Friday, 30 July 2010

Our Blog Sale - What to expect

As most of the readers of this blog will know, some of us are holding a blog sale on Sunday 1st August starting at 11am. 
If you didn't see the details and would like to take part by either selling or buying some items, click here for all the information.
You can expect to see a range of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories and even some childrens clothes so do make sure to have a look.  Personally I am selling quite a large range of garments and sizes.  Apart from personal items of my own and my daughters, I also have some stock from a boutique closure that I have been intending to put on ebay but haven't yet got round to, so this is the perfect opportunity to offer them for sale.
There will be some Full Circle, Pink Soda and Diabless, a very expensive Parisian brand which used to sell in Whistles and at certain department stores.  There are a range of sizes in these items but some of my top picks are this gorgeous pale dusky pink Broderie Anglais Diabless dress to fit a size 12, originally retailing at £100, on the Blog for £12!
From our personal collections you will find some designer, lots of high street in a range of sizes from an 8, which 2 of my daughters are, and they are big fans of getting me to buy them things that they never wear like this River Island dress

and this River Island Jumpsuit

and then sizes 12 and 14 from the other this lovely Zara Maxi dress she wore once...

and from me some size 16, like this Linea silk top which was worn by Yasmin Le Bon for their add campaign last year, which I have given up all hope of wearing even though I adore it...

and I have also decided to part with my size 6 Castaner Wedges I bought from Matches last year, as I still haven't worn them

As you can see there will be something for everyone in my sale, young and old and all sizes.

On the day of the sale, everybody taking part will put links up to all the other sales taking place that day, so you are sure to find something to suit your size and budget.  We would all appreciate it if you could help us out by perhaps posting a link on your site or giving the sale a mention on twitter, as it has taken all of us a lot of time and effort to get stuff photographed and listed so it would be lovely if we could actually sell some of it and with your support, I am sure we can!
My sale will be taking place at and if you add yourself as a follower, you won't forget!
Buy, Sell, Have Fun!


  1. I have been so busy too, its hard work all this photo taking, measuring and typing up details! Good luck with the sale x right just going to put on my 4" heels and do the washing up

  2. What a great idea. I hope I can find time to photograph some stuff and take part. If not I will definitely be visiting as I love Full Circle.

  3. I will be looking forward to tomorrow, yeah!!!

  4. Have signed up *rubs hands together gleefully*

    Ali x

  5. I will be back tomorrow great idea xoxo

  6. Good luck with the sale tomorrow. I wish I wasnt so tired then I would have joined in xx

  7. What a good idea to make a separate shop! I might do the same thing on a perminant basis to sell some vintage and jewellery I used to make. Let hope the sale goes well!

  8. Good luck with this Sweetie! Got your email this morning & will reply later. Been working on THE THING all day & just off out to a dinner party now. Have tweeted about it for you and will do some more tomorrow. So lovely of you to think about me for a couple of items. Sadly am on a spending freeze due to investment in the #topsecretproject :( Hope it goes well... you have some beautiful things! xxx

  9. I must go and have another look now. I like the Zara maxi dress - perfect for holidays. Why didn't I see that? Is it still for sale? xx


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx