Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Final Sale reductions at Matches

If you are still looking to invest in some timeless classic pieces for your wardrobe, then why not check out the Matches final reductions.

These Yves Saint Laurent bow platform shoes were £640, now reduced to £198!!! Matches 
Stunning aren't they? 
 I might have to ring OH and beg!



  1. These are pretty great! I'm looking for dark blue sandals to go with my new dress! Any idea? Have you happened to see any in your fashion hunt lately?

  2. Definitely beg. Then give me his number and I'll call and beg for you. Those MUST be yours!

  3. Hello Lover! They are so fab... in fact they need to belong to Mrs Fab. Tell your husband that I said you have to have them! x

  4. I love your new design. If I was doing a fashion blog, this is exactly how I'd like it to look. Very nice and stylish.

    Helena xx

    PS. If only I could walk in heels!

  5. Yummy. I should go back to Matches and concentrate on the bargain hunt. Just ignore the snotty shop assistant...

  6. My experience of buying YSL shoes on sale at Matches - double check what they sell you - not only are the sales assistants snotty - they're not very careful with what they stick in the shoe boxes either


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