Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The importance of Skintone coloured underwear

According to my husband, women should only wear underwear that is either black, white or red.
For the bedroom maybe, but he is obviously not a man who appreciates the versatility of skintone or nude coloured underwear and actually thinks that the colour (well its not really a colour at all, according to him) is decidedly gross!

If only I could make him understand that if you have a capsule collection of skintone underwear you never have any underwear disasters?  I have long been a convert of such a colour for my undergarments and my admiration for it grew as far back as my clubbing days, when I can't tell you the amount of times my friends and I giggled as white underwear shone as bright as a full moon through some poor unsuspecting girls black dress under disco lighting, or even white, as although it may be hard to believe, white actually really shows up under white clothing and not just under strobe lighting! We've all seen the Mum at the school gate in her white linen trousers where either a white thong or much larger Bridget Jones style pants, are visible for all the world to see,  but put nude underwear under your flimsy white summer dress and hey presto, your underwear will no longer be drawing wolf whistles from workmen resurfacing the local high street!

When it comes to underwear, a capsule collection is just as important as it is with your outerwear.  Build up a collection of Bra's, knickers and Shapewear in a skintone colourway and keep all the pretty lacy fuschia pink sets for special occasions.  I have friends who have confessed to wearing the underwear of a slut on a daily basis, which is fine if you want to mince around looking like you have a cheese wire up the crack of your arse, pretty it may be, but comfortable it ain't!

I'm not saying ditch the vampy gear, just keep it for when its called for and leave your skintone capsule collection for daytime comfort and evening underwear confidence!  It is also fab for holidays and takes the strain out of packing and more decision making, which underwear for each outfit? Just throw your capsule collection in your case and you can rest assured you have left your underwear disasters at home.

On a day to day basis you need a small selection of bra's that will sit comfortably under a multitude of outfits, maybe a t-shirt bra, a balcony style and a push up.  Ladies with larger busts can buy according to their size, a full cup with wide straps may be more appropriate but steer clear of too much lace on the cup as this can show through under flimsy blouses and pale coloured t-shirts. This post isn't about telling you what styles best suit you, its designed purely to show you that if you can only afford one decent bra, then make it a skintone one!

I can not stress the importance of a well fitting bra and how it important it is to get properly measured, the problem here is the difference of opinion over where you get the job done.  I have had women say that M&S measuring service is rubbish but others say its good.  I recently took one of my daughters to get measured in La Senza and then was told by a friend that they always make you bigger than you actually are, so its not easy deciding where to get this done.  I think for anybody who is anywhere a Rigby and Peller, having supplied the Queen with her undies for many years, that this would be considered a safe bet for an accurate measuring service and if you don't wish to go instore and prefer to buy online then check out this guide to measuring yourself correctly from the John Lewis website.

Although their will be women out there who may only wear thongs, or who only wear full briefs, again I prefer a selection of styles which suit the clothes I happen to be wearing for that particular day and my underwear drawer consists of thongs, brazilian style knickers and full briefs but all my daytime pant options are made up of no VPL (visible panty line) styles as nothing looks worse than being able to see the cut of a full brief through your skin tight leggings or flimsy transparent palazzo pants!  Most women spend all their time investing in clothes and give little thought to what goes underneath, but having a selection of neutral coloured, well fitting basics means that you are less likely to show the world what you have on underneath your garments and well fitting underwear can only serve to make your outfits look and fit better

Most women I know own a piece of shape wear with even some very young women, whom I consider to have great figures, not dreaming of going out for the evening without it!  Shapewear doesn't come cheap but is a worthwhile investment for the confidence it can bring and is available in many styles designed to target specific areas from thigh and hip slimming to tummy flattening.  When it comes to investing in such under garments, with most of us pinching the pennies, it makes sense if you can only afford one piece, to make it skintone so that it works under black, white and any colour in between.  View Shapewear here.

So if you are balking at the idea of my underwear colour suggestion, always bear in mind that it is a prerequisite for models to wear a nude coloured thong for castings and whilst on jobs, the reasons for which are obvious, so next time you are in the department store sighing over the lovely lace and satin underwear options, just bear in mind that once you have your capsule collection of versatile undies, you can hot foot it to Ann Summers anytime you like!

The skintone coloured range of "Dream" underwear by Maidenform has a selection of three different style bras along with briefs and boyshorts and would be the perfect place to start your underwear capsule collection, then add different pieces in similar colours to compliment the basics (see suggestions below). Prices start at £9, view the complete collection here.

This natural microfibre thong from J by Jasper Conran is part of a collection at Debenhams with prices starting at £6.50.  View the full collection here.

This playtex bra offers great comfort and support whilst remaining invisible underneath clothing. £22.50.

Whoever said "nude" coloured underwear wasn't sexy obviously hadn't see the underwear by French Lingerie brand Huit at John Lewis.

One of my favourites, the "no vpl" range at M&S whose 5 pack sets also include black and white briefs and come in various styles for £12 per pack. View full collection here.

Do you have a selection of nude coloured underwear basics?

What have your bra measuring experiences been like?


  1. Hi there-great post, very useful styling tips and I like your choices here too! Hope you have a lovely week my dear xx

  2. This is one of your most informative posts ever.
    I agree that it is the most practical to have a selection of black, white and skintoned colored lingere.

  3. agree! I love wearing colours but just no good under white and light tops. Every summer I buy a nude strapless bra from M&S and thats actually all you need!

  4. My OH calls my skintone underwear the no sex appeal wear LOL.

  5. thanks for the great post. My first and last bra fitting appointment was amazing. I went to a tiny lingerie shop with a woman in there who scared the shit out of me; she was like a matron, but that woman changed my life. I'd been wearing a 34B for ever because I kinda assumed it looked ok, but I am, in fact a 30C. Who knew! She fitted me up with a couple of gel filled bras and now I have boobs at the grand age of 39 - yehaa!

    Tell me, what sort of knickers do you need to avoid VPL? Is it something with a lacy edge? I struggle when wearing leggings and usually end up wearing a long top to cover that part...

  6. Mrs Green - the M&S ones I have linked to in the post are great, once you have some, you will know what kind of edge you are looking for when shopping for other brands, its hard to describe what the edges are like on this kind of underwear without seeing some!

  7. Excellent topic! Totally agree, have been wearing skintone undies for decades. Happens to suit my skin tone best so it really is almost nude to me lol! I've recently discovered a peachy tone which is prettier and works well too. I desperately need to be re-measured too now that kids are done with and settled at a stable size. Most of my undies are either black or skintone now peach and very few white and other colours (I'm not telling ;-O).

  8. I'm quite lucky as my mum works in M&S Canterbury in the lingerie department, so she gets my undies super cheap (£3 and I'm a ff/g cup). Some of the nude undies can be quite sexy still I think!

  9. Thanks hon, I missed the bottom of the post last night. Will pop into the store today and take a peek :)

  10. I decided to get myself measured last year, since my boys are now a little older and things have - well settled down !!! I decided John Lewis was the place for me as I had excellent service from them when I was pregnant - well what a disaster - the woman who was dealing with me was totally inexperienced and shoved my 36D self into a 34B bra telling me that the overspill of flab was "going to happen" with someone my shape ! I left there so demoralised and depressed and needless to say braless - fast forward a week or so and I went to Rigby and Peller in Bluewater - well what a difference - the woman didn't even come near me with a tape measure she just looked at me, sized me up and brought me a selection of the most comfortable perfectly fitting 36D bras I have ever tried. I bought two very expensive bras and felt much better about the whole experience ! I would highly recommend Rigby and Peller - they were older ladies, kind and reassuring - an altogether plesanter experience all round really.

  11. Yip! Calvin Klein does great ones - and I am very much in love with the Passionata bra that closes in the neck. Haven't got my hands on one yet though. CK does them with little frills and a hint of lace, i.e. the grandma factor is reduced a notch or two.

  12. I don't wear synthetic fibre underwear, so unfortunately the M&S no-vpl underwear doesn't suit me. Have you encountered a cotton no-vpl range anywhere, ladies?

  13. I don't have anything in nude! I must get some. I prefer natural fabrics if possible. I shall check these out xx


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