Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Your One Stop Denim Destination

I recently read that Londoners actually buy more pairs of jeans than any other City in Europe, which comes as no surprise with denim being that "go to" wardrobe staple when every other outfit choice fails and it was through a love of jeans that denim devotee, Donna Ida Thornton, decided to create her own dedicated denim emporium, known as Donna Ida.

You can find Donna Ida stores in Belgravia, Chelsea, Westfield and Guildford, but fear not if you don't live anywhere near the Capital, as this one stop "Denim Destination" also aims to bring a personalised service to its online shopping experience, with an easy to navigate website (which has just been relaunched) and a designated online Denim Clinic to help you chose the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape, Donna is one lady who has all your denim dreams fulfilled with just one click of a mouse!

Stocking the top 25 premium denim brands in the world, you can be sure there will be a style to suit you whether you are looking for the hottest style of the season or the perfect wardrobe hero.

The Current Elliott leopard print jeans sold out as soon as they hit the rails, but I am told more are arriving soon, so in the meantime check out this seasons boozy and berry colours which are far more flattering than the brights we saw last season.
J Brand 511 Skinny Jeans
J Brand Skinny Jeans in Black Cherry £200.

Go wild in these Current Elliott Leopard print jeans.  More coming soon.

Donna and her team are taking part in a 5k run in support of the Jeans for Genes appeal on September 11th and although I was invited to take part, I soon realised that I am probably one of the few fashion bloggers who only start running when the Cake Shop is due to close, so decided to give it a miss, but if you would like to donate to this worthwhile cause (1 in 25 babies is born with a genetic disorder) then please sponsor team donnaida here and remember every penny counts.

Donna Ida


  1. I usually live in jeans during the week.Might try the berry colour for a change from ordinary blue denim!

  2. Great leopard print trousers! Going to Donna Ida in Westfield this weekend!!! Weeeee x LZ

  3. Whoooa! Leopard print jeans. Are we allowed? You know my hesitations on this x

  4. Hi my dear-love the the new designs of jeans out, will keep my eyes open for a fab winter pair!! xx

  5. I really want a cherry pair of jeans! Ps I'd join you on the run the cake shop too!xx

  6. I am not really much of a jeans wearer but quite fancy a pair of red or pink coloured jeans.

  7. Wow! this is a new discovery for me. Off to check the online shop.Have you bought any jeans from this shop yet?

  8. I adore jeans but hardly wear
    The red one tickles mi fancy. Reminds me I need to get one;-)

  9. Funny that you did a post on jeans: I haven't bought a new pair in ages, and I was just about to go out to Vogue's FNO events in a pair of white jeans (I feel so perverse when I'm wearing them: like I'm defying anyone to call me a chav! I just DARE them!) but really, I do need a new pair and I'm really lost. I don't know where to begin. I just don't know what's cool anymore. I'll have to check them out.

    Came here to thank you for your sweet comment. I replied on my own post but in case you don't stop by again - why would you? - here's my reply:

    Thanks, Fab. Actually I saw him years later - at a party, he married a really nice woman and gave a group of us a ride home. He's a great guy.

    I'm more in touch with Dani & her husband: which reminds me, I should give her a call. Ask how Ed's doing! ; )

  10. I love JBrand jeans .. they are my favourite .. and my addiction xx

  11. Laughing at Polka Dot's comments I love white jeans but I always feel a bit iffy about wearing them, It's the brightness!

  12. Love those J Brands, fab colour for Autumn!

    You have a lovely blog :)

    Laura x

  13. Oh, I've only just recently come in contact with this boutique. I haven't had a chance to go to the actual store yet but the online shop looks so good! Love all the jeans you've picked out... especially those printed ones! So fierce! xx

  14. I love jeans!!!!!!
    Those printed Current Elliott jeans are fab!!!!!

  15. Gosh is that true about London? I would almost have put New York ahead in the denim stakes, but how interesting! I love those Current Elliot red jeans. I would love a pair just like that.


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