Thursday, 28 April 2011

Style Stalking

My long held obsession with all things SJP continue with her latest Red Carpet combination of mixing a Chanel Jacket with a khaki ruched dress by Lanvin, whilst attending the Brooklyn Artists Ball in New York.
To own even one piece from either Parisian Couturier would be enough for most of us, but can you just imagine putting on a Lanvin dress and thinking to yourself "oh its a bit cold out tonight, so I will just throw on this piece of Pre Fall Chanel to keep the chill out"?  No me neither, but it undoubtedly works, as do 99.9% of Sarah Jessica's outfits, whether bordering on the whacky or the utterly sublime.  This outfit is perfection with a captial P.

Talking of Capitals, over in ours, Elle McPherson is doing what she does best, causing a frenzy of photographic activity whilst on the school run.  Yummy Mummy is not always a look she gets right, despite access to every high end designer and a healthy clothing budget.  Sometimes her studded 6 inch heeled Louboutins just make her look like an Alley Cat who has spent the "night on the tiles" and rushed home at 6am to get the kids ready for school, but this time Elle hits the spot in her 70's inspired outfit of flares and white shirt, pure daytime simplicity which has all the other Birkenstock shod Mothers running for their 4x4's as she arrives at the school gates!

How to steal Elle's style...(heated rollers optional!)

J Brand Bette High Rise Flares £255Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals £550Mulberry Tillie Bag £812The Boyfriend Shirt by Isabella Oliver £99Isabella Oliver Leather Belt £59.  Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch £200.   D&G Sunglasses £108John Lewis Heated Roller Set £19

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dare to Flare - Trying to shop my wardrobe!

It is not very often that I manage to keep hold of clothes that have gone out of fashion, as I usually end up having a sort out when the wardrobe is full to bursting point and items either go on ebay or to the charity bag, depending on initial cost and post wear condition, but when flares came back "in" for this spring and summer season, I was actually feeling rather smug knowing that I had three pairs from the last time they were "hot" about 3 or 4 years ago.

It was with all good intentions this morning that I decided to wear a pair, having come across them in my winter to summer clothes wardrobe changeover last week but alas it was not to be, they just weren't right.

Three pairs of discarded flares and the Castaner raffia wedges I intended to wear them with.

Apart from the fact they were all a little bit tighter than the last time they got an outing, they just didn't seem right and although flared, perhaps its because they are not the "skinny flare" style that is tighter on the upper leg, but whatever it was that didn't look right about any of them, it was a purchase that I was hoping could be saved for the summer sales, but has now jumped up a bit higher on my wish list - drat and double drat!

I so love the posts by other bloggers where a trend comes back around and they are able to pull something out from storage, thereby "shopping their wardrobe", but alas, for me this was not meant to be, so I have picked out a few styles that get the thumbs up for spring and are now a high priority ........

Have you ever "shopped your own wardrobe" successfully? and have you invested in flares this season?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Something that may be of interest.....

I have often dreamed of starting up my own business since I first began Blogging all those years ago and there is no doubt that I am at my happiest when sitting with my laptop, writing Blog posts or other fashion/style related work that I may be asked to do.

I have seen many other Bloggers start up new ventures and sometimes I have been "pipped at the post" with certain idea's that have been at the forefront of my mind, but thats life! So I actually felt quite overjoyed when I hit upon a new and fresh idea!

A while back, I was asked to write a piece for a well known website (which is due for publication in May) and I offered a range of fashion/style related subjects for them to choose from.  When they opted to take up my idea about a holiday style piece, it manifested itself into thoughts of creating a website dedicated solely to holiday fashion/style and beauty.  Along with other contributors as well as my eldest daughter who currently works in the Travel Industry, the idea for "Passport to Style" was born!

Now heres the deal.....The site is designed to show you everything from the perfect holiday capsule wardrobe, to the best in holiday related style, fashion, beauty and skincare, right down to learning how to pack like a professional along with the best holiday deals and most popular destinations.

I will continue to Blog at "Looking Fab At Any Age", as well as writing reviews and articles for other sites, and still welcome your personal fashion dilemma's and style queries at

With summer fast approaching, I am eager to get the project off the ground, which means that the inintial site will constantly be undergoing changes and upgrades throughout the next few months, so if you are looking for some style inspiration or are unsure about where to go on holiday, whether it be a summer, winter or city break, then don't do anything until you have checked out my new venture, which is due to go live next week.

Your "Passport to Style", starts here, don't leave home without it!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Isabella Oliver Jersey Bandeau Dress Review.

It was with much trepidation that I accepted an offer to review the Isabella Oliver Jersey Bandeau Dress and after my initial acceptance, I began to panic a bit about big boobs and bingo wings and thought that my pictures might end up resembling the ones I posted up of rather large ladies at Aintree, but I completely fell in love with the dress when it arrived and threw all caution to the wind!

Maxi dresses continue to be huge this season and I think they will continue to make an appearance every summer, making them the perfect sunshine investment purchase.  I chose black for obvious reasons, although the dress also comes in one of my favourite colours, khaki, and also a gorgeous silver blue, but I had a vision that black would look good with lots of gold jewellery and metallic sandals, come holidays and high summer.

The first thing that really impressed me about the dress was the obvious quality of the jersey, but with a few IO pieces already in mine and one of my daughters wardrobes, I wouldn't have expected anything less!

I hung the dress on my wardrobe door as soon as I unpacked it and I have to say, it would make the most wonderful travelling companion because when I got up the following morning, it was totally crease free, making it the perfect summer holiday wardrobe staple, where it could be dressed up for evening with metallic wedges and lots of gold jewellery and then thrown over your swimsuit for your walk to the beach, just add a panama hat and huge sunglasses! 

The built in shelf bra offers support to those who would prefer to go braless and the drawstring waist can be worn on the waistline or lower on the hips, depending on your body shape and whether you are wearing it with heels or flats, and having found the brands jersey pieces to be quite generous in the past, I went down a size, which proved to be the perfect choice for me as there was still plenty of fabric to encompass and disguise the middle aged spread!

For "staycation" summer cool, wear with either a denim or leather biker jacket for chilly beachside barbeque's or picnics in the park.

With only my birkenstocks to hand!  (summer shoes not yet unpacked!)

The other colours available.....

More new arrivals to the Isabella Oliver Summer Stable include......

the jersey bandeau jumpsuit with all the redeeming features of the maxi dress, the perfect little white summer dress, bang on trend and superb with tan accessories and finally a gorgeous silk floral print available in two styles, both of which are perfect if you are looking for some serious "wedding guest chic"!

With 30% off of all Isabella Oliver dresses (including maternity) until Midnight Monday 25th April by using code DRESSES30 at checkout here, there has never been a better time to treat yourself, whether for casual day wear or a special occasion.

Which dress would you choose?

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Cover up with a Kaftan - the ultimate in poolside glam!

I have developed a bit of a Kaftan Obsession in recent weeks.  Naturally I blame last weeks sunshine and sudden rise in Spring temperatures, either that or the fact that I was told by Pearl that they had Pucci Kaftans in TKMaxx in Manchester, but either way, I have been on a mission and have spent hours trawling the net dreaming of being able to afford something by either Missoni or Diane Von Furstenburg.

It didn't take me long to realise that my current financial cicumstances don't really allow me to spend a couple of hundred pounds on a non essential item, when I don't even have a holiday booked as yet, so I decided to have a browse on Ebay.

All regular readers will know me and Ebay are NOT a match made in heaven and how when I sell designer items I seem to get "sod all" for them, but as soon as I want to buy something, in the dying seconds of the auction, no matter what it is, it either leaps way out of my price range, or if I do win it, it turns out to be a "pile of poo" (remember last years fur jacket?) when it arrives, so it was with much trepidation that I actually won an Antik Batik Kaftan at the weekend, for the princely sum of £8.71!

It was listed as second class postage with no recorded delivery option, so naturally I thought, knowing my luck, that it would go missing somewhere in the postal system, so I did leave a message for the sender when I paid, requesting that they at least obtain proof of posting and my prized purchase actually arrived yesterday and for once, I am actually quite pleased with an ebay find!

If money were no object.....

High Street Beauties...

Are you a shorts and t-shirt girl when you go to the beach or pool or do you prefer to cover up with a Kaftan?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe, Reader Challenge

I don't think I have ever really talked about a Capsule Corporate Wardrobe since I started the Blog, most probably because it no longer fits in with my lifestyle and I am not sure it does with the majority of my readers..
It has been almost 11 years since I left my job in the City and went from being a proper full time working Mum (yes I had my three daughters during this huge part of my life) to somebody who retrained to do a job that fitted in with my lifestyle and the birth of my fourth child, rather than something I would have loved to have done, when I needed to change direction.
I used to love getting dressed up for work and apart from the shopping in London, it is one of the things I miss the most about no longer working in an office, so it was with much excitement I received an email from a reader of the Blog, asking for help when dressing for her new job in the Corporate world.  Below is a section of her email request.

"I wonder if you could possibly help me. I have finally landed my dream job for a finance company in the City and am in desperate need of a new wardrobe!  In my previous job I have worn a uniform, so this is the first time I have had to purchase smart workwear and don't have a clue where to start! I also don't have much money and don't want to max out my credit card but do want items that are of fairly good quality.,

The reader then goes on to tell me her age, size and budget, I scratched my head, put myself in her position and began to trawl the net bringing out my inner personal shopper (#dreamjob!).

With an idea of pieces I used to wear and how to update them for 2011 and beyond, I set to work and it wasn't long before I realised just how hard a challenge this actually is for somebody on a very tight budget.

With larger online stores always having a clearance or special offer section, I tried to find just one store that contained many of the pieces I consider to be "essential" as this would cut down on postage costs that could really add up if you used a few different online retailers.
House of Fraser seemed to hit the spot, having most of the pieces I had in mind and they offer free next day delivery on orders over £100 if ordered before 3pm which is a great option if you need items quickly.  They also accept paypal.
With a budget maximum of £400 my 12 chosen pieces came in, under budget at £378.50.

Black leather belt by Stephen Collins £15.  Black Fashion Blazer by CC £64.50.  Pinstripe Dress by Warehouse £45.  Black Slingbacks by Guess £60.  Grey long sleeve top by Mint Velvet £12.  Silk Scarf by Precis Petit £19.  Black Tulip Jersey Skirt by Kaliko £15.  Nude Court Shoes by Nine West £59.  Necklace by Kaliko £15. Black Cotton Sateen Trousers by Kookai £31.  Twist Neck Top by Minuet Petit £15. Grey Cardigan by Phase Eight £28. 

All items from House of Fraser here.

Before I tell you how to wear these pieces and how many different looks you can get from these 12 garments, I must stress that you should never be put off by brands that don't necessarily fit your age bracket!  My reader probably wouldn't be seen dead buying clothes from Kaliko or Precis Petit etc but when you are looking from something specific and especially when looking for a certain item which is hopefully reduced, always keep an open mind, after all, I found myself browsing in East at Bluewater last week because I had seen a Pucciesque Kaftan by the Brand over at Kates blog a few weeks back!

So how many looks can you get from these pieces - let me show you:-

Day 1. Wear the jacket belted over the dress with the statement necklace and black heels.
Day 2. Wear the skirt with the ivory top finished off with the belted cardigan, necklace and black heels.
Day 3. Wear the trousers with the long sleeved grey top, the blazer, scarf and nude heels.
Day 4. Wear the dress with your cardigan, necklace and black heels.
Day 5. Wear the skirt with ivory top, jacket, scarf and nude heels.
Day 6. Wear the trousers with ivory top, belted cardigan, necklace and nude heels.
Day 7. Wear the skirt with long sleeve grey top, scarf and black heels.

A capsule collection of mix and match basics should be the building blocks of your wardrobe whether your requirement be corporate or casual, and once you have those basics, you can begin to increase your outfit options by introducing a new piece each month. I would recommend my reader invests in a Luxe looking shirt or pussybow blouse, a chanelesque tweed box style jacket (which will give all the outfits mentions a completely different look,) a trench coat or A line Mac in either a classic stone colour or red, which will look particularly stylish with the black basics (as would a pair of red heels) and a good quality statement watch to ensure she never misses the last train home!

My Top Tips for Successful City Dressing

  • Look after your shoes, keep them clean and get them reheeled and resoled when required. 
  • Swap open toe shoes for closed in styles for autumn and winter.
  • Never wear Trainers for the Journey, they look vile!  If you have more than a few minutes walk from the station to the office, carry a pair of soft flexible ballet pumps in your bag.
  • Unless you are 100% sure it is not going to rain, always carry a small lightweight umbrella, nothing looks or makes you feel worse than arriving at the office looking like a drowned rat!
  • Keep a bag at work containing all the essentials you may need, including another set of make-up so that you don't have to carry "everything but the kitchen sink" into work everyday.  The essentials I used to keep at work included:  Mascara, Lipstick, Perfume, Deodorant, Dry Shampoo (yes I must have been one of the first fans of Batiste, it really was around back then!), hairbrush or comb, Sanitary Protection, Spare underwear, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Painkillers, Plasters, Baby Wipes, Cotton Wool, Nail Varnish Remover, Emery Board.  Having these items to hand will ensure that you can deal with every eventuality when you may be far away from home, broke or both! You will be able to deal with greasy hair, an unannounced period, or ghastly chipped nail polish, all of which ensure you can keep your Corporate image intact when faced with either a beauty or medical emergency!
  • Go through your existing wardrobe and accessories collection to see how many pieces can be reworked for the office or subsituted for any of the pieces above, to save you money. A range of different colour or patterned scarfs, tops and jewellery will give you so many more looks, as will shoes. 
  • We have all read the articles about how much money you would save over the year by taking a pack lunch into work rather than buying on or how much richer you would be if you ditched the starbucks each morning but I couldn't give up the Latte if I was still travelling uptown!  If you do decide to make a packed lunch, get it prepared the night before.  I never used to have time to do much in the mornings as with a 2 hour, door to door commute, I used to leave home at 6.30am!
  • I also used to get my outfits for the week, ready at one end of the wardrobe on a Sunday, including underwear, as this used to save me rummaging through drawers and wardrobes and waking everybody up with my cursing!  If you think you may forget how to put your outfits together, then make a list and stick it inside your wardrobe.
  • Dry cleaning, Shoe repairs, Beauty treatments etc will all cost more in London than they will locally, so try to sort this stuff out on a Saturday when you are at home. I used to get my hair blow dried every Tuesday and Friday on my lunch hour, as getting home at 7.30pm and having three little girls to deal with, left me little time for a hairwash and the 3 hours it takes for my hair to dry naturally (Its huge if I blow dry it), so I forgive anyone for doing this and it can make life easier if you are due to go out once you get home on a Friday night and a girl deserves one treat right?
Do you have any tips for the perfect corporate capsule wardrobe?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ruth Langsford becomes Lingerie model at 51!

This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford has been confirmed as the new brand ambassador for lingerie firm Playtex and although I am not a huge fan of her as a presenter (I get sick of her talking over her husband and the guests) I totally take my hat off to her for keeping her amazing figure and looking totally fantastic in her fifties.

The new collection from Playtex has been designed with fiftysomething women in mind and Ruth says she is excited to be working with the Brand because she believes it's about time women of her age group were given more visibility,".  Ruth went on to say "I love being in my fifties, and while my body shape is changing, I still enjoy things like wearing sexy dresses, clothes shopping, going to the gym and feeling good about myself and my body.""For me, Playtex have hit just the right balance between style, comfort, fit and a creating a fabulous shape."

Playtex was originally launched in Britain in the 1950s, and by 1955 was shipping out an amazing 12,000 girdles every week. The new lingerie collection worn by Ruth is the result of two years of research by the brand to discover what women over the age of fifty are looking for in their underwear.  "Ruth Langsford is the perfect choice for us", says Playtex Marketing Manager Marica Carleschi. "She embodies a new generation of confident, 50-something British women that Playtex is all about today."
"Research has shown us that while comfort and fit are important to these women, they also want to look amazing and show off their figures. And we believe that with the right support, that's exactly what they can do."

Its seems the brand have come a long way from their "cross your heart" days!  Do you think Ruth fits the bill as the Brands ambassador or would you have chosen someone else in their fifties?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Red Alert

I have been thinking a lot about coloured denim lately, especially red jeans, and after seeing Louise Redknapp on Something For The Weekend yesterday morning, rocking a pair with a loose fitting white t-shirt and black heeled court shoes, doing laid back luxe, as only Louise can, I have been wondering just how wearable this micro trend is for the more mature fashionista, afterall Louise must be late 30's by now, it seems like she has been around forever!

I have to confess that when red denim hit our fashion radar's last time around, it was actually the summer of 2007 and the reason I know this is because both my youngest daughter and I bought a pair in Zara whilst on holiday in Spain. I later sold mine, and as per usual, I live to regret my ebay sales, but am pleased to report Claudia still has hers and they have had a couple of outings already this year, but what I was happy to wear four years ago, I wouldn't necessarily be happy to wear now.

When we talk about "Fashion in our Forties" there is one thing I have realised, what you can get away with wearing in your early 40's, really can't be worn as you approach 50. It seems to me to be the decade where we actually go from being reasonably young and virtually wrinkle free, to suddenly becoming old and dogged with wrinkles and it surely must be the decade where we worry the most about whether the clothes that we wear are age appropriate.

As for the "red jean" subject matter, I think that this time around I will stick with the indigo and just admire the red jean wearers from afar......

If you do invest in a pair, don't sell them on ebay next year, they are sure to be bang on trend again in a few years time and are currently selling like hotcakes on NAP and surprisingly Matches, Browns and mytheresa don't have any on their websites, shame on them, they are missing out on a huge amount of sales!

Current Elliott cropped jeans £180 at net-a-porter.

Sandro mid rise £160 at net-a-porter

Paul & Joe £175 at net--porter.

Are you on Red Alert this season?

Selfridges & Co Ltd

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Something for the Weekend

The weekend is here and Yay for that!  I have had some seriously busy weeks recently which has left the Blog and my commenting, mostly on the back burner. I then end up feeling an enourmous amount of guilt and obligation, almost as if I am employed by Blogger!

Little Man breaks up on Tuesday (I can't wait) and I am hoping having him around until the 3rd May, will see me having to get a bit better organised than of late.  Since I have been working from home, my clients ring last minute and expect me to be available at the drop of a hat and with everything else that is going on in life I have been left with a feeling of complete unorganisation, which for me is not good and causes me to function badly.  I need to set aside days for clients, days for blogging, days for housework etc which will hopefully leave me feeling a bit better and not so burdened by all the things I need and want to do.

As anybody who follows me on Twitter will know, I went off to see the Wizard on Wednesday, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on a trip with Little Mans School.  The Show was quite a spectacle and I wore my red ballet pumps, not only in honour of Dorothy but because the Jimmy Choo flats I got in the January sale, actually cut my feet up on a trip to Bluewater on Monday and the New Look pumps are the only thing soft enough to cope with a cut and blistered heel!  Damn those JC's!

This week saw the start of one of the biggest events in the Racing Calender and left me totally horrified by some of the outfits and assets on display at the Aintree Racecourse.
Bold colours and mega boobage seemed to be the order of the day and left me wondering if these outsize fashionista's actually have a mirror in the house?
I'm no skinny minnie (sadly) and I more than understand how people struggle with their weight but surely the flab should be disguised rather than flaunted?
All the images I saw left me wondering, "since when do racegoers take inspiration from the guests off of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"?

For Ladies Day yesterday, Coleen Rooney shows us how it should be done in a pale dusky pink Alaia dress and sequin clutch.
Something looks different about her, I think it may be the shape of her eyebrows, or perhaps it is just that she is growing up?

The Gorgeous weather we have had this week has left most of us either reaching for the fake tan or getting out last summers maxi dress.  The April climate has certainly taken us by surprise, as usually at this time of year we would be reaching for our Trench Coats and Umberella's.  I don't think any of us had any intention of packing away our winter woolies just yet, but if you are in serious need of an injection of summer cool clothing then check out the Isabella Oliver mid season sale, which has 33% off of selected items and Dorothy Perkins are offering 25% off online during their VIP week.

If its summer skincare your after and looking to swap your heavy base for a tinted moisturiser, don't forget to check out the great range at Space NK.  Space NK are currently offering a range of mini freebies ideal for holidays, on all orders by entering code DELUXMINIS at checkout until 30th May and if you are looking to buy your holiday skin essentials online, then check out the new "SUN" section of the website which includes everything from sun preparation products and travel sets to products containing less than 100ml, ideal to take on your journey.

So if you are not jetting off for an Easter break, ave a great weekend in the sunshine!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feeling Fruity!

I have to be totally honest, I am not a lover of fruit and often force myself to eat a piece everyday just because I know I should, but unless said fruit is red, sweet and juicy, and is sitting on top of a nest of crispy meringue or covered in sugar and drowned in double cream,  I have to confess that I find cake far more appealing! 
I am however, quite partial to a Lemon, either sliced in a rare and very enjoyable G&T, or squeezed over some Smoked Salmon but Citrus fruits are taking on a fresh appeal for me this season and I have found a new and exciting way to get my "five a day" with the fresh and fruity prints as seen at Stella McCartney and Moschino Cheap & Chic.  Even Shoe Designer Charlotte Olympia has jumped on the juicy fruit bandwagon with a pair of stunning flat pumps that will inject a colourful and fun element when worn with jeans or rolled up chinos.

Are you feeling fruity this summer?

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Something for the weekend

Another great purchase this week and even though I know I am seriously pushing my luck with OH, when Browns Fashion tell the world via Twitter, that they are having a "under £100 flash sale" I would have been mental not to take a look!
I was seriously tempted by a pair of fuschia pink Bionda Castana Gladiator Heels but I did resist, now matter how beautiful they were or how big the reduction (originally over £500 reduced to just £99) because finally I am getting "it".  The realisation that even though a) it is beautiful b) they have my size or c) it is such a great reduction, I have stopped myself from buying things that will never get worn because I rarely go out and never get to wear some of the beautiful heels or dresses I own, which of course turns out to be total waste of money and not a bargain at all!
So instead I opted for something practical and wearable.  Current Elliott, J Brand and Acne jeans were reduced to just £25 but nothing in my size, then I spotted a pair of CE Captain Trousers which are essentially a chino.  I do have a Gap pair I bought last Spring but they are almost brown in colour and quite heavy so I was more than chuffed when they turned up the following day (great service) only to find that they are extremely lightweight and much paler in the Stone colourway, than the pair I already own.  They are a cropped style with a turn up and will look fab with breton tops and sandals or can be smartened up a bit with a blazer and ballet pumps.  So a real investment purchase at only £50 and a great summer wardrobe staple!  Also available in Khaki and I have to say much nicer in the flesh than on the website where they look more casual and a bit rough around the edges, which they aren't.

Still plenty of bargains to be had, check out their Flash Sale here!

Wednesday saw me meeting up with a friend (a local boutique owner) who could only fit in our meeting whilst she was shopping for underwear in our nearest Marks & Spencer! However, we did manage a chat over a much needed Coffee and a quick browse around the store where I was really impressed with some of the summer pieces on offer.
A particular favourite was this great jumpsuit which I had already seen on the website and had previously recommended to a (much younger) friend who was looking for something "on trend" for three events she is due to attend.  I love the colour, the way the fabric falls and how it not only embraces the current 70's trend but would make a great alternative to a dress for a summer wedding, just team with a metallic wedge sandal, lots of chunky bangles and finish off with a flower in your hair.

If you are looking to buy some new underwear this weekend, Marks and Spencer have a £5 off a £35 spend by entering the code HEAVENLY at checkout.  View the collection here.

I am totally loving the colour blocking at Reiss and the vermillion maxi skirt is a far cheaper alternative for anybody who can't quite stretch to the pink Jil Sander.  My longing to wear a skirt this season has me wondering what I ever did with my weight watchers handbook from about 5 years ago, but I think its time to clear out the kitchen drawers and find it, pronto!

If you are looking to buy some summer wardrobe staples you don't want to miss the Reiss mid season sale!  Bikini's, classic black swimsuits, jersey kaftans, linen shorts, sunglasses and embellished sandals are all greatly reduced!  A couple of hundred quid would buy you everything you need for a weeks fun in the sun!  Check out whats on offer here.

For today and tomorrow only, New Look are offering 20% off of all orders online by using code NLMWAW at checkout.  Offer available on full priced items only. 

There is still time to save 15% off of the Isabella Oliver luxe jersey basics collection, absolute essential summer and layering pieces which work with everything.  Just enter code BASICS15 at checkout until Midnight Sunday 3rd April.

The perfect Tank at Isabella Oliver.

I have totally fallen "head over heels" (excuse the pun) which the natural selection of shoes and bags in the current collection at LK Bennett.  Snakeskin continued to appear on the catwalks for A/W11 so those yummy wedges will be a worthwhile investment, not just a one season wonder!  View the collection here.

I hope everyone who is a Mum has a great day tomorrow and I would like to raise a virtual glass to aspiring Yummy Mummies everywhere! clink, clink!