans so much more flattering too .. Although I prefer a straight leg to a skinny ..xxx

  3. Much of what you talked about is foreign to me, in my little part of the world, BUT I LOVED that Fendi dress! Mmmmmm. I would create an event just have someplace to where it!

  4. And breath ;-) Just finished flipping through it and I couldnt agree more, I am convinced they make up the questions just so they can promote something in the answer. Sorry but WTF summer and winter jeans?!?! Jeans are jeans! And why suggest such crap bags, especially diffusion lines, she needs to either do as you say at LV or wait until net-a-p sale! Also what a crap issue, Grazia I love but some issues just miss the mark. Dont even get me started on the 'winning look' on their street style! Hhhm ok now I am ranting too xx

  5. Woo I just saw your 'investing' side bar, you are brave I would have a heart attack if I actually faced up to what I have erm invested in last year!

  6. Amazing post! Yup you should get that job hands down.

    I think if Coleen's dress had a dropped v neck and sat on/above the knee it would be amazing!!

  7. I think you can do better, I mean a whole lot better than Grazia. You are absolutely right in all your thoughts. The dress you chose for Ms Rooney is so fabulous. xoxo

  8. Love your rant!! With regards to Mrs Rooney - perhaps she's busy with litt'lun and borrowed the dress from her gran!!!! Actually i have to agree with Leah above, you certainly can do a whole lot better than Grazia!!

  9. tee hee this made me giggle. i looked at colleens dress yesterday and thought what? xxx

  10. ha ha! totally agree with all of the above!! Colleen, what is going on? Grazia, get a grip!!
    E xxx

  11. He He... you tell 'em Lady! And what is with that outfit on Coleen?? I have to admit to never being a huge fan of her stye anyway but theres no excuse for the toilet roll holder dolly look is there now??!


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