Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Elle MacPherson - first she has a ganglion, now she thinks she is a teenager

I haven't watched the first edition of Britians Next Top Model as yet, its on the Planner, but I was shocked to hear that our home grown gorgeous ex model, Lisa Snowdon has been replaced by Aussie Elle MacPherson who I showed in a recent post to have a massive ganglion on her foot.
Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that the normally stylish Elle had what is in my opinion a fashion "Faux pas" when she attended the shows launch party wearing shinny leggings which are already hanging in the wardrobes of the under 30's across the land from last season!
OK, so the pvc leggings may be designed by Karl Lagerfield and come from next seasons collection, but forgive me if I'm wrong, but haven't these been around for a while now Karl? I know two of my daughters already have pairs like this, which is why at 47, Elle should so NOT be wearing them, just because she can!
Surely us "forty somethings" need to take inspiration from strong stylish women who know how to dress for their age, (says I who have just bought Jelly sandals - gulp, well they were Jimmy Choo) not from women closer to fifty than forty, who go out dressed like teenagers! Sure I love the top and the Louboutins, but put the whole outfit on somebody under forty please!  In most cases, women in our age group, would be described as "mutton" going out in trousers like these!

Imagine what a pvc legging would do to most women of Elle's advancing years, when those hot flushes start at your feet and sweep up and over your body, sweaty betty or what? and it was dead hot last week when she wore them!  Imagine how many tins of talc it would take to prise yourself into them and then you would probably have to cut the buggers off! If you tried to peel yourself out of them, you'd probably get a Brazilian and a full leg wax at the same time!
I of course would invest in pair, but am afraid I would be offered a contract with Michelin......
Stick with your Victoria Beckham dresses next time Elle!
So come on ladies, even if you don't normally comment, please let me know if at 47 you would wear these or if younger readers feel these are age appropriate, what do you all honestly think?


  1. puts hand up - I have a pair of wet look leggins and I am 38 going on 39, I say if you have the legs go for it. Its not like Elle is flashing lots of flesh - she's a model and has to look leggy!....I once wore to an office Christmas party PVC trousers and yes I struggled to get them off at the end of the night (didn't have talc)

  2. Ok as a woman of a certain age, I feel qualified to comment on this..Also as I am a fan of black skinny jeans and a white shirt , as you girls know ;)
    She is certainly a beautiful woman, with an amazing body, so why its she trying so hard?
    I personally think the pants are too much, too shiny. Had she waited though, and worn them in the winter, with a long fabulous jacket, like the Versace one in the new campaign, as seen on Christina's fashionsmostwanted blog today, or with flat boots and a sweater she may have got away with them.
    Its just all too much, the hair and the pants and the heels, she just needs to tone it down a little.
    I think we can get away with most things at any age, its just about putting it together correctly and I think that this outfit would look over the top on someone as young as Abi Clancy xxx
    Even my husband who likes a nice slapper, thinks she looks too much !!

  3. In fairness I'd wear them at 70 if I could pull it off. I think she's got the legs but I still reckon she had to resort to talc to get them off.

    I'm more concerned how much effort she must go to get/keep that body. Not seen her close up for ages so can't comment.

    I think the baggy tee helped the look. Stopped it from being try hard.

  4. Ooh Mrs Fab you have me rolling about here! Great post!! I have two schools of thought here - the first being that if you look that great at that age and are fronting a show such as BNTM then go for it! Talc and all! I'm also with Wildernesschic though in as much as, it they'd been plain skinny black jeans then she'd still look bloody amazing - and perhaps a little more subtle. Subtle is a big word in my wardrobe these days. As for the sweatiness... yuk! Just keep thinking of the Ross moment in Friends when he shoves lotion down his pants after taking a pee and slaps himself round the face as he pulls them up. Oh Elle.. love ya Hon and hope that didn't happen to you! xxx

  5. I'm with Ruth and Kate on this one. I love patent shoes and leather jeans but nothing too shiny on the legs. Saying that, if you've got the legs for it...

    I'm very much with Ruth, it would be much better as a winter look with a fitted jacket or something to tone it down a bit.

    I agree with Kate that Elle looks better as she's dressed them down with the baggy tee, otherwise it would have been way too much.

    She must work hard to look that amazing at 47. It's enough to give anyone a complex! xx

  6. Elle is in great shape (then again close help to keep it all together , if you know what I mean)... I tend to agree with some of the above comments that - you should be able t wear anything at any age -- so long as it remains subtle - : shiny, in my humble opinion is not subtle. Lets just hope women her age, who should not be wearing this outfit - don't take it as its OK.

    My dear as for your jellies ... ones feet are ageless - as long as they are properly pedi'd - as your appeared to be .. no sweat or talc required :) HHL

  7. Spot on , I do not call this chic or beautiful, its someone older trying to do Christina Aguilera or Linsdsay Lohan

  8. I think slightly less shiny would have been better... but she doesn't look 47 so I really don't think they look that bad.

  9. She looks good a woman who admits to being over 40 - she's trying to hard. Yes, women of 40 can pull off somethings, but as WC said it's too much and as FortyNotOut said subtlety is key.

    One of your infrequent commenters (sorry, am working on it) piping up.

  10. I agree with you S, shiny spray-ons surely are a little passe? She has got an amazing body but she would look far better in something more age appropriate, not frumpy/boring but just because you've got it does'nt always mean you've got to flaunt it! As mentioned above she does look as if she is trying to hard, effortless style? Hmmmm.

    e xx

  11. She has a beautiful body but the trousers just dont look right. Skinny black jeans yes it would have made all the difference. Maybe she is trying to outdo Uma Thurman lol cos according to the papers she overly dressed for the school sports day that both she and Uma Thurman and Elles ex went to!!!

  12. Hahaha! hilarious post! Hot body but those leggings..NO! I also like FortyNotOut immediately thought of Ross from friends and those leather pants! x

  13. I think the bigger problem is that they're not her style. She has more of a boho, hippie chic thing going on most of the time, doesn't she? The pants don't match her hair and makeup. I bet other women her age could indeed carry them off.

  14. If I looked like her, I'd walk around naked 24/7!

  15. Oh for goodness sake, life is for enjoying. If you can afford it and pull it off, wear the darned things. I know I do, albeit with longer shirt/tunic and biker boots, and I'm 51. So there. ;-) It's when you pull out the cougar makeup and hairstyle and cleavage that you become ridiculous. But rock and roll is here to stay...

    Just my two cents...


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