Wednesday, 30 March 2011

You saw them here first!

I first posted on the Kurt Geiger Corso Como shoes before Christmas as X-Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson was wearing a hot mustard pair on the show, but I remember that you could only buy the black on the website at the time.

Now the Corso Como design has been updated for spring/summer and is available in a range of gorgeous colours including metallic gold and hot pink, ideal to wear to summer parties or weddings.
I had so much trouble finding a pair of hot pink heels a couple of years ago for a wedding I was going to, infact I ended up having to borrow a pair from a friend, so I am loving the fact that no matter what outfit you buy for a wedding this summer, with the massive trend for bright bold colours, you are sure to find a pair of heels to match your outfit.

Always ahead in the fashion steaks, the ever so stylish, fashion week darling, Olivia Palermo, is also a fan of this most desirable and decadent pair of heels and shows how the shoes give a lady like feel to a masculine outfit.

Buy yours here!

What would you wear them with?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Swimwear Spending!

So as yet another summer approaches and I find myself another year older and most probably a few pounds heavier (its a big mistake not having weighing scales) its that time of year when I start dreaming about holidays and swimwear.

Always the Missoni & Pucci obsessive, I get the hump if I can't grab a designer Bikini in the Sales every year, but I was lucky enough to log on to theoutnet last Tuesday and secure a Pucci number that thankfully wasn't tie sided (I do draw the line somewhere!).

Can you see the attraction?

It was a purchase that was to get me in a whole load of trouble.  I came in from the garden on Wednesday and started talking to OH who wasn't there, he was at the front door signing for my package!  Oh shit!
He came in and said "what the bloody hell is this, another parcel from theoutnet" (or words to that effect). "It's only a bikini" I shrieked in my defence.  "Yes, but no doubt one that is still about a £100 in the Sale" he shouted.  At this point I started giggling, mostly because he had hit the nail on the head.  Well it was slightly over that, but I don't talk about a silly £17 and the £6 p&p counts for nothing!  He then started giggling and in a joking manner said "now get out of the kitchen" at which point he kicked the empty washing basket across the room and it got me right in the shin, ouch!

Samantha Jones in Sex and the City

Phew!  So I got away with that one then, but ever since I have been questioning myself, my age and my swimwear choices.  You see, no matter what my size or my advancing years, I just can't go for a one piece.  I like to get a brown stomach when I spend a week poolside, and even though the middle age spread has well and truly turned into the shape of an alcoholic's anonymous beer belly, it is smooth and stretch mark free (at least I was blessed with something), even if rotund, but I know many women my age who would recoil in horror at the thought of a two piece, so why don't I?

Helen Mirren at 62!  Some women just get better with age!

I slagged off Elle macpherson for looking like "Mutton dressed as Lamb" in some plastic looking spray on leggings (even though they were created by Karl) and have other strict dressing guidelines for over forties ie no skirts above the knee, don't display too much cleavage, avoid slogan t-shirts like the plague etc, but a boring black one piece swimming cossie leaves me cold. 
Why then, when Lulu, in her sixties, looks great in hers? 

Surely such a garment should be the epitome of chic for a middle aged, self proclaimed fashionista, no?  Instead I throw abandon to the wind and break all of my own fashion rules and really don't give a damn what I look like, but then I suppose holidays are supposed to be that one, carefree time of year when you should stop worrying about what you look like and just have fun!

The Gorgeous Emma Forbes, Barbados, Jan 2011

Which would you choose?

Check out all the reduced price designer swimwear at theoutnet here.

At what age do you think women should wear a one piece and have you done so yet?  and if so, why?

Net-a-porter (UK)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Going Pottie at Dottie's!

A quick peep into Dorothy Perkins on Monday proved full of colourful surprises and a bright and breezy spring collection to update your basics, at very reasonable prices.

I just can't make myself buy a cheap handbag but I have to confess I love these box bags in both the coral and cobalt blue.  A great way to add a pop of colour to any outfit if you don't feel comfortable wearing bold block colours and they would be a great way of accessorising a summer wedding outfit.  They also come in black and cream if you are looking for something more classic and luxe looking.

The next thing on my spring wish list are these silky tunic tops in both the cream and coral.  I am so glad I saw them instore first, as they wouldn't have had me rushing to buy them online, so you have to trust me that they will be a welcome addition to your spring wardrobe.  The cream is a rich creamy colour which I intend to team with dark skinny jeans and ballet flats and the coral is bright and deep and will look gorgeous with a tan, long denim shorts and gold chunky bangles.  The loose style will skim all the problem area's, coupled with the fact that there are so many ways to wear them, make them a real winner in my book.  Also great for the 70's trend with flared jeans and chunky platforms or tuck into your pencil skirts for the office.

Sadly I couldn't get away with a stripe dress with a belt around the middle, but again, in the flesh, the colours of this dress are much brighter and it really caught my eye instore.  Wear with tan wedges

I'm all about the maxi dress that isn't all thin straps and bosom exposure!  Us over 40's need some decorum and cap sleeveage whilst still rocking the trends!

Dottie P's still have £5 off of all Jeans, so its a great time to try out the flares if you dare, with some styles starting at only £15, plus their latest range of coloured denim has me thinking a couple of hundred quid should get me all the pieces I need, then there is only one more thing I want, and that is for photo's on the DP's website that you are allowed to copy, instead of these stupid small ones which are a bit blurry when you upload them! How do they expect me to show you how lovely these things are?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Mother of All Denim.

Just when you thought there were enough premium denim brands in the market place to last a lifetime and you are still lusting over this seasons Current Elliott Cropped Chino, or anything from J Brand  (Love Story Flares, Houlihans and the Agnes), along comes the Mother of all Denim Brands, literally called Mother Denim.

Mother Denim is the brainchild of Tim Kaeding, formerly of Seven for All Mankind who has spent a total of 14 years designing Denim for various brands including Gap. 
Kaeding has been quoted as saying that the consumer has to have a reason to "buy" and the garment has to be special to make the purchase worthwhile. Nobody about to part with £200 for a pair of jeans, would disagree with his ethos especially in times of recession, but if these jeans live up to the hype  then it may be money well spent.

Fast becoming renowned for their soft stretch denim and amazing fit, being a complete jeans addict, I can't wait to try these out.

Mother Denim is also available at Denim specialists  Donna Ida, who are currently running a competition where the lucky winner will recieve a £500 gift voucher to spend instore.  Just "like" their facebook page and check out the Easter Competition, guess how many eggs are on display and hey presto, you could be picking out jeans by your favourite brands quicker than you can say "Easter Bunny"!.

What jeans brands are next on your wishlist?

Net-a-porter UK

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Television Loves & Hates

I try and keep to the "Fashion" theme of this Blog so feel a bit weird writing about T.V. programmes but there are so many characters driving me nuts at the moment, and all the programmes concerned are linked to Fashion in one way or another, so I want to get your feedback on the shows and people involved.

The Model Agency.

Love this.  Wednesday nights on Channel 4 or catch up on 4OD if you have missed it so far.  Its basically a reality show featuring Premiere Model Agency and I still can't get over the fact that my husband thinks this is the best thing on TV at the moment (what, even better than Boardwalk Empire?) and that Carol who runs the agency alongside her brother Chris, is the best character on TV right now.  Sounds weird doesn't it when he hates everything else I watch but we have both developed, despite our love for the programme, a deep dislike for one of the model bookers called Annie.  I feel really bad about this because a) she is a friend of Christina's at Fashions Most Wanted and b) what has she ever done to me?  but her needy and whiny ways in the first two episodes have sadly put me in a place where she can no longer redeem herself. 
How can she tell Models that she loves them, the conversations sound like they should be between her and her Mum and I can't help thinking its the money they earn her, rather than the models themselves that she loves.  She may be a good booker, but she has no idea how to handle or cajole a 16 year old girl who can't make her mind up whether to continue with her education or take up a modelling career.  I won't talk about her grey roots as that would be far too personal, but jeez louise, get a hair appointment booked lady!

Lily Allen.

Don't know what the programme is called, nor do I care, but its on Tuesday nights and I only know this because I arrived back from a trip to London and OH had it on because he thought I would like to watch it.  Well OH, quite frankly, I don't.  Its all about Lily and her Sister's venture into the world of Vintage Clothing and the opening of their own, no doubt grossly overpriced, Shop in the West End. What small part of the show I did see, I heard far too much of Lily's annoying and obviously false laugh and had not anticipated that we would see Lily's tits when she was trying on Vintage Clothes! WTF, Lils?  I am no prude but it was uncalled for and not necessary, you have gone way down in my estimation Lily, shame that. I had you down as a Cool Kid, skipping along in your ballgown with your trainers on, not one aspiring to be a page three model at the earliest opportunity.

Blake Lively.

Who can believe that Gossip Girl is on yet another break?  We had a massive gap in the series over Xmas and now it seems that it has only been back on for a few weeks and it has disappeared yet again!  I love the show but make no apology for my dislike of Blake and her deadpan, boring character, Serena.  I like her even less now she has been made the face of the Chanel Mademoiselle range of handbags, shouldn't Karl have chosen Leighton?  Serena looks pretty stylish on set but in real life she is no style icon in my book anyway, unlike her Characters mother Lily, played by Kelly Rutherford who gets it right on the fashion front all the time!

Oh well, not to worry, I shall be consoling myself at 10.00 tonight with The Only Way is Essex, or TOWIE as it is affectionately known, I just need to make sure I stay awake as I need to watch it and sky+ "Kourtney and Kim take New York"!  Get your "Vajazzle" on girls!

What are your television loves and hates right now?

Monday, 14 March 2011

My-Wardrobe Monday!

In line with the relaunch of their website, my-wardrobe have not only taken many new designers on board for spring and summer 2011, but have also added a fantastic new feature to their site by introducing a new online magazine containing 120 pages jammed packed full of style inspiration to feast your fashion eyes on!  Check out the complete online style guide here.

If I could choose just one item from the my-wardrobe style guide to make its way into my life and my wardrobe, it would have to be the Mulberry Tillie Bag.  OK, I know I only recently got a new bag, but for me the Tillie is set to become as iconic as the Bayswater and more popular than the Alexa.

The Tillies recent claim to fame came via London Fashion Week where it become the unofficial fashionista's arm candy of choice.

Karen Gillan at Mulberry.
On the street.
Olivia Palermo with her Tillie.
In Snakeskin...
and my favourite classic black (well every girl needs a black bag and I haven't got one).

The Tillie, just like the Alexa, favours the old school, satchel style but with much more sophistication.

The black, chestnut and Snake are all available to purchase from My-Wardrobe.

If you could choose anything from the Style Guide, what would it be?

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Look for Less!

Model Natalia Vodianova doing her best in the "Yummy Mummy" Stakes....

Friday, 11 March 2011

Something for the weekend - A roundup of this weekends best discount codes, new arrivals and special offers

After all the controversy surrounding Kate Moss and the Fag on the Louis Vuitton Runway, when finally catching up with emails from the last few days, I read that Kurt Geiger have only gone and introduced the "Le Smoking" Trend, featuring an array of Black and Gold shoes with a nod to yesterday's glamour of Sobranie's Black Russians with their iconic gold foil filter, and glittering metallics that offer a shortcut to 24-carat glamour for both night and  day and some of the styles feature Cigarette heels!  Don't give Kate a pair whatever you do, she will most probably get stoned and try to smoke her shoes!

As ever, the leopard print have me drooling!  Isn't it time I wasn't so predictable?
View the collection here.

Get up to 30% off of all Dresses at Dorothy Perkins until Monday.

Start stocking up for summer with either stripes or brights! See all dresses here.

Moda in Pelle have a fantastic offer of buy one get one free (BOGOF) on all Boots, so whether you choose to invest in a classic style for next winter or are looking for the perfect ankle boot or shoe boots to wear with jeans, then this is the offer for you.

The Saline Boot is already reduced to £59.95 and is the perfect choice for next winters investment dressing.  Shop wisely and you could have two fantastic pairs of Boots for less than £80!  Now thats what I call a bargain! See all the Boots at Moda in Pelle.

Kew are currently offering free delivery on all orders over £40 until midnight on Sunday.
Add a pop of colour to update your wardrobe basics for spring and summer with this gorgeous Rose coloured linen tunic.  Its kaftan styling will make it perfect for summer holidays over white jeans or linen trousers by adding code FREEDEL40 at checkout here.

I have never been a fan of using foundation, I always feel like I am putting a mask on, but sometimes as I get older, I do feel that I need some coverage, but don't want anything that will sink into the wrinkles, for fear of making them even more noticeable, so my thoughts have been turning to trying out a Tinted Moisturiser instead.
 The By Terry Rose Sheer tinted moisturiser has made its way onto my wish list as the By Terry new range of Bases are packed full of anti-ageing ingredients to both improve skin immediately and over time.  Sounds good to me! 
Next time I run out of eyeliner I shall be giving the By Terry one a go, after it came highly recommended for staying power over at Ruths Blog.  View the full By Terry range at Space NK here.


The Karen Millen Sale continues until Sunday here.

The Clinique Beauty Boutique has opened online at Selfridges, view full range here.

Selfridges also have lots of new perfume and beauty exclusives including this gorgeous nail polish by ILLAMASQUA called Rodium.  Now thats what I call a summer bright!

Got a summer wedding coming up and you need to find the perfect dress?  Then take advantage of the latest discount from Coast.  Enter code MARCH20 at checkout until Monday 14th March to receive 20% off your order here.

Indulge me. Please take five minutes to check out my guest post for the Isabella Oliver Blog, featuring the classic Tunic Dress and let me know what you think!
I chose to write about a piece from their current collection, which for me, would be the most versatile for my lifestyle.  Have a look at the Tunic Dress here and let me know, would it fit your lifestyle?

Up until midnight Sunday 13th March,  you can still get 15% off of the Isabella Oliver range of Urban Luxe Basics, including the Trench Coat and Skinny Jeans pictured above, by entering code URBANISTA15 at checkout here.

So all that remains dear readers, is to wish you all a wonderful fashion filled weekend, whilst sparing a thought for those in Japan xxx