Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Net-a-Porter launches free App for ipad

I haven't even got an iphone let alone an ipad.  A situation that will be remedied when my mobile phone contract comes up for renewal in December, but thoughts of an ipad have been met with immediate disinterest by myself until that is, I heard about the launch of the net-a-porter free magazine app.

The newly released app allows you to read the weekly magazine, plus buy all of the looks featured in the shoots. You can also watch exclusive video coverage of runway shows and interviews with leading designers.  Read, Watch, Shop, wherever you are, sounds good to me!  I can just visualise myself in the hairdressers when SnowyStylista offers me a magazine and I say "no thanks I have one on my ipad" - how cool is that!

To transport your ipad in style, net-a-porter will be selling ipad cases from designers such as Burberry, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Marc by Marc Jacobs with prices starting at £35. 
They are already selling cases for iphones and when I get mine, I shall be surrounding it in Fendi loveliness with this cute little logo case ....

Fendi iphone cover £35 from net-a-porter

Seriously how cute is that? and what a great stocking filler! It is going on my Birthday and Xmas list, forthwith!

Will you be downloading the free net-a-porter ipad app?


  1. I dont know if my comment registered ... I love the idea.. first though I would love an iphone.. and then an ipad :) .. but how lovely xx

  2. Hahaha Net-A-Porter is taking over the world with Apple. I love a stylish coup xx

  3. Well times do change fast!!!I have to look inti the Net- a Porter, wow

  4. I dont have either but my mum does as she develops apps, she would love one of these covers!

  5. I'm liking the Fendi iPhone cover... maybe I should get one... My iPhone got run over by a cab last night so the screen is completely cracked to pieces. Amazingly it still works!

    The Actor and I were talking yesterday about buying each other iPad's for Christmas, not exactly exciting! I'd rather we bought our own. I need a new Macbook so may have to buy that instead xx

  6. Ooh, i already have the net-a-porter app on my iphone along with the Chanel, ShopStyle and Style.com apps! love them all! Loving that iphone case!

  7. I'm really liking the iPad, quite like the idea of downloading books to read and I definitely would want to accessorise it with a Marc Jacobs i-pad case!


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