Monday, 27 December 2010

The Sales are not just for buying Clothes, Shoes and Bags....

as there is never a better time to stock up on reduced gift wrap and cards for next christmas, bargain birthday gifts and of course, some little skincare treats for yourself.

Although I was rather late to the Eve Lom Party, investing in my first pot of cleanser in 2009, it only took a couple of uses to see what all the fuss was about and I was in skincare heaven. I loved the texture and how the product just melts into the skin when you put the hot muslin cloth on your face, even though I was already used to this procedure having used Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser for many years previous.  I clicked on to Eve Lom site, only to find an array of Gift sets containing all of the famous facialist's best products at half price, even though you save money by buying products in a set anyway, at these prices, they make great gifts or the perfect skincare treat for your own thirsty winter skin which is often parched from central heating and freezing cold weather.
I can also assure my readers that many over forty bloggers love a bit of Eve Lom as both Wildernesschic and Fortynotout bought some when we were in Selfridges Beauty Department back in the summer and both ladies have the most beautiful skin any 25 year old woman would be envious of!
This Cleansing Duo Gift Set contains the famous cult cleanser 100ml for the evening ritual, and a Morning Time Cleanser which provides an effective, refreshing and brightening express cleanse. Was £75 now £37.50.  If bought indivually the classic cleanser alone is £40! 

The Daily Collection contains the 100ml cleanser and cloth along with a 50ml pot of moisturiser which contains an SPF 15 and would cost £38 if bought alone but the set which was £80, is now £40.

I bought this travel set last summer for £25 in the Sale for use on my holiday and it came in really handy, lots of gorgeous products in a very stylish case and everything lasted far longer than a week, but if you are not going on holiday any time soon, it is also a great way to try new products before investing in the full size version.  The set contains, cleanser, cloth, moisturiser, hand cream, rescue mask and TLC cream which also acts as a great sunburn soother.  Was £50 now £25.

More Gift Sets available on the Eve Lom website.

Simple and beautiful skincare gift sets from Eve Lom. Shop now

Simple, beautiful, effective skincare

Christmas, Toothache and the Alexander Wang Bag

I hope all my Blogging friends had a great Christmas.  I meant to do a Merry Xmas post but sadly spent all of Christmas Eve, cleaning the house, peeling all the veg, making homemade bread sauce, wrapping bacon round chipolatas and mixing sausagemeat with stuffing to make perfect little balls to accompany the meal. By the time I got out of the shower at 7.15pm I didn't have the energy to do anything except crash out on the Sofa whilst waiting for an Indian Takeaway.
I have been struggling with toothache since Christmas Day afternoon and on a toothache pain scale of one to ten, I give this a ten.  A big fat TEN in Capital Letters, Roman Numerals, whatever. 
I have a big lump on the side of my face which looks as though I am stockpiling enough Turkey to see me through till Easter and in desperation I begged OH to give me his last five antibiotics (there is nothing wrong with him anyway)  as I know that is what the Dentist will give me before they can do any work (when they open) as it is pretty obvious I have an abcess and therefore I declined a planned trip to Bluewater today with my darling daughters to spend the money that is burning a hole in my Louis Vuitton purse.
So as usual I did a bit of online browsing instead and as most of my readers will know by now, I have been coveting an Alexander Wang Rocco or Darcy Bag for what seems like a very long long time.  Net-A-Porter had two in their sale but when I logged on, as it started, the reduction wasn't that great and they were both sold out anyway at £690.  Today I thought I would have a peek on and sure enough they had one for a far more reasonable £594.57 and I was just about to put in my basket as my fingers shook with delight and excitement and the toothache seemed to disappear (well for a second), when I realised that my Birthday and Christmas money is in my handbag, not in my Bank Account.
Curse that stupid OH when he made me cut up my credit cards about three years ago.  All I keep thinking about is using the debit card for the joint account but not sure I can get into town to put the money in before the mortgage comes out on Thursday!  Imagine that, OH would kill me!

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag Was £848 now £594.57

Surely this bag is worth a divorce petition and I could always rent a house!  Come on, I need it so badly, I'm dying here with handbag heartache........

Monday, 20 December 2010

Oasis Sale Picks

More great bargains to be had but this time on the High Street.  I do tend to avoid shops like Oasis, along with Topshop and River Island, but there really is no need for me to be so prejudiced as one look at the Sale and it is easy to see that there are many pieces which can still serve as wardrobe staples and really aren't age specific.

Everybody I know has been going crazy for leather dresses or skirts this season and if you do feel tempted to invest, then go for a High Street version at a reasonable price and keep it forever, as with most trends, they do come back in again and again and if you haven't got a Little Black Dress in your wardrobe, then kill two birds with one stone! Was £120 now £80

Stay as "snug as a bug in a rug", in this real shearling gilet.  Great over a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans for day or buy it in black and wear with a pussy bow blouse, skinnies and heels for evening drinks. Was £120 now £80


Couldn't afford a pair of J Brand Houlihans?  No me neither, but you can steal the look with these skinny cargo's.  Wear now with Biker Books and with a Breton Top and Ballet pumps in Spring. Was £45 now £30

Team those Skinny Cargo Trousers with this black faux shearling jacket.  Its draped styling is far more versatile than an Aviator and more purse friendly than one by Helmut Lang or Joseph.Was £80 now £60

Every High Street Retailer has done a copy of the Burberry Aviator Boot, some better than others, and Oasis is no exception with this faux shearling lined, quilted style for optimum winter chic. Was £80 now £55

View all Oasis Sale Bargains here

Liberty of London Sale Hot Picks

Remember when the Sales really were in January?  Gradually they crept forward to the holiday break and most began to start between Christmas and New Year, but now so many are already live and we still have 5 days before the holiday is in full swing! 
Not that anybody is complaining, its just that for so many people (especially those who work full time) there are lots of last minute preparations with presents/cards to deliver, cooking to do, all which can leave little time to surf the web for the best bargains, so again I have come up with my hot picks, all of which are timeless classics and worthy wardrobe investments.

First up two of my favourite things in one, its a Coat and its Khaki!  Topped off by the fact it is by Acne
icon and has a massive reduction, Was £445 now £178!  A posher version of a Parker with the pink tie belt giving an added twist to a classic style which can also be buttoned up in two different ways for a looser or tighter look.  If they had a 16, I think I would be tempted to add a bit of money to my birthday cash and invest in this, sadly the largest size is a 14, it would look quite good hanging on my wardrobe door though!

I saw Louise Redknapp in a lovely glitter top on Something for the Weekend yesterday and I thought how nice it would be to wear something similar on Christmas Day, a top that you can cook in and still look glam or even better if you are eating out and can dress it up a bit, with skinny jeans and heels.  Everyone should have a "go to" top in her wardrobe for last minute drinks out, that you can just chuck on for "go to glamour" and this Vivienne Westwood Gold Glitter Top certainly ticks all the boxes.  They do have my size, I am tempted!  Was £280 now £196.

You really can't go wrong with a classic khaki crew neck jumper and this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs
icon with its suede elbow patches not only gives a nod to this seasons heritage trend but is a great layering piece to wear over white shirts and t-shirts.  Was £220 now £88 (also available in Navy). 

Ever see something you really love but you know you couldn't wear it?  Well thats how I felt about this Alexander Wang dress when I saw it on the X-Factors Rebecca Ferguson on one of the recent live shows and it matched her sexy sultry look perfectly.  Wear with opaque tights, wedge shoe boots and red lips!  Was £790 now £316.

I am trying to keep away from slogan t-shirts but this oversized rose print t-shirt from Jonathan Saunders
icon would surely be OK for a woman of a certain age wouldn't it? I'd wear this for lunch with the girls with  jeans, boots and leather jacket or on spring days with leggings and ballet pumps.  Was £180 now £72. 

View all the Liberty Sale Here

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hot picks from the Matches Sale

I think we have all pretty much realised that there is no way we are going to get last minutes Christmas Presents or Xmas Eve Party Outfits if we order online now, and personally, with the snow we have recieved again this weekend, I would be afraid to pay for even next day delivery, but I think it is safe to say, if you are looking for Sales investment purchases, those wardrobe hero's that will either see you through every winter or in some cases, every season, then being snowbound means you can check all of your favourite websites for the great offers that are available with lots of sales already underway. 
Having had a quick scan of the bargains available at Matches, if the January Sales elsewhere live up to these standards then it should be a very exciting time to invest in some wardrobe staples with timeless, classic pieces and colours, and give yourself a pat on the back for beating the rise in VAT to 20% which will take place in January.

Naturally I checked out the Shoe section first.  I don't know what it is about a Womans obsession with shoes, but what I do know, is that women of a certain age may not feel confident wearing low cut tops or over the knee dresses, but the beauty of shoes is that unless you were drawing a state pension, you can still get away with wearing the same styles as your much younger Sisters!  I love Tan Accessories, the colour goes so well with grey, navy or black, so it was no wonder I was falling head over heels in shoe love with these Camilla Skovgaard Ankle Boots with her trademark tractor style sole.  All your friends will be envious of your shoe porn and these beauties will work with skinny jeans and a classic breton top as well as they would with harem pants and a silk camisole. 

Cosy up in half price cashmere in a classic colour with this Madeleine Thompson Snood.  Although Snoods have made a huge comeback for A/W10, I don't consider them so "high fashion" that they would be unwearable next year, so still consider this to be a worthwhile investment purchase that would see you through many a winter season.  
Looking for some 40's Hollywood Filmstar Glamour?  Then look no further than these Leather and Racoon Fur Gloves by Sportmax to "glam" up otherwise boring winter outfits.  Wear with bracelet sleeved coats or jackets and your cocktail ring over the top for maximum impact. 
We all know that every worman should have a Little Black Dress in her wardrobe, but there is no getting away from the fact that many women find the colour draining and prefer to opt for Navy.  This Midnight Blue applique dress by DVF will work just as well for Festive Season Parties with silver heels and opaques as it will for Summer weddings with bare legs and a fascinator.

camilla skovgaard cut out ankle boots were £355 now £248 icon Madeleine Thompson Cashmere Snood Was £210 now £105 icon Sportmax Leather and Fur Trimmed Gloves were £238 now £160 icon Diane Von Furstenberg Amanda Dress was £529 now £368

Are you looking to make any investment purchases in the January Sales?

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Something for the Weekend

It was all a little unexpected really.  There I was down at my Mums, I had caught the 12.08 Bus with Little Man in tow, spent £5.50 on one and a half returns to Halfway and within minutes of arriving to administer lunchtime meds, make hot meal and prepare a sandwich for teatime all very carefully wrapped in tin foil, that the snow started.  I swear to God we got as much in an hour as we did overnight the other week.  OH was ringing me having a fit and saying I should get home ASAP but I insisted I would get my Brother to collect us in his Four Wheel Drive, which he did, but the journey was pretty scary as I live at the highest point of the Island, up a very steep hill, but he sped up efficiently to get a good run up it, past loads of cars which were either stuck and abandoned or being dug out, all within about two hours!
So I could do a post with links to lovely things to wear during the party season, comfy cashmere ensembles to keep you warm in cold weather, or the 10 best gift ideas for girls under £20, but lets face it, it is all looking rather doubtful, with the Snow, that anybody will get anything they order online in time for Christmas. So I am not going to bother encouraging you to try and get any last minute shopping via the internet.
I feel particularly gutted for my youngest daughter, who upon getting paid at the end of November from her little part time job, ordered all her Xmas pressies online, only to find she is still waiting on an Asos order made before the last lot of snow!  The order contains at least three presents (that I know of, she is at her Dads at the moment, so I can't clarify) one for her elder sister, one for OH and OH's birthday pressie and his birthday was Tuesday just gone!  It appears anybody who has recently ordered from them and paid for next day delivery are getting their parcels but for those poor sods who opted for free delivery, their items are sitting at the back of some warehouse somewhere and personally I think it is a pretty poor show.  She has sent two emails and only received an automated response.  I will have to look and see if there is a phone number on the site and ring them on Monday although somehow I doubt it.....  I have got a really bad feeling about it all, it is now almost a month since the order was made and the poor kid feels terrible and is worried sick, whereas I am just getting madder and madder over the whole bloody fiasco. I completely understand there will be delays in bad weather but we have had a good two weeks to catch up now, so all should be sorted.
It is now Saturday evening and traditionally one of the busiest nights out for Pubs and Clubs but many of you will have bought Party Dresses and now find the event has been cancelled or you just can't get a Taxi to take you to the event anyway.  Well I hope you have all kept hold of your receipts so that you can take back any unworn garments straight after Xmas, pretend they are unwanted gifts that don't fit and then go and pick the same thing up the Sale for half the price to wear out on New Year.  Try to avoid using the same cashier though! 
Have you got any parcels you are still waiting for that you ordered before the last lot of snow?

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Birthday Presents

I have hated Birthdays ever since I turned 40 (a few years back now) but for some reason, didn't feel quite as depressed as usual.  We got the news that my Mum would finally be coming out of hospital (after a heart attack on 22 Sept) and my youngest daughter, currently in her last year of A'Levels, received the Head Teachers Award for achievement at the Schools Awards Ceremony yesterday. We had a Chinese takeaway on Tuesday evening with the whole family except Uni Girl, to celebrate OH's Birthday and I went out for an Indian last night with one of my "besties" who always treats me to a meal to celebrate getting yet another year older!
I was over the moon with the gifts and money (£130) received and was very impressed that everyone had taken the time to actually take notice of the link to the blog post of my wish list, I had emailed them, as I got a few things I really wanted, the Liz Earle Cleanser, The Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals recipe book, the M&S sturdy slippers with grippy sole which will stop me from falling flat on my backside on the decking which I have already done twice this year and some Lancome make-up goodies, along with new knitted Ugg boots and a tidy amount of cash and way too much chocolate!
I have decided that I am going to hold on to the money to spend in the January Sales, so all I need to do now is think about what is missing from my wardrobe and try and fill the gaps with some bargain buys and beat the rise in the cost of living and the VAT increase with a few things that will see me through to Spring in Style.

Then there was even more excitement today when my shoe boots arrived!  They are by "Head over Heels" as seen in my previous post, so you can guess what I shall be wearing to Little Mans end of term production tomorrow morning!

If you had £130 to spend in the sales, what would you buy?

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Head over Heels

Whilst out Christmas Shopping in Maidstone last week, my God Daughter and I couldn't resist a sneaky peek around the Shoe Department in House of Fraser, and whilst drooling over glittery heels fit for Cinderella, let alone the party season, we both fell in love with a pair of shoe boots but stupidly didn't take note of the brand.  I searched online but to no avail, thinking that they would be one of the brands I usually associate with that Department Store, but nothing. All I could remember was that the writing inside the shoe was in red!
God Daughter went back there yesterday and this time made sure she got the brand name which is "Head over Heels" and a little google searching found that they can be found online at

As with most things online they are far nicer in "real life" so I had to figure out a way of getting them, but with the Birthday coming up tomorrow, I promptly got on the phone to OH and pleaded my case! He didn't take much persuading as they have some money off, which they don't instore nor on the Asos website where I also found them! He actually shocked me when I told him how much the Grey ones were reduced to, as he told me to get both pairs but sadly they only have a size 4 in the grey, so if you have petit teeny tiny feet get a move on, as they won't hang around for long at that price!
Black Halo Shoe Boots were £55 now £44
Grey Halo Shoe Boots were £55 now £24.20!
I would have preferred to wait until I had them to post up some pictures but as I love to share any bargain finds with you all, I just couldn't wait!
Who is a size 4 and is tempted?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Stories

I've had the two children who still live at home, off school since Tuesday, so you would think I would have had time to do plenty of Blog/Twitter admin but alas that has not been the case......
The two Computers in the house have been over taken by an 18 year old preparing her personal statement for her Uni application and a bored shitless 10 year old!  I have just about managed to keep up with my friends in the real world via Facebook which has proved invaluable for local Snow News like a status I saw earlier telling me that my local Co-op has just had a delivery of bread, which prompted todays snow outing!

I'm in there somewhere! Far from colour co-ordinated but at least I won't get run over!

Radio Kent has never had so many listeners as Islanders like myself listen out for news regarding School Closures and whether one or both bridges which allow us to gain access to the mainland, are open or closed.  Many pregnant people were petrified of going into Labour yesterday as it would have meant an Air Ambulance to get them the 25 Miles to the Hospital!  We do of course have a small Cottage Hospital on the Island which is where my Mum now is, but that is really only for rehab for older patients.  I've also been loving the "Snow Hero's" as opposed to Wardrobe Ones, which are people who are responding to radio requests in their 4x4's to collect vital life saving medication, taking Cancer patients to Chemo and getting shopping for the elderly, and even a collection of bridesmaids dresses yesterday! bless them all, but I have to add, that being stuck here on my own with the kids, nobody has knocked and asked if I need anything from the shops, I just had to brave the elements for more squash and bread and it is still snowing here on the North Kent Coast!
I have been more than grateful for the Down Filled John Lewis Puffa Coat and Pucci Wellies which remain my snow staples, along with a Missoni baker boy cap which I have had for years or a sequin beret I picked up in Tesco for 3 quid!  The cashmere LV Leopard print scarf does a great job of keeping one's neck warm and the black Leather Gloves, another Tesco January Sale bargain, £4 about 4 years ago, save the digits from dropping off with frostbite!

How Deep is your Snow?

Indoor style means nothing other than Juicy Couture tracksuits, again years old, which never get worn outside but prove invaluable for snuggling on the sofa in comfort to watch a Christmas Film even though you would rather be on the Laptop!
Little Man looking stylish in his new £42 Armani Hat! (I wish his head would stop getting so big!).

If I could pick more stylish snow attire.......

Marc Jacobs Black Puffa Coat YSL Cashmere and Wool Blend Scarf 3.1 Philip Lim Black Leather Gloves Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Mohair blend Beret Jimmy Choo for Hunter Wellington Boots

What are your turn to "Snow Style Staples"?
Net-a-porter UK