Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A few new things....

I rarely buy anything in Dorothy Perkins, I always think the shops look dull and boring, full of things I wouldn't really want to wear, but then I saw a great maxi skirt on another Blog.  This is what I love about Blogs and Blogging, the inspiration we get from others, whether it be celebrities, stylists or just normal women who know how to put an outfit together.
I often fall in love with a garment or an outfit I have seen on somebody else, yet I may have bypassed the item had I only seen it on a hanger in a shop, or a picture on a website. 
As soon as I saw a very stylish young lady in this great Jersey Maxi Skirt, I knew it had to be mine, no messing.  I was delighted to find it was only £25 on the Dorothy Perkins website and when it arrived this morning, I couldn't wait to try it on and it is probably one of the most comfortable items in my wardrobe.  I am currently scrunched up on the sofa in it, typing this post and when I go into town tomorrow, I shall have to wear it then too!  I know it will be fab for holidays, either as a daytime cover up over a swimsuit or to wear in the evening with embellished sandals and a cami.  I just know for a fact, you are going to have trouble getting me out of it!

Sort of a cross between a tribal and tie dye print, this skirt goes against all the fashion rules I mentioned in my body shapes post as I should really be in a maxi dress flowing from under the bust, not in a skirt with a wide elastic waistband, but do you know what, I love it so much, I don't really care!

 Dorothy Perkins also have 4 for 3 in their holiday shop, if you are still looking for bits for the summer and up to 70% off in their sale.

Whilst on the subject of new purchases, I feel it is the right time to confess that I bought the Panama hat from Planet which I blogged about previously, here.  Claudia came back from Cyprus with my Trilby virtually completely squashed, so I had to really, didn't I?  When I did the post about summer hats, a few people mentioned about having large heads, so were worried about buying hats online, but I can say with confidence that this hat is quite generous and although I won't look like Carrie in SATC 1, sitting round the pool in Mexico, I can at least pretend!

I also ordered a couple of bits in the Next Sale which was mostly crap, I hasten to add (not the bits I bought but in general), but I am still waiting for some of it to come, although knowing Next and their Sales, I won't ever get it but I will wait and see before posting up.

Have you bought anything this week?
Did you brave the Next sale, or buy from their website?

If I can take this opportunity to ask a huge favour of any readers who love the blog and my "take" on all things fashionable and want to show the world that you don't have to be young or a size 8 to Blog about fashion, then please vote for me by clicking on the link and voting under the Fashion and Style Category. xx


  1. That skirt does look fab, like you! (I will vote)I'm just doing a bit of on-line shopping therapy as feel pretty down after a visit to see our Lab in his new home. Won't go into it but needless to say net-a-porter is helping.

    Helena xx

  2. That is a great skirt and the hat is fab. I havent bought anything this week but then again it is only Wed. I am debating spending my entire bank balence on Burberry boots.
    Im entering the Cosmo thingy too, will vote for you though as well x

  3. Love the maxi skirt! I have to say that I am a bit of a fan of DP. They do all the trends but a tiny bit paired down so that we don't look like wannabe teenagers on the loose!!
    Also I am still trying to get over you having to throw out your slogan tees. I hate all those rules!

  4. Love that maxi skirt, looks great on you! Funnily enough, I ordered a similar petite maxi skirt from dorothy perkins a few days ago so will see when it arrives! I did shop online in the Next sale, have never braved the store! Most is going back as usual! x

  5. The skirt looks great. And I love the hat.
    No shopping for me as I have to save up for a much needed holiday.

  6. I know what you mean about Dorothy Perkins shops, some of their clothes and shoes are really quite nice but the shop interiors are pretty dire! I've checked out the Next sale and have my eye on some blue shoes but out of my size in the shops unfortunately. I'm a new visitor to your blog but as I am hitting forty next year I'm finding your posts and advice essential. I'm now off to vote!

  7. That skirt is fab! It looks good on you. I ve bought a new ski jacket this week on sale from £140 to £67!! e xxx

  8. I would have walked right by that skirt without ever giving it a thought - but to see it on you....seriously loving it, especially with the sandals! *sigh* no, I haven't bought anything lately....

  9. I want that maxi skirt too... the color and the print are gorgeous. I hope they have it here in our local Dorothy Perkins store. xoxo

  10. What wonderful finds! that skirt is darling and I'm really liking the hat! Happy Wednesday my friend.HHL

  11. loving that skirt - DP have suprised me recently too xxxxx

  12. It is a cliché but rules are there to be broken and I am a great believer in thinking if you feel great then that will show and you will look great too. I am not a huge fan of DP (v expensive) yet my daughters often find odd accessories in there they like. I do remember year ago they did great collaborations including one with Whistles so maybe they are improving.


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