Thursday, 22 April 2010

You can keep your hat on...

When I first saw Sex and the City the movie, one of Carrie's looks I loved, was her sitting poolside, in a Panama hat.  I was fed up with covering my head to eliviate sun stroke and locks like Worzel Gummidge with a baseball cap and was determined to go for a holiday hat of stylish proportions and was lucky enough to pick this one up in the Marks and Spencer sale last summer for just £5!

If like me, you like to be a shady lady in the Sunshine, and are so "over" straw cowboy hats, then here are my Top picks of Trilbys and Panamas.

I love this straw like trilby with its neutral colourway, only £12 from Marks and Spencer

Or this one from Jigsaw £39 with its Nautical trend blue striped band.

This black one would look fab with a black bikini or swimsuit, £14 from Oasis

The only time I have spent over £100 on a hat was when I bought a Missoni Baker Boy Cap some years ago, but this Malene Birger Panama would look just as hot around town as it would poolside, a worthwhile investment at £145 from

Will you be wearing a hat this summer?


  1. I love a trilby .. I love hats. xxx

  2. Trilbys (trilbies??!!) seem all the rage here in Spain this year ~ very Kate Moss!


    PS Agree all the animals (& their owners)over at my place ought to visited by the Fashion Police PDQ!!

  3. Not a hat girl!!! Watched SATC film on Sky Movies last night though!!!

  4. Mhm. I would love to wear a hat. But I think it's a bit too 'trying hard' for me. All the 'cool kids' round here wear them. I just not one of them.


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