Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The tale of 2 (French Connection) dresses and one soft silly Mother.

If I haven't told you before, I have to tell you now, my Uni Girl is completely obsessed by French Connection. She spent £140 of the £200 left out of her maintenance grant in her first term at uni, on the Bex Dress, which I shrunk the other week because she told me to handwash it, and when I pulled it from the water, it looked teeny tiny, so I read the label and it was dry clean only, probably something to do with the fact it is silk georgette - oops.  Anyway all was not lost, she still fitted into it, being a skinny bitch, so all is well, although I did see her eyes welling up with tears when I told her, she is V.emotional whe it comes to her dress collection!
She had another FC shopping haul last Monday whilst in the Oxford Street Branch and then another one on Sunday in the FC concession in the Maidstone branch of House of Fraser, where she finally picked up a dress she had seen last week but was a bit unsure of, as she felt it was too long for her.  Afterall, if a dress is not right up her arse, she won't wear it, but at a bargainous £30 reduced from £120, I told her on the phone, after she had text me a picture of it, that it was worth getting taken up.

She bought it in the only colourway they had left in her size a sort of dark teal with black sequins, got home and tried it on and as lovely as it looked, I agreed it needed at least 4 inches chopped off the hem, to stop it looking "frumpy" on a young girl. Afterall, French Connection isn't really designed for the teenage demographic with their prices are they?

Back view showing the cut out back detail. Dress is dark teal, not blue as pictures show.

I suddenly began to think about how suitable this dress would be for my eldest daughter Chloe and I spoke to Uni Girl about it, saying that as she is so tall, the length would be perfect (as at 5ft 10in everything is up her arse when she doesn't want it to be), the shape of the dress, falling from under the bust, covers a multitude of sins and would be better suited to her body shape than those tightly fitted numbers she tries to squash herself into!  Uni Girl then reminded me that Elder daughter and her boyf, probably bring as much money into their household as OH and I do and we have a HUGE mortgage and Little Mans school fees and although I agreed with her, I said I couldn't help but feel sorry that she never seems to have any money (even though she spent her last Euros on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream, Mac Lipgloss and Bobbi Brown blusher at the Airport on her way home from her holiday on Sunday - see, I've taught her well!).  I still wasn't convinced and felt I should treat her to it even though I am trying to save for a family holiday.
As I type this, the two girls are in Maidstone buying the dress, I gave her the money, I hate that she can't always have the lovely clothes she wants and she has a wedding to go to in August, so it will be perfect for that. They have just text me a photo and it looks lovely!  She has gone for the grey one with off white sequins and I am waiting for her to get back to get a picture.  Ah here she is.....

Don't forget a dress doesn't have to be black to become a wardrobe staple.  What you need is a dress that can be pulled out of the wardrobe for a last minute date, party, wedding or a night out with the girls and this style certainly fits the bill with its classic shape and with just enough sequins to make it "glam", just add heels, a clutch and your good to go!
This dress is not online, girls, and is only reduced to £30 in certain colours (the Royal Blue is only reduced to £75) so if you want to grab this fantastic bargain and live near a French Connection, if I were you, I'd be running in heels!
French Connection Limited


  1. Hi - this did make me smile - must be something about this dress! I saw someone wearing it at a wedding we attended and months later decided I just HAD to have it in grey. Despite the fact that FC is normally for the younger wearer! I now have it - paid full price eeekk and must admit I have yet to wear it. However as you say it's a versatile piece and maybe one day? Meanwhile it hangs in my wardrobe...twinkling away... Lou x

  2. Lou - just goes to show, some people really can't help having great taste in dresses!

  3. This made me smile too.Having a teenage daughter and the dress length thing,Haha.I agree though French Connection isnt aimed at the very young market,the dresses are always nicely cut got a few myself!Their cocktail type dresses like this cant be beaten for the detail and price.

  4. Aw your such a softie, it is such a lovely dress though!


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