Sunday, 31 January 2010

In Love with Louis Vuitton

I hate getting post. Usually a brown or white envelope containing some bill or another which means less money to spend on myself, but yesterday a nice little purple package dropped through the door containing a Louis Vuitton catalogue which I get, time to time. LV have used Valentines Day to entice us ladies to start whingeing and whining that maybe, this year, we deserve more than a bunch of dying roses from the local garage picked up on the way home as a last resort, as your OH realises he will get a smack round the head with a frying pan if he dare come in empty handed.

So, OH, if you are reading this, I would be happy with anything from this LV collection. I love the new pastel colours in the Vernis range and if you are feeling ultra generous, I need a new Alma.....

Alma MM £1200

Or this red heart shaped purse, although being crocodile skin, I am sure that this costs a fortune but I can't find a price on the website. Being heart shaped, this would be the ultimate pressie and one that would really convince me that you do love me!

These animal shaped coin purses are really cute for those of us craving more fun than sophistication in our accessories.

Animal Coin Purse £300

What would you choose for Valentines Day?

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fashion Snob - Balmain

I hate snobbery in all forms but we all know it exists in Fashion. I was beginning to think that the barriers were being broken down with High Profile fashion bloggers receiving invites to Chanel Shows and others attending Store openings etc but it seems that WAG's, with their copious amounts of disposable income, are frowned upon by certain Paris Fashion Houses.

Coleen Rooney made the headlines when spotted in a London Restaurant by Alexandra Shulman and invited to do a spread for Vogue a few years back and more recently Alex Gerrard has graced those glossy pages too, although she did explain that winning respect from London's style makers has been difficult. Back in September I mentioned her when I did a post on London Fashion Week and later I heard that even Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud) had apparently snubbed her! I was amazed. OK so Nicola has become a bit of a style icon with her Chanel bags and Vivienne Westwood dresses but what right has she got to ignore a down to earth Liverpool girl who obviously loves fashion?

It has been reported that the 3 Balmain outfits pictured above would have come in at a cool £27,000, unyet she receives no discount or freebies from Designers. One PR told Vogue: 'Giving [Alex Curran] full access all areas. No thanks!'
A spokesman for Balmain said: 'Balmain has a very strict policy on celebrity dressing and only works with celebrities that correspond with the brand’s image.
'We have never worked with Mrs Gerrard so I assume she has purchased the samples.'

She attended the Henry Holland show at LFW and other emerging designers such as William Tempest are grateful for her support. Tempest, apparently compared the mother-of-two to Brigitte Bardot and said 'Some designers get so bothered about who wears their clothes. Me, I'm not bothered, as long as they look great. 'Alex looks so sexy in my pieces and has a really amazing body. She definitely has a very glamorous feel about her - it's almost as if she just walked out of a vintage movie poster.'

If young girls like Alexa Chung and Lily Allen can gain almost immediate fashion credibility, with Lily becoming a Chanel Muse and Alexa having a Mulberry bag named after her, what exactly does a WAG have to do?
Labels such as Balmain should be grateful that anybody wants to, and can afford to pay over £4,000 for a blouse with a crystal bow, because without wives of high earners whether they be footballers or stockbrokers, the Label may well struggle to exist.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Love Denim

Yes I do love Denim, I live and die in jeans, as I have told you many times before, but the current denim trends have me all a fluster.

This Double Denim look above seems to have been inspired by some poor person who works for a childrens television Channel.....

and if you are old enough to remember singing along to Dexy's Midnight Runners "Come on Eileen" pissed out of your brains, circa 1982, then you are definitely too old to be sporting a pair of denim dungarees! I remember having a pair when pregnant with my first child 21 years ago! although I do admit to liking the look with the striped top below.....

another less frightening way to do the double denim look, is with a pair of jeans and a contrasting colour denim bag, such as this one from

Oversized denim hobo bag, See by Chloe, Original Price £305 Now £183 40% off

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Once upon a time, I fell in love.....with something that is now on The Outnet

It must have been December 2007 and I was shopping in the Designer Mecca, that is Choice, in Bluewater. I wanted a black Chloe Heloise bag for Xmas and Birthday that year and I found one in Choice. I quickly rang Other Half and he told me to get it, saving him a trip up "West". I was pleased as punch as I handed over his American Express card, until I got outside and saw this McQueen number in the window. I had previously seen it being sported by Alex Gerrard (who else) another WAG with a bag collection to die for, and it was love at first sight. It was covered in silver studs which gave it a real "Rock Chic" vibe and was really big and roomy. I looked at daughter one and we both ran back in store as fast as our legs would carry us and grabbed the nearest shop assistant to enquire how much it was, as I was well up for swapping the Chloe. Problem was it was over a thousand pounds and I know OH wouldn't pay that, so I left the store deflated.
Imagine my shock when checking out the Outnet yesterday to find that it is on there and reduced by 60%! If only those post Xmas bills weren't arriving thick and fast.....

Studded patent leather tote
Original Price £1,016.63 Now £406.65 60% off

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nothing in Particulère

As we get older and start to think about not showing too much cleaveage or not wearing our skirts too short, what do we think about toning down our make-up, or how to have our nails at such an age? What do we consider to be understated, stylish and age appropriate with our beauty regime as well as in fashion?

Understated make-up has never been a problem for me as I have never, ever worn a great deal. A bit of eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipgloss and I am good to go! When I was younger, I was hardly the Lauren Luke of the 80's, the only way I achieve a "smokey eye" is by not taking my mascara off at night and if I tried that look now, all the shadow would sink into the crepey skin that was once an eyelid and I would be more suited to a remake of Micheal Jacksons Thriller video than giving you a sexy wink over the dinner table! It is only recently that I have even invested in a Base, as I felt my skin was in need of a bit of coverage with a couple of red bits and an age spot (yes one of those brown things has appeared on one of my cheeks - how very dare it!). But one thing I really love, is nice looking, painted nails.

I reign from the short, dark, square School of Nails, preferably coated in Rouge Noir in winter. I have worn my beloved Rouge Noir since it first came out and I only have a brief foray into a French Manicure during the summer months, although for the last two summers I have worn a gorgeous tangerine shade by Opi, which looks fantastic with a tan. I have tried Opi Black Taxi and Lincoln Park after dark, but they only last a day or two and then I am back to my trusty faithful shade of choice. I see young girls with amazing acrylic false nails and really gorgeous art work but I am never tempted as I think they look tacky on women of a "certain age".

This year, there is a new nail polish that has me all a fluster and I haven't even bought it yet, Chanel's newest shade for Spring,Particulère. I only have to look at this picture and my mouth is watering - I don't know why, its madness! Will this be my shade of the summer? Will it look too young? What are your favourite shades of polish? Would you have those false nails?

Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Over The Top

A few weeks ago, the delightful fortynotout gave me an award, one which involves me answering 20 questions about myself. I love to read these tags when they are posted by other people but always worry that my readers won't be in the least bit interested in facts about me, so gorgeous readers, sorry if this bores you shitless but here goes.......

1. Your Hair?
Longer than my shoulders (does that count as Long in hairdressing terms?), a natural brunette, I first bleached my hair with Born Blonde at the age of 13 whilst my Mum had taken my little brother to the local Donkey Derby on August Bank Holiday Monday. Needless to say she had a bloody fit when she got home and marched me up the local hairdressers the next morning to have it dyed back, and it came out black instead of Brown and was in a style not too dissimilar to one I had seen on Vera Lynn. Mother ran up the Chemist, bought a red dye and that toned it down a bit but only after she had coaxed me out of her bedroom as it was the only one with a lock on it and I had flung myself around her room, hysterical for quite a few hours.
Hair has been hi-lighted blonde on and off for many years since and is currently blonded up to try and disguise the ever increasing grey roots which will have me wearing a hat permanently should I accidently miss a hair appointment which are now at 5 weekly intervals but really need to be 4, but are already down from 6.

2. Your Favourite Food?

Anything bought to the door by a delivery man, Indian, Chinese, Pizza, Kebabs etc etc

3. Your Dream From Last Night?
I can't remember but in the last one I do remember, I was married to Jamie Redknapp - RESULT!

4. Your Favourite Drink?
Gin and Tonic.

5. What Room Are You In?
The lounge where everyone is talking and getting on my nerves! I am trying to do this and listen to Corrie and it is a nightmare!

6. What Is Your Hobby?
Online Shopping, Blogging.

7. What Is Your Fear?
Getting Cancer, me or one of my kids. Actually I am just petrified of any illness.

8. Where Do You Want To Be In Six Years Time?
Alive and kicking.

9. Where Were You Last Night?
Same place, same chair and still with laptop surgically attached.

10. Muffins?
Oh yes please, chocolate chip.

11. Last Thing You Did?
Took my son to the Hairdressers.

12. What Are You Wearing?
Leopard print slippers, bright pink socks, black leggings and a black and grey baggy jumper, glasses.

13. Your TV In Your House?
Toshiba Flat Screen and a portable in every bedroom.

14. Vehicle?
I don't drive.

15. Your Favourite Store?
Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, infact any in Old Bond Street.

16. Your Favourite Colour?
Pink, but I never wear it!

17. When Was The Last Time You Laughed?
Can't remember, haven't felt like laughing much lately.

18. When Was The Last Time You Cried?
At OH's Grans funeral on Thursday and watching Marley and Me about a week ago.

19. Your Best Friend?
K or T.

20. Favourite Place To Eat
London. I worked in the City for many years and have had some great business lunches there. I remember gorgeous Calves Liver at Langans, the dreamy Mash at Quaglinos, a gorgeous Creme Brulee at a restaurant by Liverpool St Station and a great Japanese in Broadgate (can't remember what is was called). Also Tokyo was fantastic, Kobi Beef, bring it on...

I am not passing this on to anyone, too much pressure, but please feel free to join in.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Confused dot com

I really don't know what is going on!
After receiving an email from Jimmy Choo again yesterday,saying that they were going to check out their American and European branches for the shoes I had ordered, I went on to the website today to browse the sale for new additions, only to find they have got them back on the Site and in my size!
So, I have ordered them again, lets see what happens next. I might have to tell them I am blogging about their terrible service although I am sure they wouldn't care now that Tamara Mellon has buggered off to live in New York, the bitch.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Good, The Bad and the down right awful!

I wasn't going to bother looking at the dresses worn to the National Television Awards last night as it is usually all Hollyoaks stars hanging out of garish creations by Lipsy, but when I saw this picture of Louise Redknapp on Twitter I had to take a closer look at what was being worn on the night.

And here are two over 40's who I definetly do not aspire to dress like!

Honestly, what were they thinking? Ideas on a postcard please....

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Getting Inked by Chanel

I hate Tatoo's. I have friends covered in them, a daughter with "Est 1989" on the back of her neck - gross! However if I was ever to take the plunge I have always said that I would have 4 letter "c's" as all my childrens names begin with this letter (no it wasn't done on purpose) and that they would be arranged in the style of the classic Chanel logo of intwined "C's", something like this......

If you don't fancy having something so permanent but the thought of a Chanel Tattoo tickles the fashionista in you, then how about Chanel's new stick on tattoo transfers? There is a waiting list at Selfridges and a pack, which will set you back £55, includes a selection of transfers and will give an "edge" to summer Ruffles, Florals and Clogs.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A reasonably priced pair of Louboutins

After suffering yesterdays "Choo" dissapointment, I thought in case you didn't know already that Wedges are back in (yet again, yawn, yawn) this summer, which has pleased me no end, especially after I bought those lovely Steve Madden wedges in the sale last season, along with the Castaner nautical raffia pair from Matches. If you fancy a pair of high end wedges at a fairly reasonable price, why not check out this fab Christian Louboutin pair, again from Matches here for only £260. Unless you pick up a bargain on the at some stage, then this is a great price and I still love the flared jeans/wedge combination for summer.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Quote from an email received today......

Dear Sharron,

We are contacting you regarding the order you placed on

Due to a rare error in our inventory system we have been unable
to fulfil your order for the JIMMY CHOO Wish. We are sorry for any
disappointment this causes.

As a result, we have had to cancel your order. We will issue a
full refund to your credit card immediately.

We have forwarded your details onto our Head Office.They will
contact you if they are able to locate this style for you.

If we can be of further assistance, please email

Best wishes,

Customer Care Team


Speechless, I am totally speechless, not to mention gutted, I don't expect this from a luxury brand website. What is it with me trying to get a pair of flats?

Uggs on sale at Office

Love them or loathe them, I think we all realise that the Ugg Boot is here to stay. Practical, comfortable and oh so warm, even die hard fashionista's who wrote these boots off years ago, are now admitting defeat and investing in a pair.
They may not be the most attractive pair of boots you will ever buy, but nothing is as warm and comfortable, they really are an unexpected wardrobe staple and a real investment buy, because if looked after properly, they will last you years.

Chestnut and Stone are the most popular and original colours but Ugg bring out a selection of different colours each season and these are often the ones which go on sale, but surprisingly at Office, there are Stone Classic short and Brown Metallic and Brown Baroque Classic long all reduced, as well as funky gold and space age silver at only £100!

So if you still haven't bought a pair why not check out where they have various styles and colours on sale here, it will be money well spent. Oh and just to let you know, last year they did a leopard print pair, which I bought, obviously!

Ugg CLASSIC TALL BOOT BRONZE was £200 now £140
Ugg CLASSIC SHORT gold and silver was £160 now £100

Monday, 18 January 2010

It must be the Magpie in me...

thats makes the Atelier Versace dress worn by Jennifer Garner at last nights Golden Globes, my absolute favourite gown of the night. I saw the back of it on T.V. this morning and I just loved it, the straps at different angles, all the bling, stunning....

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The September Issue

Almost 4 months after its release, I finally sat down to watch the "The September Issue", the DVD about Anna Wintour and the making of one issue of Vogue Magazine. The film says it is the real life version of The Devil wears Prada, but to me, that description couldn't be further from the truth.

I loved DWP in paperback and bought it as soon as it came out, it even had me laughing out loud on a few occasions. I wasn't over keen on the film and found myself more interested in the clothes the main characters were wearing than the content, but as Yves Saint Laurent once said "Fashion fades, style is eternal" and this film soon faded off my radar.

I was far more interested in the real Anna Wintour, so the documentary fed that need to find out more about the steely Editor in Chief of American Vogue. I must admit, I didn't take to her at all. I actually found her to be quite personable when she is actually being interviewed and I did for once, think her little elfin face is quite pretty. Signs of ageing are evident, unyet she still looks like she has had work done (sorry I am obsessed with signs of ageing) but I found myself far more interested in Grace Coddington.

Raised in North Wales, Grace won a Vogue Modelling competition but a car accident followed by Plastic Surgery on her eye, cut her catwalk career short and she started working for British Vogue, where she remained for 20 years and has now been at American Vogue for another 20, actually starting at the magazine the same day Anna Wintour did.

Grace shows a picture of herself modelling in 1959 so I guess she must be in her late sixties. She has a mass of long red hair and doesn't appear to wear a scrap of make-up and judging by the winkles, has never had Botox. She was nothing like I imagine a high profile magazine fashion editor to look like, but I really liked her and thought she was the real star of the show. Lots of American Vogue staff don't seem to wear make-up and I hardly saw a set of painted nails anywhere! So much for this image that all magazine staff are glamorous, trust me, they are not, well not across the Pond anyway!

My youngest daughter has always wanted to work on a Fashion Magazine since she was a little girl and only in her first year of A Levels, any career is long way off, but watching The September Issue, made me hope for her sake, that her dreams can be realised. It looks like bloody hard work, but worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears when the finished issue, finally hits the news stands. I think lots of us look back and wish we had thought about a career in fashion when we were younger and then when you do realise, it is far too late, so I am glad that all of my daughters have pretty much known what they wanted to do since they were very young. Lets just hope that they don't get the jobs they want and in 20 years time, wish they had done something else!

So if you love fashion and are interested to see how a glossy magazine is put together, then this is the DVD for you. It is nothing like the Devil wears Prada, more a film length documentary which would make great viewing for any young person aspiring to work in fashion.

Friday, 15 January 2010

I tried so bloody hard but just couldn't stop myself......

Bearing in my mind that I said I wanted a pair of Black pumps for spring, I thought I would pop onto the Jimmy Choo website and have a little look at the new season shoes, but before that, I had to check out the sale section, as you know how I love a bargain and I saw these flats.
Normally friend K (my stylish inspiration) rings me from shops in London, getting me to go on to websites and check what she should buy, but where these shoes were concerned, it is the first time ever, I had to ring her because I was in such a dilemma. I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear my scarf with them but she convinced me, in Spring time, I won't be wearing the scarf anyway.
It is not often that I have total "shoe love" for a pair of flats, as they are always more practical and far less beautiful than heels, but when I saw these, it was lust (with a captial L) at first sight.
The thing is, I convinced myself to purchase them because I do like beautiful things but I also like things that are a little bit different and in my eyes, these beauties certainly fulfill that criteria.
Although I realise they are not as useful as a black pair and that this purchase blows all of my promises to only buy wardrobe staples out of the window and so early in 2010, but I just couldn't resist, I think they are utterly gorgeous and that's it. Full stop. They are mine. Except to tell you that they were only £147 reduced from £295 and will look fab with a white shirt and jeans for spring. Quite the bargain.
I have just donated to the Haiti Disaster Fund via as there is more to life than Shoes.......

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Spoilt Brats

The biggest problem with having loads of kids (well 4 actually) is that you have to spend so much bloody money on them and teenage daughters are a nightmare, trust me!
Daughter 1 no longer poses a financial problem as she moved out a year ago, moved in with her boyfriend and works full time so I only buy her the odd treat but I still feel guilty that she doesn't get as much as the others. The thing with Daughter 1 is that she is useless with money, only pays £250 per month, all in, to live in boyfriends house, but is always skint and I know she is jealous when the others get something new, but I feel it is important for me not to give in so easily and hopefully, make her learn how to cope financially.

Daughter 2 is now at Uni and we give her £100 per month. My husband (not her Dad) told her that we would also continue to buy her some clothes, shoes etc. All very nice of him but this means that money I could have spent on me, has just gone on Daughters 2 and 3! We have 3 pairs of Kurt Geiger shoes, just been delivered today at £29 a piece, they were all down from over £100 and I have told Daughter 2 she doesn't need anymore now until the summer sales, so no creeping off to New Look buying plastic shoes for £20 with her monthly allowance and not eating for a week (yes I know how she operates, spent the leftover £200 from her maintenance grant on the French Connection Bex dress for £130, very sensible that one - not).

Then we had the River Island sale. I must first tell you that Daughter 3 had £185 in Xmas money which all, except for £3, went in the tills of various shops in Bluewater on 27th Dec! The silly little twit also lost a carrier bag containing 2 tops of hers and 1 of Daughter 2's, which caused many arguments between them with Daughter 3 chanting that it didn't really matter as her two were only worth £17 and Daughter 2's one was only £7 - so thats OK then? and then River Island, did further reductions the other day, every sale price was then reduced again by 50%, honestly we got dresses for £5, Jeans for £10, shoes for £15 - it was a teenagers dream, why can't they do the same thing in Jigsaw?

So not even 2 weeks into January and already I have spent £160 on two of them and I have as yet, got nothing, although my 4 number win on the lotto will fetch in £90 of your finest, unexpected pounds, so I won't feel guilty when I treat myself to a little something!

Celebrity Fashion Trend: Leopard (again - sorry)

If my last post on looking like a Yummy Mummy or just looking Yummy in Leopard print, wasn't enough to convince you, then perhaps the Celebrity Fashion Trend piece from will have you changing your mind.
From Mary-Kate Olsen’s vintage topper to Kate Bosworth’s black-and-white Proenza Schouler mini, animal prints add instant sex-appeal to coats, dresses, shoes, and more and I couldn't agree more!

Mark Hayes also showed a leopard print coat on his GMTV fashion slot this morning. This fab one form M&S Limited Collection for £59. He said it was very D&G and he was right, when do you ever see a D&G collection that doesn't contain Leopard print?

Leopard print is also a great way for investment dressing, a pair of these Jimmy Choo's will go with any colour dress....

On Sale, £177 from

Also Jimmy Choo, On Sale, £197

and I have totally fallen in love with this Marc Jacobs tote from Net-a-Porter


and if you are still afraid to introduce a bit of animal print into your wardrobe, try a clutch or a scarf. It doesn't have to be in the traditional print colours, go for something with a red or purple background like this scarf from a great way to brighten up a black or grey coat or cardi and only £3!

Friday, 8 January 2010

How to be a Yummy Mummy or Just Yummy at any age

After seeing loads of pictures of Celebs wearing Leopard print coats this season, one of my favourites was the one of Coleen Rooney which made me think about doing a post on how to look like a Yummy Mummy as I realise that not everybody who reads this blog is actually over 40. Some of you are Mums with young babies and/or toddlers who may be lost in a fashion wilderness or you might love clothes and reading about what other people buy or wear, so this post is about Leopard print and how anybody at any age can wear it and how stylish it can look when put together well, even if you are pushing a Buggy!

So here we have Coleen Rooney, looking utterly Stupendous in her leopard print coat and stunning red 2.55 bag. If the rest of your wardrobe consists of neutral colours why not go for a nice colourful bag to brighten it all up? I know I am old enough to be Coleens mum but seriously, I never see her in anything that I don't like, OK, thats a lie, the wedding dress was ghastly and left me shocked and disappointed.....

and then we have Gwen Stefani, looking like she hasn't got two half pennies to rub together (as my old Nan used to say), I mean honestly, WTF? If she intends to keep hold of that lovely hubby of hers, Gavin Rossdale, she may need to start raising her game a tad! Would anybody honestly look at her and think she looks nice?

and this is my beloved leopard print jacket. Originally a full length coat brought from a Principles shop in an Outlet centre for about £50. I felt a full length coat was very "Bet Lynch" and I thought it would look more like an evening coat, and I am not the sort of person to walk around town in heels and animal print whilst I pick up some face wipes in Superdrug, so my mother-in-law cut it up for me and I have never regretted that decision.
I don't think there has ever been a winter when Leopard print has not been around in recent years and every fashion magazine seems to predict that "it will be big this season" but for me, animal print is just like Black, always around.

The Sales are a great time to pick up a new leopard print coat or jacket, investment dressing of a great wardrobe staple that will last you years and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Young girls like Fearne and Alexa wear theirs with those awful Doc Martin type boots but I prefer the Coleen look, its ageless and timeless!

So I have the flat black boots, I just need her bag to complete my desired look!

Leopard Print Mac on sale at for £50

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Shop the Sales with Mrs Fab and whats on my wish list

Now the first item on my list are the Juicy Couture Jeggings from net-a-porter to assist in feeding my addiction to all things "leggings" at the moment, as they comfortably hug an ever expanding Christmas waistline without making you look as though you have a cheese wire around your midriff and tuck neatly into boots minus the slight bulk you get, even with the skinniest of jeans. These are not on sale but are a very reasonable £78.

Whilst on the net-a-porter site browsing the online sale, I came across this chunky knit from See by Chloe. I know I swore I wouldn't buy any more knitwear to go all bobbly, but I fell in love with its loose, casual shape and thought the whole outfit looked really cool and I could wear the Juicy Jeggings with it.

So then of course I was on the look out for a check shirt to wear in a similar way as the APC one pictured with the cardigan and I stumbled across this one from Hobbs on sale for only £19 from £69!

Then the lovely people at sent me a picture on Twitter of this amazing Bottega Veneta bag and my heart almost skipped a beat, it is True Love as all "it" bag and shoe lovers know it, but then it is not really an "it" bag, with its classic looks, to me, it is reminiscent of a Hermes without the extortionate price tag or waiting list! This little number is reduced from £985 to £668, even if it went to half price I doubt I could manage it at the moment and it is bound to be sold out by Januarys pay day (she says sobbing quietly).

Other things I have identified as missing from my wardrobe, are a few staple pieces, (yes I think finally, I am getting the hang of this "staple" malarkey) such as ballet pumps as I missed out on the Reiss ones, I would really like some more Jimmy Choo flats, I wore my black pair to death and still did well when I sold them on ebay last year, I love the signature gold plate on the back and the non slip sole (nearly once broke my neck in the rain, in Chloe Paddington's with leather soles) I also need more jeans and most definitely a white pair for summer which I needed last year, but never got. I love True Religion jeans and find them so comfortable, so these will do, now £112 again at net-a-porter.

Another thing I have wanted for the last few years and haven't got round to getting are a pair of Gina Athena flip flops at £395

but I could cope with having these ones from on sale from £550 to £275

So I am going to try hard and concentrate on getting the things needed rather than waste money when I see a sale on, which will be hard as I have identified that I seriously love a bargain, like this cute Jimmy Choo bag reduced from £495 to £247.50 at I was thinking with its metallic sheen it could double up for evening as I hate using a Clutch, I just can't fit enough in them.

So what have you bought in the sales or are you planning to buy an wardrobe staples at a bargain price?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Guess what I couldn't believe about today? and how to look stylish in the snow

Topshop £85

I had to go to work today and the thing that struck me, whilst out in the sub zero temperatures was the amount of women out without a coat on!

Firstly in came a work colleague with one of those Ski hat things that cover your ears, not really a good look for someone over 40 (I much prefer my Missoni Baker Boy, about 5 years old) a pair of black flared trousers, trainers and a knitted poncho! In fact when I thought about it, she wore that poncho all last winter, does she not have a coat? and if not, why not? She drives around in an 09 plate 4x4, so it can't be a money issue.

When I got ready to go for some lunch, she commented on my scarf and then said "oh God, how much did your Coat cost?" "£85 from John Lewis" I replied "Yes, I really need a coat like that for going down the school". Too right you do love and for coming to work in and going to the Supermarket!

Then this afternoon, in comes this woman (who drives me nuts, she just doesn't stop talking) and I was met with flat black leather boots and long black skirt topped off with a knitted blazer style jacket and a scarf! Do people not understand that knitwear goes soggy and smelly when it gets wet? and how would that jersey skirt hold up when she made her way home an hour later when the snow really started to hammer it down?

I have seen a few slots on the television lately about looking "stylish in the snow" and it proves it can be done, but I guess you have to be able to afford a coat first!

I had to laugh this afternoon, down the school, when one of the Dads said to me "I'll tell you what you really need to get yourself, some of those really brightly coloured wellies, you know the ones that ensure you can be seen in Blizzards and in the dark". I chuckled as I looked down at my Pucci's doing me proud, year in, year out... I never used to like that bloke, but as he obviously has a sense of humour, I may well change my mind... Office £25

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Am I up for the challenge and Holy Shit, the satisitics show I could have had a Chanel 2.55!

I have been thinking long and hard since reading about the darling makedostyle's New Year Challenge.

Basically it consists of not buying anything other than essential items i.e. socks, undies, until the end of March and using the saved funds towards a more luxurious purchase in a few months time.

The main reason I am in a quandary about signing up for the challenge, is that last winter I bought nothing in an effort to save money and found I was no better off at all because I just buy as and when I see something, when there is a Sale on, or I need to replace something.

I don't have a specific budget for buying clothes and if I did, it would be easier to take part and to see the money I would save mount up!

Another reason is, if I am not buying clothes, what the hell can I blog about? just the things I am lusting after? and then a reason I should do it, is because having added up the column of garments bought last year, I feel sick when I see it comes to an astonishing £1503.50! oh fuck, why did I decide to diarise my purchases? I could have had the much coveted 2.55! Oh that is an awful thought, but then if I had it, what the bloody hell would I wear?

The breakdown of the satistics show some interesting facts:

1. The bulk of the money was spent on tops and knitwear coming in at an astonishing £716.50 and I can think of a Banana Republic top I got from ebay which I forgot to write down!
2. The least money was spent on Pants. Only two pairs of jeans (both premium denim but from Asos outlet) one pair of Ernest Sewn skinnies for £35 and True Religion straight leg at £65, one leggings and one denim shorts by Malene Birger from ebay for £5.
3. I only bought one skirt, a white tulip linen one from Jigsaw.
4. I bought 4 dresses and three were on Sale.
5. I bought 6 pairs of shoes, not counting the Gina's that hubby bought.
6. I bought one coat at £85 which I have also forgot to list so that makes the total £1588.50!
7. I haven't listed the clothes I bought for daytime out of my xmas/birthday money from my Mum.
8. Also just remembered a Fahri summer skirt from ebay for about £20.

Lessons learned so far this year:-

1. I do have lots of things that will be wardrobe staples, the LV scarf, the Choo boots, the Louboutins, Gina's etc but that they are more accessories than actual clothing.
2. I am spending no more money on knitwear to go all bobbly and will stick with long sleeve t-shirts next winter as probably half of the £716.50 spent on tops, was knitwear including a cashmere top from Jigsaw at £98.
3. I need more jeans and want some jeggings. Having really got into leggings lately, I am in need of some more tops, although it pains me to say it, but they need to be longer and tunic style (I don't have the body for leggings and a crop top, I would look like Bubbles from Little Britain) and also some basic, black, grey and white short sleeve t-shirts for spring/summer.

Scared huh? Perhaps for those of you who don't want to stop shopping for 3 months, you could take up the "Mrs Fab Challenge" of listing on your blog everything you buy in 2010, clothes, shoes and accessories. I think it would be really interesting to see if what I have spent is a mere "drop in the ocean" to some of you, or a fortune to others and it remains to be seen if I will ever get a 2.55, but for now darlings, I really must go and try and find something to wear.....