Monday, 26 September 2011

She Magazine ceases publication.

Was I the only person who was completely shocked when I received a note in with my September issue of She magazine to tell me that the publication was closing down?
She magazine was not really on my monthly glossy radar until the Blog got a mention back in September 2010 and once I rushed out to buy it, I wondered why I had never really bought this magazine before as it was packed full of everything I want from a glossy and some, and then earlier this year when Celebrity Stylist Angie Smith got a regular column, its monthly arrival was greeted with even more excitement than usual.

The last edition had the most gorgeous fashion editorial which for me, hit all of my fashion buttons, it contained everything one could possibly want for stylish autumn and winter dressing with the most luxe looking, high street pieces one could wish to purchase.

I keep checking the Marks and Spencer website for this leather sleeved Trench, but no joy as yet!

This Dorothy Perkins Tunic is the perfect trans-seasonal piece but I still can't find it online.

I love this A Line Leather skirt, it is the perfect style for apple shapes as it will balance out the top half of your body. I want! but sadly the warehouse blouse and reiss skirt, don't appear to be online either and that is one thing that drives me completely nuts about monthly publications, the photoshoots are done months in advance so many High Street items have already been in store and sold out by the time you see them in a magazine, or else they are not in stores for months to come!

So sadly, She is no more and now that I have received my cheque for the balance of my yearly subscription, I have to believe that I will never see this glossy magazine on the mat in the hallway, ever again. Sad but True.

Were you a She subscriber, or did you regularly buy the magazine?

Great Plains


  1. What a shame. Whilst I didn't subscribe it was a mag I quite liked.

    X x

  2. No, I don't even know if it was available here. But sadly, a lot of magazines are shutting down. Apparently, with the advent of the Internet the readers just don't seem to be there. Which is a shame. As much as I love the Internet, nothing beats having the magazine (or book or whatever) in your possession.

  3. I don't think She was available on this side of the pond, but it's always sad when a favorite magazine shutters.

  4. Oh no, what a shame! I used to buy it, but then it became too expensive for me being non english resident.

  5. I used to regularly buy this too when I lived in the UK, so really sad to see it has ended. For me it really was for "real" women with some grey matter between their ears (unlike many glossies). What a pity :-(

  6. I heard it was closing on radio 4 Woman's hour so subsequently tried to get a copy but none of the newsagents I tried seemed to stock it. Maybe that was part of the problem. I also used to like Womans Journal which closed some years ago.

  7. I did not but I hate hearing about magazines closing down...what's to come of our glossz mags?! sad sad sad! x LondonZest

  8. I was an occasional buyer of She and its sad to see a magazine close down. While I have a kindle, nothing beats receiving a glossy mag through the post but I have noticed my regular magazines are getting smaller, a sad sign of the times. xx

  9. Ah, so sad to see magazine have its last edition. She wasn't a magazine I ever purchased... I've seen it before though and remember thinking it was super grounded and down to earth which I liked. xx

  10. Hi there!! I don't subscribe to any mags, but am very surprised and quite sad to hear that, I've bought She in the past and agree it was definitely a quality read xx


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