Saturday, 17 September 2011

LFW Day One, Caroline Charles.

This is not the first time I've been to fashion week, my very first Fashion week adventure took place back in February 2010 but ever since then, I usually have good reason not to attend (lack of funds, paid work booked in etc) but I was determined to have some Fashion Fun this year.
It is always a difficult outing to plan as Tickets come in right up until the last minute, so you never know what you may get and for which day, but it just so happened that I knew my blogging friend Pearl (from Fashion Pearls of Wisdom) had a ticket for the Caroline Charles show on Friday so we hatched a plan to meet up for a spot of Breakfast at "Simpsons in the Strand" before the show and indulged in a feast of Fried Banana's, Maple Syrup and Pancakes to set us up for the day (and to make us feel so sick we couldn't actually finish them) before we headed up the road to the BFC Tent at Somerset House for the Caroline Charles show.
Now whoever said the iphone 4 takes great pictures was lying, but as I found out today, good pictures depend purely on where you are either seated or standing inside the show space, but sadly all my pictures of this particular show had the models looking like extra terrestrial beings, just a bunch of white blurs strutting down the runway, so I really must invest in a decent camera at some stage!

The elegant daywear had me visualising a modern day Downton Abbey hosting a garden party on the lawn, which then gave way to sophisticated evening wear featuring heavy beading and sequins for the kind of grown up glamour we have grown to expect from a designer with over 40 years experience in the Fashion Industry.  Evening wear was accessorised with large medallion necklaces and daywear was topped off with an assortment of jaunty straw boaters and panama hats to add a twist to an otherwise refined collection fit for a princess.

Which was your favourite look from the show?



  1. Sounds like a fun day and a great show. I love ladylike dresses. The red and black dress is definitely my favourite.

  2. Good choices, I'm loving it.
    I think the first row is my fav.


  3. iPhones take ok photos as long as you don't move! I really enjoyed the photos in this collection, everything's so elegant. I love all of the outfits in the last row, and the orange speckled dress in the row above.

  4. I have been following your LFW adventures on Twitter looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time and got to see some great shows.

    I did not go to the Nicole Farhi show I did have an invite but to be honest I did not want to go we were taken over last year and things just arent the same now sad really xoxo

  5. Lovely clothes - sounds like you are having a great time, despite the camera wibbles!

    Ali x

  6. The pictures look fine!Love the straw boaters and the red and black outfits!

  7. Hi my dear!! Oh what a shame I missed you and Pearl, I would have loved to have joined you for breakfast instead of fighting a hangover and doing the day job, lol!! Love this modern vintage inspired collection, I love the last 3 looks! We will definitely meet one day soon for sure xx

  8. The suits at Caroline Charles were my favourite. I had the same problem with both my iphone and my digital camera at NYFW, I think it depends purely on where you are sitting and the light, the media are just the best placed, obviously!

    Great post.


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