Saturday, 24 July 2010

God knows I need one!

Finally, we have booked our Summer Holiday.  We are going last week in August, back to my beloved Puerto Banus for the sixth time in a row, Gangsters Paradise as I like to refer to it, or "Bond Street, but with a Beach".

Many arguements have taken place over the booking of this holiday as I struggled with finding accomodation for our preferred dates and then with flight prices going up twice in the 48 hours before we finally booked them Thursday night, it often looked doubtful.  The flight price for our preferred departure date was showing as only £5.99 per person unyet the whole booking for 5 of us, came in at £858.00!  How the fuck does that work when we didn't even pay to choose our seats, book our insurance with the flight company, fail to include inflight meals and only paid for three suitcases between the five of us?  Since when did Monarch charge for baggage, who do they think they are, Ryanair?
With only three suitcases between us, Packing space will be at a premium and I will really have to make my holiday wardrobe work for me this year, no taking clothes that I never wear, like I usually do and shoes which can be clumpy and heavy will be restricted to just one pair.

So its save, save, save for us now, no more impulse buying whether for more last minute summer pieces on sale nor any forward thinking Autumn must haves...although I have seen two tops in the net-a-porter sale I hadn't spotted before and really want for my suitcase........

All Dressed Up, Ruffled jersey tunic Was £135 Now £54 net-a-porter

Alice by Temperley Sleeveless striped tank Was £76 Now £38 net-a-porter

The Sale ends tomorrow so I haven't got much time to convince OH that I won't be able to go if I don't have these two versatile beauties to wear.  I've bought enough sneaky things on the side without him knowing lately, I don't want to push my luck otherwise he will notice the discrepancies on the Bank Statement if too much is missing!


I also need to drum up a few new clients, things are quieter than usual this summer (for those of you who don't know me, don't worry I am not a "Lady of the Night") and I am making nowhere near the amount of money I have in previous summers, which is worrying and another reason why OH was "kicking off" about us going.
Then to top it all, when flights were booked and the deposit on the accomodation paid, Little Man said "oh Mum I think my passport has run out, I was looking at it in the kitchen drawer the other week".  I rushed out to take a look and sure enough, it had expired in June, so another bloody headache and more sodding expense along with the worry about getting it back in time even if we use the Post Office's check and send process!
Then to top it all, some friends have short memories.  A dear friend of mine since I was 16 and also a beauty therapist had me working on a Sunday to do all her pre-holiday treatments before she departed on the Tuesday.  I rang her yesterday saying that I wanted to come in on the Tuesday (we go on a Wednesday night) either before or after my hair appointment - only to be told, she is fully booked!  When I told OH he went fucking ballastic and muttered all sorts of things about people having short memories and how I went into my salon to do her stuff when I had overslept due to being up all night because my daughters went on holiday and we were up for ages, seeing them off and then couldn't get back to sleep etc etc.  I only had time for a quick shower and left for the salon with no make-up on and wet hair so as not to let her down.  I realise it is a day she normally works (she is only part time) and doesn't want to turn away paying customers for me, as we do each others stuff for nothing, but come on, surely she could do some rearranging or something.  Oh well I won't forget it, thats the trouble with me, I may forgive, but I never forget.

Have you just any last minute things to purchase for your holiday?


  1. It's always something with the last minute details! It'll work out - somehow. Go and have a wonderful time!

  2. Quote you "So its save, save, save for us now, no more impulse buying whether for more last minute summer pieces on sale nor any forward thinking Autumn must haves"

    I'll never believe that is possible for any of us lady.

  3. I hope you have a fantastic time .. love the yellow tunic btw xxx

  4. When I travel to England or Germany ( off to Berlin tomorrow) I take empty cases in order to bring 20 kilos of clothes from another country.
    There are beautiful shops in Puerto Banús if you have the money, but there are very interesting markets in Fuengirola ( a paradise for clothes second hand hunters)
    I do hope that you will considere to enter my mix and match autumn.It will be fun!!!
    Un abrazo y felices vacaciones

  5. I wonder how many dresses I'll need where I'm going. Maybe wellies and a pitchfork... know where I can any in the sales...

  6. Well done for sorting out the holiday. Flights are so expensive at the moment - my holiday plans will be completely scuppered if they don't come down. It's so bloody annoying.

    Like the yellow ruffle dress

    PS I'm like an elephant, I never forget!

  7. You will have a great holiday.We stayed there a couple of years ago,great for people watching.Youre right about the saving though.V expensive!
    Love the yellow dress though wouldnt suit me.

  8. Hope u have a great time on your hols.... its not far from where I used to live in Spain. Hmm I know what u mean about friends have been through similar myself and I have put myself out for people so much yet when it came to me hmmm I didnt get the same back. I like you forgive but I never forget and sometimes I dont even forgive ! xx

  9. One thing I need is a holiday!
    Re blog sale, i hope it goes well too, I didnt realise how long sorting it all out would take, and prices its so hard to decide on!

  10. Same here, I'll forgive but I'll never forget!

    I hope you have a great time!

  11. I had to run out and get a new carryon bag the day before I went on vacation, since the old one had a big gaping hole in it! Not very handy for keeping stuff with you....

  12. Oh the joy of doing your job for friends eh?? Glad you're all booked for hols though it'll do you good, e xx

  13. So annoying and upsetting when friends let you down, isn't it? At least you've got a fantastic holiday to look forward to, though. Can't BELIEVE the price of those flights - outRAGEOUS!

  14. Glad you've got your holiday sorted. I've spent lots of time in Marbella as quite a few friends live there, but I haven't been for ages.

    Love the yellow tunic. I always pack too much and get tucked up by baggage... I'm often seen unzipping my case at weigh-in and stuffing loads of things into the Actors bag. Also I take a huge hand luggage bag, but I'm always overweight on the way back and get charged.

    At least you've got your holiday to look forward to. Where are you staying? xx


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