Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bargain of the Day

Firstly apologises for the crap pictures, I couldn't copy the larger ones from the site which show this Jersey Jumpsuit in all its Glory, so please take the time to click on the link and view it properly!

Jumpsuits for me are way off my fashion radar for my own personal wear, but thats not to say that I don't love them on others, I do.  I was actually quite shocked (but in a pleasant way) at the last day of terms school production and prize giving event, when my 44 year old friend (you know the one who wore a white dress for her wedding last May) wore a blue jumpsuit, not too dissimilar to the one pictured and carried it off brilliantly (mind you she is a size 8 and doesn't have any wrinkles as yet).

So my bargain of the day, for all you ladies that have been thinking about investing in one and my younger readers who will all look fab in this, is this slinky number by Full Circle.

70% off was £75 now £22.50 from Fullcircle (Sizes 10 & 12 instock)

You know the story, heels and clutch for evening, gladiators and tote for day, as versatile as a dress but more fashion forward with its harem style. Great for holidays as jersey will travel well and just visualise how cool you will look if you top this off with a Trilby or Panama and Jackie O style sunglasses.

I shall be hiding the laptop today for fear of teenage daughters begging me for it!


  1. Haven't gotten into the jumpsuit thing yet. I have one but I got it more for the crazy vintage print!

  2. Catching up on blogs whilst SC is occupied for all of two mins! If I were one size smaller I just might give it a go - if done right, I think they look fab! Re your BMB thing - am surprised it has to be outright parenting blog - I'm not one! I'm outright Mrs Fashion.. who happens to be a parent! Maybe I'm still allowed in because I joined when I was 39 And Counting? Although that wasn't an outright parenting blog - at least not in my opinion. Who knows... I'll vouch for you! ;) xxx

  3. Jumpsuits, rompers, I'm all about it! I especially love that once you put one on, your outfit is DONE!


  4. Sorry to butt in, but if the BMB thing is an outright parenting blog thing, then I need to tell you that I'm in it (if we're talking about the same thing!) and I'm not a pure parenting blog. And I swear like billy-o.

    Hmmmm - maybe it's a different thing altogether. Ignore me.

    Love the jumpsuit btw - but it's not in my size!

    Ali xxx

  5. FNO - what you on about you div, they have a size 12, so bloody get one, because you are tall, you look thiner than you tell me you are anyway!
    Alison - re the fashion mummy blogging thing, to join you had to say are you a mummy blogger and when I entered the word "no" it wouldn't let me join - bastards! Who is in charge of this? are they on twitter, I need to have a word!

  6. Jumpsuit not my thing, but they look good

  7. oh wow i want it iv been looking for something similar ever since i saw lauren conrad rocking it! But i would need an 8! boo hoo! amazing price though, Giveaway on my blog right now that i thought you might like., get your girls to take part too as the prize is pretty awesome x


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