Monday, 31 May 2010

More Fashion & Film - SATC2

Emma Bunton rocking a Victoria Beckham dress for the SATC 2 premiere on Thursday night. I wonder if it was a present, but whatever, it is nice that she is supporting her friend by wearing one of her designs on the Red Carpet, just like the SATC girls stick together, love it!

On Friday morning when we were all getting mega excited (I was almost hyperventilating at work) about seeing the film that night, Teeny Tiny Sarah Jessica Parker took a trip out to the Alexandra McQueen offices in London and left with an armful of goodies, lucky lady!  In this picture she looks so small, her frame reminds me of an Olsen twin!  No doubt if asked she would say she was on the baby food diet, meaning that by the time she has managed to feed the twins her own meal has gone cold and she no longer wants it!

Friday night at a Cinema near you, the WAGs were out in force to watch the film and even managed to arrive in a yellow NYC taxi curtesey of Boodles the Jewellers no less! 
 Sheree Murphy wife of Harry Kewell (ex Liverpool) in Louboutins and the ever stylish Alex Gerrard in Khaki (looks like Balmain again, is it?) showing off her model girl pins in leggings, a gorgeous jacket whose shoulder pads would have had Alexis Carrington scratching her eyes out for and gorgeous camo print sandals.

Did you dress up to see the film or do you intend to?

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Friday Night = Film & Fashion

I couldn't let the weekend pass without telling you about my Friday evening, although I think most of you have some idea about what I got up to by now!
Naturally being a total Sex and the City Freak, my tickets were booked in advance and even a week and a half in advance found me unable to go to my cinema of choice, such was the demand for seats, but after the popularity of the first film there was no way I was taking any chances and just turning up on the night as I knew that I would be left feeling deflated and I didn't want tears making my popcorn soggy now did I?

The Fashion at the premieres in New York and London didn't dissapoint and I thought it was a lovely touch that as with the first film, Sarah Jessica Parker wore Alexandra McQueen to the UK opening and with the outfit being black, I took it as a sign of respect from a true fashion icon, which to me she is, not just as the character of Carrie Bradshaw but as Sarah Jessica Parker herself, a true yummy mummy whether on the school run or the red carpet.

There has been lots of talk both on blogs and in my real life about people wanting to buy a piece of Halston heritage, a label that features heavily in the film and even on Tuesday a dear friend was already unable to get her hands on the peach asymmetric dress Carrie wears on her arrival in Abu Dhabi.  If you want to own a piece of Sex and the City history then don't hang about, I often talk about investment dressing on here and you can be sure that any piece bought now will become a future fashion investment, just look how much the Dior Jadore t-shirts have been fetching on ebay!

If you are lucky enough to be a US size 6 (UK 10) you can still grab Carries tiered dress £420
 from net-a-porter and still available in a 10 or a 12 for £415 at Harvey Nichols.

The peach dress is available in a lovely leaf print for £259 at mytheresa its still gorgeous!

Or make it your wardrobe staple, Little Black Dress, still available in a 10, 12 or 14, £230 at Harvey Nicks

You can view more of the stunning Halston heritage range at net-a-porter,mytheresa, harveynicks

or you can read all about the fashion, stories and adventure with the Sex and the City 2: The Official Companion Book £9.99 from Amazon.
Have you seen the film yet and will you be investing in a piece of Halston?


Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Aviator

My last two blog posts although primarily relating to maxi dresses, also bought to light that Aviators seem to be the celebrities sunglasses choice of late, and although I have been saying I want some new sunglasses,  OH has said "No", so I decided to get out my old Victoria Beckham ones which were a sale bargain a few years back, £56 I think they were, from Asos and I have hardly worn them, Claudia usually pinches them and has already reserved them for her Cyprus holiday in July.
I have always said that where sunglasses are concerned, the blacker and bigger the better, like these Jacqui sunglasses £200 from the new range by Kurt Geiger

but I have decided I do quite like these VB ones after all and I am getting a certain affection for aviator styles right now.....

(please excuse the scrapped back hair)

although I think I would prefer a pair with gold rims....

and you can't go wrong with the Ray Ban, classic gold rimmed  aviator, £111 from net-a-porter


having watched Sex and the City 2 last night, I can't help but wonder if I would look as stylish as Carrie,
if I had these fab Mykita ones complete with gold lenses..

Franz metal aviator £245 from net-a-porter

With so many styles to choose from, bug eyes, chic geek, cats eyes etc etc, do you favour an aviator?
Have a great bank holiday xx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Taking it to the Max

Sorry for another maxi dress post, but seeing as how I am drawn to any item of clothing which is striped, I couldn't help but fall in love with this maxi dress as seen on one of the best dressed WAGS (in my opinion) Alex Gerrard, on a recent daytrip to the Zoo.
I know its not for me, I really think you would have to be a size 8/10 and over 5ft 6 tall, to get away with this Acne Jersey Dress but I can't help but admire it from afar and couldn't help but get a little over excited when I saw it had just arrived at net-a-porter for a very respectable £120. 

When it comes to accessories, as in my previous post about Louise Redknapp in a maxi dress, it seems aviators and thong sandals are the celebs choice this season, so perhaps I should put the large Dior sunnies away and get out my Victoria Beckham aviators, an asos sale bargain 2 years ago, I think I paid £56 for them! Anyway back to the outfit and although I love the bag, I think the dress would have looked better with the Chanel 2.55 which usually graces her arm or something in tan, which reminds me ladies, and if you still want it, you had better be quick because the Mulberry Alexa in Oak, is also back in stock here and would look great with this or any other outfit this summer.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Hot Summer Style

The Lovely Louise Redknapp was in LA to take part in a top secret photo shoot for a Glossy Magazine, although why it has to be a secret, God alone knows!  Louise can do red carpet glamour or california cool with ease, summer chic at its best - Maxi Dress - check, Aviators - check, Thong Sandals - check.
Oh to look this stylish on a hot summers day, I really must get a Maxi Dress, I had a gorgeous one by a brand called Fever, 2 summers ago, I bought it for a wedding in Italy, I put it in the dry cleaners to have it taken up and never collected it, how bad is that, it cost me 75 quid!  I have searched loads of websites looking for the one Louise is wearing, does anybody know where it comes from?

Saturday, 22 May 2010

J Crew arrives at Net-a-porter

One thing that always drives me nuts when reading blogs from across the pond, are the clothing brands we are unable to get our hands on.  One brand that I constantly see and has pieces to die for, is J Crew.  I read somewhere, a while ago, that it was finally coming to the UK, courtesy of net-a-porter and the range, along with the price point, does not disappoint although sadly some gorgeous pieces of evening wear are already sold out.  The range consists of clothing, swimwear and accessories including jewellery and shoes and most of what is still in stock are basic items which will make great summer wardrobe staples.

Satin Ballerina Flats £80

If you buy just one pair of earrings for evenings out, then make it these Chandelier earrings £55

The first time I have looked at a Jumpsuit and honestly believed someone over 40 could wear one, Linen and Silk jumpsuit £120

Here's a fab "all in one", for the younger readers. So easy to put on for hot summer days and great for festival season.  Silk playsuit £85

The light brown Military jacket will be a "keeper" even when this seasons trend is dead and buried £80 Wear over denim shorts, jeans or floral summer dresses.
The sizing is US so you need to go down 2 sizes, i.e. if you are a UK 14, you equate to a US 10! another reason why I should live New York!
View the whole J Crew Collection here and try not to cry over the sold out evening wear, lets hope they get some more in stock soon!
What do you think of the collection?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What will you be wearing on holiday?

Not everybody has the "devil may care" attitude of myself or Lorraine Kelly when it comes to our choices of swimwear.  There are so many women who are ashamed or self conscious of their bodies no matter what their age.  I know plenty of young girls with gorgeous figures that may have had a child and are covered in stretch marks, even though when dressed, you would think they look fantastic, have a figure to die for and have all the confidence in the world, unyet they won't get undressed without the light off, it amazes me, but I hear it so often.  I once had a neighbour who couldn't even wear shorts or knee length dresses as the stretch marks from having twins, went right down to the backs of her knees.  Tragic isn't it?

Lorraine Kelly, the nations sweetheart got slaughtered over these bikini pics, most probably by 20 something gossip columnists who wouldn't know a confident 50 year with a womanly figure if one jumped up and punched her in the face!  My only criticism was Ms. Kelly's desperate need for a Fake Bake before she headed off to Bali, but other than that, I think she looks fantastic, but I guess training for the London Marathon helped. 

When it comes to choosing new swimwear, I have always been a big fan of Missoni and Pucci bikini's so was delighted when I saw this John Lewis one which would pass for a typical Missoni print any day of the week at a mere fraction of the price!

Bikini Top £20 from John Lewis

Bikini Bottoms £18 from John Lewis

If you really can't face letting it all hang out in a two piece, there is also a stylish swimsuit in the same fabric.  The high cut will elongate your legs and being strapless, you won't have any white lines to fill in with fake tan when you get back from holiday.

£39 from John Lewis

For those with a bigger budget but a smaller figure, check out this fab Missoni bikini
Missoni Alcantara bikini £224 from net-a-porter

Loving this 1950's style bikini from Bantu for a bit more coverage on the Jelly Belly, very Marilyn!
Bantu Bikini £150 from net-a-porter

Most women are quite happy with laying down flat sunbathing, but low and behold if they have to get up for a dip in the water to cool down, few would be frolicking in the waves like Lorraine, but women of any age can do poolside glam, just wrap around a silk sarong if pear shaped, an apple shape should avoid sarongs tied around a wide or large midriff, so tie as a dress or opt for a loose kaftan or towelling beach dress, slip on your Haviana's, enormous Sunglasses, Trilby and don't be afraid to go and get a diet coke from the Poolside Bar.
Try this Pucci Pareo to cover up in Paradise...
£195 from net-a-porter
What are you planning on wearing on the beach this summer?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I am SO not a fan of Celebrity endorsed perfumes, but if we can't be as stylish as Sarah Jessica Parker, we can grab a bit of SJP with her new perfume SJP NYC.

I love the packaging as anything with a bit of animal print and bright fuschia gets my vote, the bottle certainly does have a lot going on!

I hope when I have a sniff it will transport me to NYC, but sadly I don't think a mixture of exotic flowers and strawberries will do that for me. What it may do, if I am lucky however, is conjure up an image of Mr Big saying "abso fucking lutely"

Prices range between £14 (for 15ml) and £29 (for 60ml) and is available from

Have you smelt it?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The "Hello Lover" 7 shoes Award

I have been bestowed the honour of being awarded the "hello lover" award from the darling fortynotout another shoe fiend like so many of us lurking around the blogsphere!  This is turning into a truly wonderful award as I have been transfixed by the gorgeous footwear of the bloggers who have already posted up their seven shoes.
I bought so many new pairs of shoes last year, some of which I have to show you again, but I am bringing out some old and trusty,friendly footwear that you won't have seen before

First up my flat gold pumps by Jimmy Choo, currently the school run footwear of choice.  Not the first pair of Jimmy Choo flats I have owned, I love them because of the non slip soles which means you never have to worry about getting caught in a downpour in a Choo pump!  The gold plate on the heel is their "USP" in my book, I just can't resist and everybody knows where they came from, so don't have to ask you! A few years old now, but still going strong.  I seem to have mislaid their box so they are sitting on another, so many shoe box's in this house, we had a clear out of empty ones the other week, so I fear OH may have recycled it!

I had to chuck in a bit of animal print for you leopard lovers.  These are from Karen Millen, are years old but are still in great condition.  The uppers are ponyskin and remain immaculate. Karen Millen
iconaren't cheap for High Street shoes but they do last, so are worth every penny and they always have a few pairs in their range that are leopard or zebra.

Like so many of my shoes, I haven't worn these yet.  I bought these Castaner
icon wedges from Matches last summer in the sale, were £108 reduced to £38, what a bargain!  Castaner are a Spanish footwear brand (i think) but these are pretty classic summer wedges and have done similar styles this season (there is a rather nice pair in gold) which will get worn at some stage, if I can ever get the next pair off my feet....

Ah, the loves of my life, sounds mad, but I adore these champagne coloured gladiators from Moda in Pelle, I also have them in brown which are three years old and these are two.  So popular that the company still do them and bring out new colours each year, this year I am loving the tan and white. They really do some fantastic shoes at a great price and their Gladiator heels are so amazing.  If you order shoes before midnight tonight they are offering free delivery. Moda in Pelle  

These grey heels with concealed platform are from Zara, but bought in the Puerto Banus branch 3 years ago I think.  When in PB, whilst I am browsing in Dior, Chloe or Louis Vuitton, you hear a of chorus of teenage girls moaning for Zara and Mango and when I eventually walked in, I saw these in front of me and bought them immediatley!

The shoes I prostituted myself for (don't worry it was to OH) my gorgeous gold Gina's.  I call these my Puerto Banus shoes although I am yet to wear them there.  Maybe this year if the Ash Cloud isn't still loaming come August!

For me, Louboutin is to the shoe world what Chanel is the bag world.  On my wanted list for many years I finally got these last year from , I only hope one day I will be saying the same thing about a 2.55!

And now to pass on this award to 7 other blogs:-
1. My friend and newbie blogger
and finally 7. whose blog I found through London Street Style Bloggers 5 and 6 and I have seen a gorgeous pair of gold sandals which I believe to be Brian Atwoods, hopefully by tagging her we will get to find out!