Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spring Haul

Cowboy Boots on sale from Kurt Geiger icon was £95 now £39
Nine West Ankle Cuff sandals from Kurt Geiger icon also from Amazon where they are also available in Black and they have more sizes in stock, were £75 now £39
Breton Top from John Lewis £15
Cape Style Cardigan from John Lewis was £49.50 now £20
Trousers by Gap from Asos £32.50
Khaki Bikini from Figleaves on sale £10.80! This is to scare the Magpies away from my garden.
I also ordered some Jeggings from John Lewis but they have to be returned as although a nice fit and a lovely quality, they were baggy around the knees!
The Gap trousers from Asos were weird, they came tied up - hence why they are so creased!
Still lusting after: A white shirt, clogs and some summer day dresses.
Have you bought any new stuff lately?


  1. ooh someones been busy!!! have'nt bought anything in ages !! am dying to!!! v. jealous!!
    e xx

  2. I LOVE your new stuff! It all goes so great together too!
    I had a mini shopping spree on Tuesday, because I realized I had nothing new for spring!
    I got a purple/white checked button-down, and a pink floral button-down made of cotton and silk.
    I also got three pairs of skinny leg pants, in khaki, grey, and black.
    Oh, and I got a oat-colored boyfriend sweater at Banana Republic!
    AND.... last weekend a pair of RocketDog canvas shoes.
    Yikes! I'm a shopaholic, now that I look my list!

  3. Great little haul and khaki bikini is fab!

  4. Nicely done. Good prices! For me, just those new Gap jeans...

  5. Loving what you have bought .. I adore the KG sandals and the boots the Breton top .. the gap pants .. the bikini, I think I have the same one :)
    It all looks so wearable and I think you will look great xx

  6. As you know - I just purchased that lovely skirt....but I have also acquired a beautiful pair of wedges that make this very short girl feel like a giant! And a pair of khakis (you must be influencing my purchases more than I realized...). Love all your acquisitions!!

  7. You have been busy.
    I saw some nice white shirts in Zara the other day. x

  8. Hahaha! You are so funny... scare the magpies aways from your garden... but the bikini is really fab. I love the color.

  9. I just tried to comment on your other blog but it wouldnt work ;-( anyway I wanted to say had you seen are having a 90% off sample sale!
    Great haul, Ive bought loads lately LOL I got the perfect oversized white shirt from Zara, will have to share my newbies soon x

  10. Loving all your new stuff!! I love the Nine West ankle cuff sandals best!!!!! Just my cup of tea!!!

  11. Fab post!

    btw Thanks for all lovely comments - but am so busy just now with travel,assignments & deadlines that I won't be able to visit/stop by yr great blog for a little while. Sorry! :o(


  12. Ankle boots so cute. How do you find these bargains.

  13. Love the items especially the boots xx

  14. I'm with you with the clogs(I love 'em:); had a pair of Swedish-made clogs in the Nineties - wore them everywhere(soo darn comfortable too:). I'm hankering over some neutral color ones for my birthday in June!

  15. Ooh Mrs Fab you have been busy a gathering in the bargains! Love love love those KG cuff sandals.. I want!! And you can't beat a breton top (she says, sitting here wearing one!) x

  16. Loving the top and the bikini!

  17. ohh i love the t-shirt and boots.

    nice haul!

    Kayleigh x

  18. love the boots and stripey tee.

    Kayleigh x

    Kayleigh Ann Style Blog


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