Thursday, 8 July 2010

Net-a-Porter 10th Anniversary Party

Its hard to believe that net-a-porter has been up and running for 10 years now, doesn't time fly! That means the site started up when I was expecting little man.

I had a NAP blast from the past when I returned that DKNY bag earlier this week, I opened up and looked at past orders, something I have never done before, it was a really exciting journey back in time to see clothing, shoes and accessories I bought years ago, there were quite a few bikini's, Missoni and Pucci, A lovely Felix Rey beach bag which I still have, 2 pairs of Missoni wedges that I never could walk in and sold on ebay, it really was a fashion journey into my past that made me regret selling some of it!

I really don't know the reason for its huge success, I remember when it first started up, wondering whether it would work, being as it was a stand alone business and not attached to a store, but for me, one of the reasons I love the site so much is down to sizing. My nearest designer clothing store is Choice at Bluewater, but the problem is, they never seem to stock anything above a size 12, which is really irritating, how many times do we read in the press that the average UK woman is a size 16? I hate the fact that buyers or designers think that larger ladies don't want to buy nice things, but with net-a-porter, if a designer makes it in a size 14 or 16, they stock it and you often find the larger sizes have sold out first! See by Chloe, Missoni, Pucci, Miu Miu all make clothing in an IT 48, DVF in a US 12 and lots of designers do an XL, so that is probably the reason why I turn to NAP first when I want a designer piece or fancy a little spend up in the Sales.
According to the Tweets I read last night, the party to celebrate the sites 10 fantastic years was a great success and Victoria Beckham was guest of honour wearing Miu Miu and her beloved Nude Brian Atwood heels, alongside founder Natalie Massenet in Valentino. 

What great purchases have you made on net-a-porter in the last 10 years?

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  1. Ohh I have too many purchases to list, I did size up my clothes when pregnant so I could still carry on wearing my beloved labels! The purchase I wear time and time again is the By Marlene Birger forest green coat wool cashmere mix.

  2. I have bought a fair amount I must admit! My stand out pieces (i.e ones I havent sold on ebay, and will treasure for life) have to be my full lenght black McQueen coat and Fendi Love Letter clutch in brown leather. This season I bought my Chloe sandal / boot things. I love Net AP as they always get their stock before everyone else.
    My only complaint is their customer service is appauling, Ive had so many emails not replied to or replied to with totally irrelevant info!! One I asked if they could actually tell me the length of a belt S,M,L not really helpful. In the end it sold out and I still didnt have a reply. Another time I asked if a pair of shoes would be coming back in stock, they said I should just keep checking the site - sorry but you know if you have an order placed or not!
    I hate the bloddy Outnet too and have refused to go on the site since that farce of the £1 sale.
    Dont get me wrong though I do love Net AP! I just feel the personal touch is lost with such a huge company, which is a shame as really how hard is answering a few emails!

  3. I love the whole experience of shopping there, you can try on in your own environment, also for me there are few places locally that stock anything like these items, it always meant a trip to London so delivery is a lot cheaper than a train xx
    My past list is far too long to read !!

  4. Gosh 10 years! Seems like only yesterday. I don't know how many as my account only lists from when I moved but the evidence is in the many black boxes I seem to have used for all manner of storage solutions!

  5. Pearl - I must admit I have never had to deal with the customer services department and thank God, it sounds horrendous! The DKNY bag is actually the only thing I have ever returned, so I hope that turns out OK, especially as I bought that small haul on the strength of the refund! I found the link to DHL to organise collection a real pain as I couldn't find the number, then I found one and it was the wrong one, so got given the correct one over the phone, surely NAP could just give you the phone number? I will feel concerned until that money is safely back.

  6. To be honest - nothing. I am very loyal to brick and mortar shopping. VERY loyal. And I need to know that something truly fits when I buy it. How do you do that? Do you go into a shop and try it on first and then snatch it up on net-a-porter?

  7. Being a newbie - to the site , I look forward to the next 10 years. My great score- was a Pucci scarf. HHL

  8. one time i tried to buy a bottega bag and it was such an ordeal i gave up and not purchased anything since.

  9. NAP is an incredbl online shopping experiencec. I'm working hard so that one day Beladora will be the Net a Porter of estate jewelry....Unfortunately with a staff of three and a limited IT budget I don't think that I will have the big fancy London offices like Natalie Massenet any time soon!


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