Wednesday, 29 September 2010


This is the first time I have logged on to Blogger since my poor old Mum had a heart attack last Wednesday and my life has been taken over with hospital visiting twice a day and a loss of one complete nights sleep when it first happened.
In amongst it all, I had Claudia's 18th Party on Friday night so things have been manic and my house looks like the set of Steptoe and Son!
I hope you are all well, and to let you know that hopefully normal Blog service will be resumed shortly!
P.S. Don't forget today is the last of the three Wednesdays that TheOutnet are running their Louboutins
icon sale.  Some lovely classic black satin slingbacks for only £160, that will look see you through all seasons, I'm tempted!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Who wore what at Burberry

No time to talk about the fashion fabulousness that was the Burberry show right now, but I was so overwhelmed whilst watching the live streaming, I was almost in tears and I know that makes me sound like a complete saddo but it was the sound track coupled with the beautiful clothing that did it, oh and the last model out who fell on the runway, that poor girl!

Style Icon SJP rocking the Camel coloured trend...
and in honour of Alexander McQueen, that looks like one of his bags to me.

Serena Williams is apparently a friend of Christopher Baileys so I guess it was no surprise that she was wearing Burberry to the show....

Just look at the Boobs on her, it must be murder playing Tennis with those babies bouncing around!
40(d) Love!

Um, not sure about La Wintours outfit, dare I say it, but that jacket looks like a dodgy ebay purchase to me, or perhaps she pinched it from Bill Nighy the day before at the Fahri show?

Donna Air looking a bit more healthy than the "skeletor" pictures of her, after her break up with Damien.

Then the most annoying TV presenter of all time made an appearance, (OK maybe not, I forgot about Mylene) Cat Deeley, rocking a military jacket and looking like she's been on the LA (lettuce leaves only)Diet, judging by the matchstick legs. Honestly, her bloody hair is thicker than her "pins" and don't you just want to take the sissors to her locks everytime you see her on that Pantene advert. Swish!

What was your favourite celebrity outfit at LFW?

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Alexander McQueen Memorial

There couldn't have been a more appropriate time for the memorial of the late, great Alexander (Lee) McQueen to take place, than in the middle of London Fashion Week. 
The service at St Pauls Cathedral, saw the likes of Kate Moss, Pam Hogg, Stella McCartney and Naomi Campbell in attendence, along with the the creme de la creme of the New York Fashion scene, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour, who both paid fitting tributes to the late designer, who committed suicide after the death of his mother in February.

Burberry - up to 70% off!

Just incase you didn't know, the Burberry show will be live streamed from their website, at 4pm this afternoon, so if you want to see what the genius that is Christopher Bailey thinks we should all be wearing next Summer, then make sure you set a little alarm, put a reminder on your phone or even write on your hand with a biro, because this will be the show that should not be missed and in honour of "Burberry Day" theoutnet will be selling a selection of Burberry Prorsum on their site today with up to 70% off! Fashion Buzz!

Look out for the Silk Cocoon Dress and the Wool Blend Cape to see you through the winter in style!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Something for the Weekend

Despite my tales of woe in my previous post, I felt it only right to turn my attention to some Fashion matters at hand in an effort to try and divert my attention away from the feeling of impending doom about the Party Dress. 

This weekends Winter Weekend Wardrobe Hero has to be a dress as I am mostly preoccupied with thoughts of dresses at the moment and with Christina's post at Fashions Most Wanted telling us how many LBD's she has in her "tales of a monochrome wardrobe", I have found the perfect "one", A ruffled Jacqard dress from See by Chloe at the outnet. Fab with bare legs for evenings out if you still have some colour from a late summer holiday or team with Wolford Velvet Opaques icon and Louboutins for Christmas Cocktail Parties, the festive season will be here before you know it, so no harm in a bit of Fashion Forward thinking.

Now that Autumn is well and truly here, its a good time to update your wardrobe with a range of Jersey Basics for layering from  net-a-porter who feature soft and sumptious lightweight silk, cotton and cashmere mixes which skim the figure and flatter all body shapes. So thats good news then!  I was also interested to read that Jersey was a fabric which was reinvented by Coco Chanel when she used it to create women’s suits in 1916. Previously, it has only been used for underwear.  Now there's a fact I never knew and if ever I hear the question "who reinvented Jersey in 1916?" on The Weakest Link, you can rest assured I will be shouting at the Television.  She was undoubtedly one clever and classy cup of Coco!

To cosy up on the long cold winter evenings ahead or as an ideal fashion week cover-up on chilly autumn evenings in ether London, Milan or Paris, I highly recommend the Cashmere Angora Wrap Cardigan from Jigsaw, it makes me want to put the heating on just looking at the picture above, brrrrr!

With further fashion expansion, John Lewis can now offer over 300 fashion brands and you can find all your favourites along with many of the top beauty brands online including the new jewellery range by Laura Bailey for Made. The Multi Strand ring for £12 is set to be a sell out and will soon be adorning the fingers of fashionista's eager to steal Laura's style.

Save your Skin!  Even on crisp autumn days the suns rays still have the ability to cause skin damage and a good way to protect yourself from the signs of premature ageing is with the new product range from Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect by treating yourself to some products from its newly launched Intense range with 5 star UVA protection. Worthy of a place on your Bathroom Shelf and currently on a three for two offer.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Its my party and I'll cry if I want to....

Well not my party exactly, but I can see both myself and Claudia whose 18th party it is this coming Friday, will both be in tears before long.  The reason you wonder? Well its all to do with that wonderful auction site called Ebay and a trail of dishonest sellers who are making our lives a complete and utter misery over my last three transactions.
First up, remember the Rabbit Fur Coat debacle I had back in July?  Well can you believe I only got refunded this week?  The whole sorry saga has been nothing short of a fucking nightmare with emails going back and forth and I ended up actually getting scared to open messages from the seller to see what crock of shit excuse she was giving for having not refunded me.  When I returned the coat, which was on a Friday, by parcel force, costing me £10.99, I got a message from the seller saying "hope it arrives by 1pm on Tuesday as I am going away then for 3 weeks".  Great eh.  Well according to my tracking number the parcel arrived and got signed for at 9.30am on that Tuesday morning she supposedly went away.  Then I went on holiday, came back after a week, checked my paypal account and guess what? Nothing.  Anyway it finally came in - minus her fees!  Can you believe the fucking cheek of it?  If it had been listed correctly over condition and size, I wouldn't have bought the bloody thing in the first place!

Secondly, A Pixie Lott Dress that Claudia wanted to buy with the £60 her boyfriend had given her.  She doesn't want this to wear to the party, but out clubbing the following night.  On Sale at Asos but out of stock in a size 8 and not on the Lipsy site in her size either, so last Sunday she uttered those immortal words "Mum can you have a look on ebay for me".

I found one, ending that night, quite a few bids, but brand new with tags.  Obviously you want a brand new dress if its going to be a present no matter how desperate or in love you may be with that particular garment.
I bid in the final 10 seconds and got it for £34 and with p&p it came to £38 which left her with £22 to buy something else with, so all seemed good.  Dress was posted 1st class on Monday, received Tuesday but when I pulled the dress out of the packaging, there was no way it was brand new.  It smelt of some sort of perfumery smell, but not in a pleasant way. Even if the dress had been worn once, being as it doesn't have a high neck or sleeves that would be touching your wrists, I doubt very much whether it would smell this much, it is the whole dress no matter where you sniff it!  I emailed the seller immediately explaining this was a birthday gift and it obviously wasn't brand new and that I wouldn't have been willing to pay that amount for a second hand dress and doubt it would have gotten bid up that high by any of the bidders had it have been described as used but in good condition.  When Claudia came home from school, she agreed that we probably wouldn't get another now, so we would just get it dry cleaned.  I still haven't got a response from the seller so have left negative feedback.

Thirdly, the biggest and most expensive fuck up of all - The Party Dress. 

Madam has had her eye on this dress for ages.  It was originally £185 on the Lipsy site (gulp) and is/was from their VIP range.  Come the height of summer it was sold out on their site in a size 8, but you could leave your email address if it came back in stock.  I never got an email.  It got reduced to £85 in their sale, in the other sizes.  I trawled every Lipsy stockist in the Land I could find courtesy of Google, and nothing.  I checked out other sites, like Forever Unique and Kate someone who designs her own stuff in Newcastle, nothing, nothing, "no, no, no" said Claudia.  "Nothing compares to the Lipsy dress, I need to have something a)stunning and b) so expensive that none of my friends parents would ever pay that much for a dress for them, its my party and I have to look the best".  OK, Claudz, thanks for that, thats me well and truly told then isn't it, so I looked on Ebay and this is where you know its all gonna go horribly wrong.
There was one on there, excitement grew, but it was buy it now for £130 and I told her I didn't want to pay that much when it had gone on sale for £85 and that I would continue to look.  Last weekend whilst looking for the Pixie Lott, I found one with a starting bid of £35 (the £130 one had disappeared by then).  Not wanting to let the auction run because of worries over the time factor I emailed the seller for a buy it now price, she emailed back, £80.  The deal was done, I paid immediately.  I sent a message with payment, could I please pay extra for recorded delivery, lied and said the party was this Friday instead of the 24th and that I needed it urgently and couldn't afford for the item not to be tracked so could she give me her paypal email address and I would send over some more money to cover postage.  She emailed back, Monday morning saying item would be posted at 11.30 am, she would email over the postage details and it would be an extra £1.99 but failed to give me her paypal email address.  Wednesday came, she hadn't emailed over the postage details and still no dress, I was getting anxious as the Pixie Lott dress had arrived the day before, just sent by normal first class.  I heard nothing.  Thursday came still no dress, I emailed again saying how desperate I was.  I got a response saying "I posted it when I said I would and don't worry about the extra £1.99".  I went back and said "Thats fine thanks, but you haven't given me any details of how it was sent, nor tracking details, can you please do so by return".  No response. 
Its now Saturday morning.  The seller thinks this dress was for a party last night.  I am furious.  I paid over the odds just to ensure I got it in plenty of time incase it needed any alteration or cleaning etc as obviously brand new without tags doesn't always mean that as I found out with the other dress.  That Ebay bitch has £80 of my money and Claudia doesn't have her dress.  To say I am in a complete state of panic is an understatement.  I need valium and quick, the Marlboro Lights just ain't cutting the mustard.

Everything I do is for the kids to give them the best possible life, the life I never had.  We are not loaded, not by a long way, I earn a pittance, if I'm lucky.  Up until my husband got this job last summer he had previously been out of work for 16 months collecting £65 a week jobseekers allowance.  I sold all my designer bags, shoes and clothes to keep my son in private school as the education system locally is beyond despair up until the age of 11 when at least the brightest children have a chance of taking the 11+ and going to the mainland, to a State run Grammar School.  We take them on holiday with us even though they have their own holidays with their friends.  I wouldn't dream of leaving them behind but know loads of parents who do, whilst my first husband, the girls Dad, strutts off to the Domincan and Cuba for his annual vacation and all these things are coming into my head all because of this party dress. 

Marc Jacobs Stella Tote was £715 now £429

We have just paid out £429 on a Marc Jacobs bag from the outnet, for her present, her Dad gives her £200, we always do double and more than he does, but he has no other kids and owns two houses one of which he rents out.  Their is the cost of the hall, the disco, the balloons, the announcement in the paper, the birthday cake made to look like a pink quilted Chanel 2.55, the 100 cupcakes on order, the table sprinkles, the balloons, the hair appointment, the nail appointment and then she comes in yesterday from her driving lesson and tells me she has to go online and book her driving test which cost me another £62!  I am getting in a state, I know you don't wanna hear this shit or about my Ebay disasters, but I have to tell someone.  I am just waiting for OH to say "has her dress arrived yet" and I will meltdown, I know I will and he will do his nut, even though it is not my fault.  He will say "you shouldn't have left it so late" etc etc ........
Someone please help, do you know anyone who has this dress, I will pay to hire it off them, she has to have it, but I have just trawled through over 4,000 Lipsy dresses on Ebay in a size 8 and in desperation even a 10, but nobody has this up for sale.  If you go shopping this afternoon and see it anywhere, please email me the shop details. 
Claudia's Dad has just given her a lift to work and she has rung me saying "Dad says it all sounds a bit Fishy, the fact that the seller hasn't given you the tracking details or responded since your last email on Thursday".  He is right of course and that is why I am turning into the neurotic bitch from hell.  This whole things stinks worse than that fucking rabbit fur coat and that Pixie Lott dress.......

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Fantastic Free Gift from Liberty worth over £100

This really is one not to be missed!

Liberty's Ultimate Beauty Gift is back after its resounding success last year, and this time it's even better!

For a limited time only, spend £90 or more on Beauty or Fragrance and you'll receive a Liberty Print cosmetics bag crammed full with the best beauty products from the top names in their Beauty Hall. Worth over £100, you'll have to be quick as this outstanding gift is only available while stocks last!

Anne Semonin – Shower Gel (80ml)
Bamford – Botanic Soap, Body Oil or Body Lotion (50ml)
Korres – Shower Gel (50ml)
(MALIN+GOETZ) – Bar Soap (85g)
REN – Body Wash (50ml)
Le Métier de Beauté – Make Up Product
Cowshed – Bath & Shower Gel (100ml)
Aesop – Body Cleanser (50ml)
Essie – Nail Varnish (5ml)
Shu Uemura – Complimentary corner flare lash application at our Shu Uemura counter

Spend £90 or more to receive Liberty's Ultimate Beauty Gift. While stocks last!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Getting Trenched at New York Fashion Week

I guess there is a distinct chill in the air in NYC as well as in the UK, as the most trusty of wardrobe staples, The Classic Trench Coat, has been making an appearance on some of the most admired Fashion Forward ladies attending New York Fashion Week.  I also wore mine down the school this morning before I stumbled across these images, so that doesn't count, as I couldn't possibly look as stylish in my £35 Kaliko bargain as these ladies!
The Editor of French Vogue teams her soft buttery shaded Trench with long grey peep toe boots and knots the belt at her waist.

Whilst Rachel Zoe (who still can't give up the Sunglasses) opts for long black boots with a full length back zip to compliment the belt and buttons on her Trench.  I am so relieved she has decided to go for straighter locks, it takes me ages each morning to try and re-create her usual California surfer chick waves!

Will you be swapping the fabric belt on your Trench Coat for a black one in the style of RZ? its a great way to update a classic, you can either match your belt to your bag or your footwear! 

And if you haven't already got one, it really is time to invest and there are plenty out there to suit all budgets!

French Connection Trench Coat £225

Limited Collection Trench Coat, £65 from Marks and Spencer

Doom & Gloom to come on the High Street

As if clothes weren't expensive enough, then we have to deal with the increase in VAT due in January which only makes the latest news on the rising price of Cotton even more depressing.

Due to the recent hike in prices from 10 cents per lb to 83 cents per lb, due mainly to the recent floods in Pakistan which has wiped out much of the crop, retailers such as Primark, H&M and Next have warned of an increase in prices by as much as 8%.  They will no longer be able to continue to sell clothes at knock down prices as cotton is the key material in the cheap clothing ranges we see on the High Street and the price of cotton is now at a 15 year high.
Oh well it looks like we will all be buying wisely in the January Sales!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Live Streamed shows at New York Fashion Week - Derek Lam and DKNY

Don't you just love Live Streaming?  I managed to watch two shows yesterday, Derek Lam and DKNY and loved them both.  I get a bit worried that I love everything I see, then I remind myself of the Rodarte show in February and realise that actually I don't!
Derek Lam, was love, love, love for its simplicity with a twist.  A classic white trench came down the Runway and as the model turned we were treated to a rather unexpected peplum at the back, which went on to feature on the back of some of the tops and tunics in the collection.  An array of gorgeous white dresses (perhaps I will finally get one next summer) intermingled with a sprinkling of neutrals and some sheer maxi dresses of which the leopard print was my favourite, naturally.

DKNY saw lots of tailoring with camel, white and black with red accessories which worked really well.  The famous "Body" first introuduced to the fashion world by Donna Karen, took on a new dimension with its one shouldered and ruffle detail and I was amazed to see a red top teamed with salmon pink capri pants after my post about SJP the other day, but this really worked! Ruffles, scarves and bow belts featured heavily throughout a collection that consisted mainly of block colours with just a few garments featuring a delicate ditzy print.

Are you guilty of "over wearing" your clothes

Over wearing your clothes, um, not really a phase I have ever used until Uni Girl mentioned it whilst about to purchase the Paradise Dress in the French Connection Sale.

She was about to buy it in Turquoise and kept trying to talk herself out of it, because even though she loved it and had wanted it for ages, she had seen a girl on Facebook, who she used to go to school with, who had the same dress and within a matter of weeks, had worn it out, shock, horror, on two occassions!

Uni Girl then proceeded to show me the pictures of said girl, first at a Party and then at a Wedding wearing the dress in the same Turquoise colourway that she wanted and said to me "I hate people who over wear their clothes".

I sat for a moment a little dumbstruck by her remark and the turning up of her nose and began to explain a few things to her.  Firstly I said that this girl had obviously had the dress for a while judging by the date of the photos and hadn't been afforded the luxury of purchasing the dress for £45 reduced from £150 like Uni girl was just about to do.  I explained about "cost per wear" and how many people who can not really afford an expensive item but consider it to be investment dressing, purchase said item because they know they will really get their money's worth out of it and as £150 for a dress for a 19 year old, is a lot of money, she may well have considered the purchase worthwhile because she knew she had more than one event to wear it to.

She sat there with her laptop, completely unconvinced.  Secondly I explained about the Whistles dress, I bought last year as an example.  I had bought the dress originally to wear to M's wedding at the end of May but I wore it also to her 18th Party the following month.  My friend B borrowed it for a wedding in the August and I wore it again this year to D's wedding at the end of June.  So for the £80 it cost me in the sale, it was a worthwhile investment, a dress in a classic style that won't date, but can be pulled out of the wardrobe for any future parties or weddings I may get invited to.  "I hope you aren't going to wear it to Claudia's 18th Party aswell, a lot of my friends will be there who have already seen you in it".  I just laughed.

Me in my Whistles Dress with M at her wedding May 2009.

As we sat there with her cursor hovering at the checkout, I came up with my third example.  My eldest daughter has a friend C, (who happens to be the eldest daughter of my friend M, who got married last May) who always looks gorgeous and really knows how to dress, but she has a knack of picking exactly the right thing as soon as it comes in stock, she knows what she wants, tracks it down and then wears the items continously.  C is very careful with her money and will often ask her family for a specific item of clothing for her Birthday or Xmas. I remember C buying the Topshop Riveria skirt a couple of summers ago.  My girls wanted it badly, but I couldn't get it and it was fetching a fortune on ebay.  Every time I saw C that summer she had it on, and looked great. This Christmas she requested from her Auntie, a dress from Oasis.  A lovely grey dress with padded shoulders and embellishment which she wore with black peep toe shoe boots to every occassion she was invited to from New Year to the start of the summer.  I explained to Uni girl about C's knack for getting things "spot on" but still she sat unconvinced.

She did buy the Paradise Dress in the end.

Just before she left for Ibiza on Wednesday (yeah back from our holiday on Thursday and off again 6 days later, my kids really have a great life, usually at our expense) we were talking about what we were going to wear to Claudia's party, when I said to Uni girl "you can wear your Paradise Dress" "no I can't" she replied "I wore it out on Friday for S's 20th birthday and there is a picture of me in it on Facebook, I don't won't anyone to think I over wear MY dresses".
Courtenay in her Turquoise Paradise Dress from French Connection.

So would my daughter think that you "over wear" your clothes?
Do you do the "cost per wear" equation when buying expensive items?

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Victoria Beckham Presentation at New York Fashion Week

With a few hours to relax on a Sunday afternoon, what is a girl to do? Keep up to date with the tweets regarding our home grown Vicky B and her dress presentation at New York Fashion Week thats what!

Excuse the pictures they have been pinched from tweets so are not of the best quality....

In addition to a black dress from her own collection, Victoria accessorised with a classic Rose Gold Rolex and Brian Atwood heels (as usual)...

Turf Ball backdrop (WTF?)

Front Row, Fashion Editors from The Times & Instyle ( I bet no bloggers get invited to VB's intimate presentations eh?)

The dresses....nothing shocking here, it is all pretty much what we expect from VB, this could so easily be her last presentation in February if you blink quickly!

and wait for it.....

the bags!.......

I guess it was only a matter of time before Victoria introduced bags into her collection after starting out with jeans, sunglasses and finally, extremely expensive frocks!  The collection appears to include clutches and travel bags as well as lady like hand held styles and the thought of how much they will cost, seriously scares the shit out of me! A Hermes will probably seem cheap by comparison if her dresses are anything to go by!

Twitpics from WomensWearDaily & Netaporter

Would you buy a Victoria Beckham bag? or would you stick with the brands we know and love like Chanel, YSL, Fendi, Chloe, Alexander Wang, Mulberry etc ?