Monday, 12 July 2010

Are you, or will you be naughty in your forties?

Whilst doing the ironing Friday lunchtime, with Loose Women droning on in the background, my ears soon pricked up when the ladies started to discuss being Forty.

Zoe, one of the panel, had her fortieth birthday the day before, so a discussion ensued as to how she felt about turning the big Four 0!

Carole McGiffin said she went mad when she turned forty, going out drinking and having a wild time (which she still does, having just turned 50), which of course is easy to do, when you don't have kids! whilst I think others can find it quite upsetting. Often a realisation that you may not have that long left in this world can kick in and cause depression . I think a lot of it depends on how happy and content you are in other area's of your life and if you have a party planned, then the excitement of that, can take over and stop you feeling maudlin, it certainly did when I had mine.

More often than not, you may feel a little lost whilst in this age bracket, as your children leave home or go to University. I feel so lucky that I also have a 9 year old as well as the three older children, because I think I would feel lost without him and having a youngish child in your forties, certainly helps to make you feel younger! Last week 2 of the girls were on holiday abroad and 1 stayed at a Uni friends and it felt horrible, just me and little man.

I also think a lot of women suffer a loss of confidence and start to question who they really are. I have often talked about being caught up in a fashion wilderness on the blog, and I think clothing is big grey area and that lots of us worry about what we wear and whether certain garments are now, too young for us.

Many women will put on weight as our metabolism slows once we turn forty and that can be difficult to cope with especially when you do everything right and eat healthily, but just can't shift the pounds that creep on slowly with each passing year!

We look at ageing celebrities who look fantastic and that only adds to our insecurities, but it shouldn't. Women like Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, Sarah Jessica Parker etc, probably have incredibly small meals delivered, if they eat at all and they have personal trainers and stylists or as in Elle's case, they may take Rhino Horn supplement, which has got her into all sorts of problems with the press regarding the fact that the Chinese Medicinal Supplement comes from an endangered species (and probably costs a fortune).
When recently questioned about this, Elle reportedly said "it works for me" and has also said at interviews, her amazing body is all down to the Gene's and to a degree, this is of course true. Who's to say that these women don't suffer even more insecurities than we do, after all, the pressure on them to look good is tremendous and looking good or being slim can mean the difference between them getting work or not and dread the thought that even if they put on a few pounds, the press would be reporting on it with headlines such as "who ate all the pies", that alone would act as an appetite suppressant.

I know it all sounds so bloody depressing but on the plus side according to a recent survey, women in their late thirties/early forties have a much higher sex drive than their younger sisters, so I say "Whoop Whoop" to that!
So whether you are fat, pissed off, menopausal or don't know what to wear without looking like "Mutton dressed as Lamb", at least you can have a bloody good shag!


  1. I was suffering terribly with post-natal depression when I turned 40, so it wasn't a good time - but not anything to do with the 4 and 0 digits!

    I'm 47 this year and feel much better, so I'm heading towards 50 with a much bouncier step than I did towards 40.

    For me, keeping sparky involves doing things that scare me a bit - a burlesque stripping workshop, 5-days Stained Glass workshop etc. Keep challenging yourself - and yes, that means with clothes and shoes too! - and you'll never be bothered about what age you are :-)

    Ali x

  2. Hahahaha love the ending and love Alison's comment above xx

  3. I loved this post, it was just what I needed tonight. I as you know am approaching 49!
    Somedays I dont even give it a second thought, I feel 23 I have honestly not changed since that age, mentally anyway. I always know that I am 40 ish, as I had a party, but 49 FFS it is bloody frightening.
    Depression is something I only need the wind to whisper in my ear and I am there.
    Lately with all the mess I sometimes think, we will finish this house and I bet one of gets cancer or something.. I know .. not the way to think, but you do its reality. I have so many friends with it, I have lost friends in the past few years.
    Celebrities look well usually as they have nothing else to worry about apart from themselves and their bodies... but ... mostly as they have surgery. People do not look like that at that age or post baby.. they get assistance.
    I think we have to learn to laugh love and accept our lot as if we don't do it now.. it will be too late.
    I love a good shag too and I think that part is very true the best orgasms are after 40 xx

  4. WC - what do you mean, people don't look like that, you look bloody fantastic for your age, nobody would think you were that age. Like me your are bubbly and chatty on the outside but inside, the worry about cancer and stuff is exactly what I am like, the slightest little pain and in my head I am all set up for chemo, its crazy but I am obsessed by illness, cancer and death and will worry myself to death, just thinking about it.

  5. Turning 40 wasn't a big deal for me, surprisingly. And I have discovered that I'm "loosening" up and am not *as* concerned with what people think as I used to be (don't get me wrong, I still care and still have many insecurities but not as many as I used to have). I think my problem will be once Man-Child leaves the nest. Then? All bets are off.

  6. What a great post. Very thoughtful. And I love the photo at the end.

  7. Ok now that I have stopped smiling and giggling, like a school girl ... love the pic at the end.. thanks for starting my day off with laughter. Its a great reminder that one is never to old - if they are able to laugh and "shag"... HHL

  8. lol that pic made me giggle. i cried when i turned 25! who knows what ill be like when i reach 40 xxxxxx

  9. Food for thought!!!!
    Loved it.


  10. Oh Wow Mrs Fab - it's posts like these that remind me why I love you so! So many great points. Whilst everyone now says 40 is the new 30, I think that it brings its own pressures with it to look uber amazing. We all love fashion, shoes and all the girly stuff but we all have insecurities and worries. None of it would mean much either without our wonderful families and friends. And I'm so pleased to be able count my lovely blog friends in that too. Now look - you made me go all mushy! Love the photo too BTW! xxx

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  12. Screw 40...50 is where it's at!
    And I agree with Bombshellicious.


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