Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bargain of the Day - forward thinking purchases

Maybe the reason I prefer dressing in summer is because it is cheaper!  The cost of coats, boots and jumpers far exceeds the cost of a simple summer dress or shorts and boob tube, it therefore makes sense to think ahead and pick up a bargain for the coming season, if your summer wardrobe is now complete and the fact that I am still harping on about Maxi Dresses is boring you to death.

Bring on the Over the Knee Boot.  Yes ladies, this Boot is still around and has been re-worked by many designers.  Last season I felt it was a trend to be avoided by the over forties, as I handed over £45 in New Look to purchase a pair for Claudia, but it has grown on me and I may give it a go without investing too much money, so in a spree v steal type of post, firstly I bring you Joseph.....
Suede over the knee boot £595 from net-a-porter

but the bargain of the day has to be this black faux suede pair

Were £90 now £19 from Moda in Pelle

and the boot bargains don't just stop there.....
I also spotted these on NAP

Guiseppe Zanotti £715 at net-a-porter

but you can get the look for a fraction of the price with these.... 

Were £90 now £25 from Moda in Pelle

For those of you who are not familiar with Moda In Pelle, they make great quality shoes often similar to designer styles, but at a fraction of the price.  There used to be a shop in Bluewater, which sadly closed but I have bought many pairs from this brand as they are stocked in a small local boutique.

Still not sure whether Over the Knee Boots are for you, then take inspiration from these NAP images....I'm convinced!

Are you?


  1. I do love an over the knee boot ... but I love a heel the whole 9 yards for m kid, although I bought some when I hurt my ankle a couple of years ago from Russell and Brommley, they are flat and I love them xx

  2. I love them so much I have bought and wore out three pairs, so I will be checking out MIP for a new pair, flat black and suede are perfect everytime, also I find getting faux suede is more practical for winter as it doesnt matter if they get wet - which they will!

  3. I love them. styled right they'll look chic and edgy


  4. I love boots, any boots, always boots.Perphaph for my climate the best are ankle boots. Love them all!!!

  5. Thanks for the lonest comment ever, maybe I should forward it to Harper's and see if they will give me a job! I am currently an archaeological scientist - no I still dont know why either!!

  6. i want that leopard print jumper x

  7. I like this look, but it depends on me having a pair of skinny trews. I suspect that I might look like the worst ravages of Pirates of the Caribbean if I tried this look.

    I used to have a pair of red, flat suede boots that I wore until the soles were right through!

    Mind you, at that price, I could afford a pair to give it another go!

    Ali x

  8. I love otk boots I am hoping there will be a good selection in the stores this season great pictures of ways to wear them xoxo

  9. I wore my flat OTK boots all last winter and I loved them. They were comfortable and kept my legs warm! I have a couple of pairs of OTK boot but I will probably buy another pair this Fall.

  10. omg! love those Moda in Pele black suede boots! £19 - gasp!


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