Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What Facial Products are currently on my bathroom shelf.

I almost go into a state of hyperventilation when a monthly glossy magazine contains a beauty awards supplement.  I have to run home from the newsagent really quickly to get my product junkie "fix" of all that is new and exciting in the skincare and beauty field!
I love to see the products highly recommended by industry experts and get especially excited when a product that constantly makes its way on to my bathroom shelf, gets a mention, so I thought this was a good time to show you what I am currently using and what has made it onto my product "lust list".

When it comes to skincare, I must admit I pretty much stick to the basics.  I don't usually invest in any kind of serums except if they come in the form of a freebie, so its pretty much just cleanse, tone and moisturise for me.

As most regular readers will know, I have used Liz Earle cleanse and polish (£13.75) since it first went on sale, some 16 years ago.  I used to be obsessed by Liz, who often had a Beauty Slot on morning television and then went on to host her own early afternoon show on ITV, where you got a peek inside her home and lifestyle.  This was when I worked in London and all the girls in the office used to have their lunch hour together and we would watch the show in the comfort of the Staff Room.  It was shortly after this time that Liz decided to develop her very own successful brand of skin and bodycare which continues to expand its product range.

A hot cloth cleanser was a new phenomena back then and it was only in recent years that I gave the Eve Lom cult cleanser (£50 for 100ml) a try, and now I alternate between the two, depending on funds.  Although it sounds expensive, the 100ml size lasts for months and if you can afford it, you will save £20 by investing in the 200ml size for £80. I find this cleanser feels a lot more luxurious than the Liz Earle but it is all a matter of personal taste and more often than not, budget!

I also keep a Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser as a back up and to Tone, I love the Dermalogica Toning Mist as one quick spray and your done! Failing that, its Liz Earle Toner but sometimes I just splash with cold water as most mornings I am in serious need of a freezing cold wake up call!

Liz Earle constantly features in Magazine Beauty Awards and again it comes highly recommended by Harpers Bazaar.
What the experts say: "More of a facial treatment than just a cleanser, this works wonders on all skin types.
What I say: Love this, Love the price but the Eve Lom is more rich, thick and luxurious.

When it comes to moisturisers and eye creams, I have no loyalty whatsoever.  Unlike the cleansers that I am happy to stick with, nothing has taken my wrinkles away, so I just move on in hope that something will!  At the moment I am using a Clinique eye cream but have 3 day creams. Dr Zelens is a recent purchase from the Space NK summer sale (it seems they no longer stock this brand). It is a cream I had wanted to try for ages but usually way out of my price bracket. It is a very small pot and I doubt if it will end up lasting a month and I still have wrinkles.  I also keep a Dermalogica soothing day cream to hand, as this makes your skin feel comfortable as does the lovely Eve Lom Moisturiser (£40) which contains a SPF 15 and has a very silky consistency, sinks in beautifully and again, lasts ages.  I am currently using Clinique Youth Surge night cream.  P.S. I still have wrinkles.

What will I be buying next:

Described by Harpers Bazaar as the Best Day Cream, Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme, also with a SPF15 and costing £49 will be winging its way onto my must have list.  
What the experts say: "This is packed with all you need to protect and repair.  It's the daily no-brainer to guarantee a great complexion.

My next eye cream will be:

OK so it is almost £20 more expensive than my current eye cream, but you can't put a price on softening crows feet and this product is described as the total anti-ageing solution for eyes.  They "had me" at anti-ageing and the fact that it also contains a sheeny balm to brighten and de-puff instantly, only serves to provide another reason why this will be mine!

I don't often use an exfoliator on my face as the cleansers I use, both have an exfoliating effect when used with the muslin cloth supplied. I do however, sometimes like to frighten the life out of everybody in the house by slapping on a Face Mask, but its not something I do often enough (slaps wrist) but when I do, it is usually with a Dermalogica Age Smart mask that is packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The product is orange in colour that darkens when on the skin and leaves you looking like Samantha from Sex and the City when she had her chemical peel! Luckily, this only lasts for the 10-15 minutes you keep the mask on!  My other "go to" mask is the Eve Lom Rescue which I first tried when it came in a travel set of mini sized holiday companions. 

You may wonder why I keep the Dermalogica products as a "back up" to everything else, well sadly it is a question I can not answer.  I adore having Dermalogica Facials at my local Salon and I have to confess, everybody I know who uses these products on a regular basis does seem to have great skin, I think I'm just a product "whore" to be honest and can't stay true to anything other my cleanser!

You can purchase the full range of Dermalogica products here.

So what face products are you currently using and is there anything currently on your lust list?

Simple, beautiful, effective skincare


  1. I used to use Dermalogica products in one of the salons I worked in when I was a Beauty Therapist and I loved them I was also a Decleor Therapist too and there products are pretty good if you like things more natural but the face cream I have been using for about 10 years now is Creme de le mer and I swear by it great post xoxo

  2. I used to love watching Liz Earle and recorded it so I could watch it over again!I like Lancome Products would buy Creme de le mer if I could afford it!!

  3. Like you I've been using Liz Earle products since they first came out, and now get them shipped to Spain where I live.I also love her Superskin Concentrate oil and even hooked on her first perfume. I was using Lancome's Génifique, and changed to L'Oreals' Youth Code Serum which is practically identical (as it's owned my Lancome, but without the price tag).I did try Eve Lom about 15 years ago, and my skin always reacted badly. However, I always go for an Eve Lom facial whenever I return to the UK. You've convinced me to give it another try.

  4. I used to use Matis stuff to complement monthly facials I was having but now due to budgeting my skincare routine has gone completely astray. My hormones are all over the place at the moment so my skin is going from dry to greasy (and the hot flushes are riduculous!). I'll have to try out some of the products you mentioned. great post xx

  5. Oh I have been savoring mine to read in bed tonight! Do you have an Aldi near you, I get their serum it is so cheap and the best one I ever tried! Have been meaning to try the Liz Earl for a while now but I am using L'Oreal scrublet wash it is the best one Ive tried in ages x

  6. Iam 32, been smoking for 15 years, but Im often told I look like in in my early twenties, I swear by Estee Lauder Re Nutriv range, its expensive but so worth it.

  7. Dermalogica is a lovely range, in my beauty ed days that was one brand that I loved coming home and finding on my doorstep.

  8. I use Liz Earle cleanser too! I always jump around using different things, sometimes I only want natural organic stuff then I want full on high tech science stuff. My back up products are Elemis and Clarins though. As for wrinkly eyes only thing is surgery or wear sunglasses (and stop smoking/sunbathing) Why do you think Madonna has been posing in sunglasses at night on the red carpet...

  9. really bad, I don't use anything at all except a cheap foam wash from Boots. I did used to use the Boots one that was supposed to be proven to really work, but I don't even bother with that now. I might get something for the winter though as my skin gets quite dry

  10. Hi my dear-a really good review post and excellent tips on products to go and try! hope you're well and wishing you a fabulous weekend xxx

  11. Living in NYC I've become a fan of Kiehls, but I have always wanted to try Eve Lom too. My skin is so weird, it is fine for the most part, then I will get a few times of lots of breakouts and it's just horrible, I want to hide!! I am sure it is more hormones than my products, but it might be worth be switching up my routine a little.

    Love the sneak peak into your products here :-)



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