Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jealous Much? Hell Yes!

I admit I am getting caught up in a SATC frenzy.  Even though I have the box set, I keep recording the series on Comedy Central every night, 3 episodes and watching them whenever I can fit it in the next day which meant that getting up at 6am this morning (I couldn't get back to sleep after my husband,who gets up at five, left), meant that I could watch an episode before I had to wake Youngest Daughter and Little Man and start the usual breakfast and pack lunch making procedures.

Eldest Daughter took her double bed the other week so I now use her room for ironing and as there is a TV and DVD player in there, I thought I would watch the SATC movie, again, whilst I ploughed through a seemingly endless pile of work and school shirts. It was just that I thought it would serve as a good reminder of how the last film ended, before I watched the new one (like I didn't know!).

One thing that watching the movie again did confirm to me, was that no matter how many times I see Lily, Charlottes adopted daughter, sporting a Judith Lieber Crystal encrusted Cupcake bag to attend the wedding of Carrie and Big, I am (still) consumed with jealousy.  Loving a bit of Bling (as you do) and being a lover of all things "Cupcake" seeing that bag has me salivating, yes almost as if I could eat it!  I mean, little Lily is probably about five, right? and she has touched a Judith Leiber bag!  she has put Carrie's phone in it and done it up and put it over her arm! yes like I said she is about five years old for christsake, surely this shouldn't be allowed, should it?
To be honest even if I could afford one, I guess I would look pretty stupid with it, it is a young girls bag for sure, but that doesn't stop me admiring the designers vision and the use of beautiful and quality materials in such a quirky way as Judith Leiber does.

I don't think you can get the cupcake bag anymore, but whilst looking on net-a-porter I was quite drawn to the Owl. I can only think it is because my Mum has always loved Owls, God knows I hate all Birds and Animals, but I love the way if you were out till the early hours, this bag would serve as a reminder that you were on an Owls body clock and would need to sleep all day!  Owl is a weird word isn't it?

What a masterpiece! Available from icon£3,395 Yikes!  Who would actually pay that? Do you know anyone who owns a Judith Leiber?
Net-a-porter UK Bags SS10


  1. I know no one who has one! Mores the pity...

  2. Hi - the bag is gorgeous - saw one once in Vegas - it was a very fitting place for it! A real treat item for someone I'm sure... LB x

  3. They start 'em young in SATC!!

  4. Love the cupcake purse. Scrumptious! And no, she shouldn't be allowed! ;)
    PS: Getting up at 6am to watch an episode of SATC? I didn't know it was that bad...

  5. I find there is nothing better on a cold week-end - then to curl up with SATC, a little bubbly and chocolates and a warm blanket. The cupcake purse did go unnoticed ... we may not be "Girls" but women need storage and that little bag would look scrumptious on a dressing table... cheers!

  6. You are a true fan... up at 6.00 to watch it? I admire your dedication to the cause lady!! The owl is just a tad pricey(!) for me and if I owned the cupcake bag I'd be too afraid to take it anywhere. But wouldn't it look great with that Oscar de la Renta dress you liked on my post this morning??? Have a great day xx

  7. oooh everyone needs an owl ha ha! im so excited for the new movie - even though the daily mail completely slated the clothing! and i watch it on comedy every night - mayb i should get a social life lol xooxoxoxo

  8. The owl bag is lovely but I agree, the cupcake is pretty cute. xoxo


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