Monday, 31 October 2011

Say hello to the oldest pair of shoes in my wardrobe.

I can't remember exactly which year I bought them, but it was pre OH/Little Man and at some point during my five and a half years as a single mum, so I guesstimate about 13/14 years ago.

Those years were exciting times, because I actually had a life. A good job that enabled me to pay my own mortgage, three very young and beautiful daughters, a social life that would kill me now and most importantly, I didn't have to hide any new clothing or shoe purchases and I could buy anything I wanted without having to answer to anyone, see I really did have it all and that is before we get onto the subject of Remote Controls!

I remember I bought a glossy magazine (nothing unusual there then) for reading on the commute to work in London and as usual, I flicked through the fashion pages before I got down to any nitty gritty reading and that was when I first spotted them.

It was the outfit they were styled with that first grabbed my attention, I remember it was cream, a fluffy jumper and a pencil skirt, and if memory serves me right, either one or both of those garments were from French Connection.  Then my eyes worked their way down to the footwear and suddenly I fell in love, you see I have always been addicted to shoe porn!
I was sucked in by the pewter colour, the pointed toe and how I felt they made the models feet look really sexy with the way they were cut quite low across the front of the foot.  This was long before anybody had coined the phase "toe cleavage" and I thought they were bound to be designer and nearly fell off my coach seat when I read they were from BHS!

I felt a little bit embarrassed to admit that I liked a pair of shoes from BHS, but I couldn't stop myself catching the Number 8 bus from Liverpool Street to their Oxford Street flagship store at lunchtime to buy them.  I can't remember what they cost, maybe somewhere in the region of £20 and they were from a Premier Collection range that BHS had just launched at the time, not that I was interested in anything else from that particular department store, as it was usually only somewhere that I used to buy Light Fittings from!

I had completely forgotten that I still had them as I am not really a horder and sell so many things that I later regret, but I know why I still have these, basically because I wouldn't get anything for them on ebay, as they are not designer!

It is lovely to see them after so many years and to be enveloped by the warm and fuzzy memories they bring back, of nights out clubbing, having far too much to drink, having so much fun with my friends, dancing the night away and I guess in a way, I do actually still like them and perhaps they should be worn again, what do you think?

What are the oldest pair of shoes in your wardrobe and is there a story behind your purchase?

Kurt Geiger Ltd.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dress Trends for Fall at Ellos.

Come winter, I tend to live almost everyday in jeans and rarely ever wear dresses except for a night out on the town, but this season I have made a little promise to myself that I must make more of an effort to dress up during the day and not to become so reliant on my jeans, especially if going into town for a spot of shopping or to meet a friend for lunch.

Ellos dresses are a great winter daytime wardrobe option with all of this seasons trends to choose from including berry colours, leather, winter florals and fairisle knits, and if you don't want to cover up a great dress on a chilly day, think about layering over long sleeve tops and keeping warm by accessorising your dress with a great scarf, chunky cardigan, short furry jacket, opaque tights and either flat or heeled boots.

All dresses pictured above are available from Ellos (part of the very popular La Redoute group).

How the A List wear this seasons dress trends.......
Claudia Schieffer in Winter florals.

celebrity color block dress
Eva Longoria in Berry Colours.

Jennifer Aniston wearing black leather dress.

Which winter dress trends will you be wearing this season?

Friday, 28 October 2011

All I want for Christmas - Selfridges Beauty Advent Calender and Christmas Crackers.

I have to make a little confession about Christmas and it is something that my OH always moans at me about, but the truth is, I still buy Advent Calenders for my daughters as well as for Little Man.

Even though the girls are now 22, 20 and 19, they admit to finding it hard to part with certain Christmas childhood traditions, especially those that involve chocolate and who can blame them, we all get old way too quickly and there is something so deeply satisfying about opening up that little cardboard door to reveal the minature chocolate laying beneath, just thinking about it makes my mouth water and makes you think of your childhood, I know I used to get more excited about my Advent Calender than I did my presents, so I was more than a little excited to hear that there is a way that I can have all the fun of a Christmas Advent Calender but without the Calories!

Product Junkies like myself will be more than a little pleased to hear that we don't need to consume Chocolate before breakfast time, to get a daily dose of Xmas excitement in the lead up to the big day, because Selfridges are selling an exclusive luxury advent calender for us grown up girls, filled with mini sized beauty must haves from all of our favourite brands including Lancome, Khiels and Shu Uemura that would make a great gift, if you didn't want to treat yourself.  I have already had a request from one of my girls for this!

LANCOME All I Want This Christmas advent calendar
Beauty Advent Calender available exclusively at Selfridges, £80.

If you would prefer your pocket sized beauty treat to accompany your Christmas Lunch, then check out the Lancome Christmas Crackers.  These would be a perfect way to finish off dinner for both me and my girls and it would be great to leave the paper hats, crap jokes and plastic whistles to the boys for a change.  Just imagine how chic the table would look but you can guess who would end up getting the anti-ageing serum.......

LANCOME Beauty Christmas Crackers
Lancome Christmas Crackers £38 from Selfridges.

Do you think its time to start some new Christmas beauty traditions?

Jasper Conran ss12

I can't believe that we are almost into November and I still have London Fashion Week pictures to share with you.  The Jasper Conran show took place on the Saturday, day two, and apart from a sudden and very heavy downpour of rain which sent the back of my hair and my leopard print jacket into something resembling a smelly wet dog, I had another great day with Pearl and Lawrence.

Its fair to say that good or bad runway photographs seem to have more to do with exactly where you are positioned within the show space and nothing to do with your photographic equipment or the picture taking ability of your mobile phone, as the pictures from the Jasper Conran show were by far the best I took on my iphone and it was the only show that I happened to be over on the far side and right next to the photographers pit.

I adored the colour palette of black, grey, red, white and pink and the simplicity of the garments, and I couldn't help but think how easy it would be to slip on one of Jasper's dresses to feel a million dollars next summer.

The matching headbands added a touch of "Jackie O" glamour to a collection which screamed simplicity,  a term often associated with Jaspers designs and accessories were kept simple with clear perspex bags and flat sandals designed for the ultimate in summer comfort.

The A line and Tunic dresses make the perfect shape for more mature figures and the slashed to the hip maxi's, palazzo pants and open backed dresses gave the collection a young, sexy feel and meant that this was a collection for women who adore beautiful clothes no matter what their age.

Kirstie Allsop FROW at Jasper Conran.

View the complete runway show at Jasper Conran here.

 Jasper interviewed directly after the show.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Taking a look at Marisota.

I always get excited when a brand I have never looked at before comes to my attention and when I recently heard about Marisota, I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't wait to see what the website had to offer.

I always feel it is an important part of blogging to alert readers to new brands/products and not always necessarily with a designer price tag.  We all have to be realistic and the country is still in the middle of a recession, so High Street price points are a must for many.

When featuring High Street or Designer fashion, we have to bear in mind that not everybody who wants to wear lovely things and look stylish is your "bog standard" size 16 or below, there are many women out there who can't find trousers long enough or who can manage to find boots that easily and comfortably fit their calves, and I have family members who struggle with both of these issues when shopping, so taking a close look at Marisota online was a real breath of fresh air as all sizes and shapes are catered for, with the brand offering trousers in up to five different leg lengths and boots in up to 4 different width fittings.

I have to confess to being a bit of an outerwear junkie come Fall, so I couldn't resist a browse at the coats and jackets, after all, give a woman a glamorous coat and she could live all winter in a t-shirt and jeans and still look fabulous.

I fell in love with four styles in particular, all of which are worthy of a place in my wardrobe and I couldn't ignore the leopard print jacket or the fur trimmed coat, both of which would be perfect for adding the "glam factor" to next February's fashion week and we all know that every woman needs a camel coat in her life and I am no exception, so I couldn't help but adore the classic style of the cashmere blend option pictured above and love how the style will flatter all body shapes, so if you only buy one coat this winter, make it camel. I also kept my eyes open for a  jacket that will take me through many a party season and you all know how I couldn't possibly resist a touch of glitter or a sequin or two, and a sparkly jacket is the perfect way to dress up your LBD or jeans and cami, to have you cocktail ready in no time at all. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to see the British Design Legend that is Zandra Rhodes, has a collection of clothing and homeware goods and the website also has a fabulous beauty and gift section selling make-up and perfume from all the top cosmetic companies including Clinique, YSL and Benefit, perfect for some early Christmas shopping or for a little treat for yourself, afterall we all want to look and smell gorgeous this Winter.

Have you had a look at the Ladies clothing catalogue from Marisota?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chanel Nail Polish - new colours for Fall.

As regular readers will know, I am a complete sucker for a new season Chanel nail polish and this winter is no exception with three metallic shades that will have you set for the party season and which will make the perfect partner to that Little Black cocktail dress.
The newest metallic colours were first seen on the Chanel A/W11 runway earlier this year and so that you can see how the colours look on the nails, I have used some images from Nail Guru Sophy Robsons website which is a great source of inspiration for nail polish buffs like myself.

Graphite, Quartz and Peridot.

A models nails getting ready for the Chanel runway in Graphite.

Peridot will leave your nails looking as though they have been dipped in molten gold.

Yay! Got one!

I asked for Graphite but hubby came home with Peridot but I'm not complaining, I think its even better in real life than in the images I have seen previously.

Which one would you choose?

Periodot and Graphite available online from Selfridges here. All three shades available from Boots here.

This season also see's the introduction of Chanel's new Matt Top Coat which will give every colour of nail polish you own, a velvety matt finish.

I'm really not sure that this a trend I will be buying into, I've always been a sucker for a high gloss finish!

Top Coat Velvet echos the velvety finish of the rouge allure velvet lipstick and was also seen on the Giles and Loewe catwalks and although I am quite fond of a matt lip, I may need a little more convincing when it comes down to my finger tips.

The matt top coat is available from both Boots and Selfridges from the links above. £18.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get the Hair Style you have always wanted with GHD.

I often wonder how I coped with my hair before I invested in my very first pair of GHD's some years ago.
As I have got older, my hair has become "massive" and not in the Ali G "Staines Massive" kind of gangsta way, more to do with the fact that as it dries naturally, it is about 6 inches wide on either side of my head and has become quite curly over time (not in a nicely curled by your GHD kind of way) and now the only way to tame it, is with my trusty GHD hair straighteners.

For anybody who does use hair straighteners but doesn't own a pair of GHD's, converts like myself will tell you that these are the "creme de la creme" of the straightening iron world, as they manage to tame hair that is normally wild and way out of control, as well as being able to create a range of hairstyles that would normally require more than one styling tool to achieve.

At first I just used to use mine to straighten my hair, but with a little help from my hairdresser and the tutorial video's that were shown in the Salon opposite the wash basin's, I soon began to learn how to style my hair in various different ways by using my irons to curl it for a touch of glamour or wave it for some California surf girl style and I was amazed that I didn't need to purchase any other stylers, my GHD's could do the lot!

Don't be fooled into thinking that only longer hair styles can benefit from some GHD styling, shoulder length and short styles can be teased with waves, flicks, curls and short mens styles have a GHD styler especially designed for them (my husband loves his and it stops him from stealing mine) so there is a styling iron for everyone and who wouldn't want to find a pair under the tree this Christmas?

With the introduction of a new limited edition, 1920's inspired styler called "Scarlett" (pictured above) and with Katy Perry as the face of GHD, the brand has taken on both a glamorous and "cool girl" vibe which puts this range of must have styling tools, at the top of every girls "hair must have" list.

Check out the "back to cool" section at and learn how to copy styles seen on the Catwalk from sleek ponytails at Louis Vuitton to Minnie Mouse inspiration as seen at Topshop Unique.

Check out the complete range of stylers, brushes and hair products at and get the hair style you have always wanted!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Strictly Come Dancing and Red Carpet Style.

Bright: Daly wore an Emilio Pucci maxi dress on Saturday's show
I wasn't a fan of either dress worn by Tess Daly on Strictly Come Dancing last weekend.  Saturday night saw her in Pucci, a designer I am a massive fan of, and although I loved the dress, I just didn't feel it was appropriate for the show, something a touch more glam was in order.

Since the newly revamped Strictly first hit our screens we have seen Tess in some gorgeous gowns that are usually well suited to a presenter of a ballroom dance show, but the Pucci number was just too casual and as Kate said during out Twitter conversation, "far better suited to a Summer BBQ". I couldn't agree more.

I awaited Sunday nights sartorial offering and again was disappointed, it may have been Stella McCartney, but was just a tad too tarty and the hair too severe on an over forty something lady, flashing too much flesh and it wasn't just me, most of my Twitter pals agreed.

The Stella McCarty dotty number and its variations have had various celebrity red carpet outings and it certainly looks better on some than others, but for me the dress that looks best is the one that doesn't have the sheer panels going down either side.  If worn without an undergarment, it makes people think you have no underwear on and when worn with a slip, it ruins the line of the dress, a lose lose situation if you ask me.

Sexy silhouette: The Stella creation was a more daring choice for Daly's usually conservative Strictly wardrobeSexy silhouette: The Stella creation was a more daring choice for Daly's usually conservative Strictly wardrobeRisqué: Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes (left) and pop star Anastasia wore another version of the dress, with more sheer panelsRisqué: Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes (left) and pop star Anastasia wore another version of the dress, with more sheer panelsMaking strides: Kate Winslet wore the £1,285 Lucia in March (left), as did Livia Firth in SeptemberMaking strides: Kate Winslet wore the £1,285 Lucia in March (left), as did Livia Firth in September

Missing the mark: Susan Sarandon wore Stella McCartney's polka-dotted panel dress last night to a gala in New York City

Susan Sarandon should have put more thought into the undergarment department. Usually a woman of great taste and style, the visible bra strap is a definite "no no"  whatever your age.

For me, who wore it the best without a doubt, Livia Firth.  Just take a look at her hair style and the shoes, for me, that is what makes the dress work. When you compare the footwear worn by the other celebrities, they are just all wrong.  I really don't understand, when celebrity stylists who have numerous pairs of shoes at their disposal, wouldn't be trying on various options, to see what looks best.  Livia's simple black accessories undoubtedly take the dress from "yay to nay".


Interestingly, the Stella McCartney spotty/sheer dresses were obviously not a huge hit with UK buyers as neither net-a-porter, Browns or Matches are stocking the dress or its variants online. net-a-porter has an all in one, but I have found the dress worn by Kate Winslet and Livia Firth at mytheresa if you have a spare twelve hundred pounds and I must say, I think the website have styled it perfectly with shoe boots and a nude clutch. 

Who do you think wore Stella best?


Rigby and Peller Bra Amnesty

"I really don't want to lose my breasts, they're fabulous". Samantha Jones, Sex and the City, Episode 2, Series 6.

Even if you have only lived through the ordeal of Breast Cancer via your favourite television programme like me, there is no doubt that thousands of women face diagnosis of breast cancer every day, and it is one of the most scary forms of cancer for any woman, as no matter what your age, nobody wants to lose either one or both of their breasts.

Premium lingerie specialist Rigby and Peller, a brand who operate by Royal Appointment and have been around for over 50 years, are getting involved with Breast Cancer Awareness by offering a "Bra Amnesty" where you take in your old bra to get money off of a new one, from either the stunning new Autumn and Winter or Mastectomy collections.

Up until the 31st of October, for every bra that you recycle, you will receive £10 off per new bra that you purchase, with £1 for every 10 recycled bras, going to Breast Cancer Care, a charity close to the heart of Rigby and Peller's founder June Kenton.  June is a breast cancer survivor who was inspired, after her own ordeal, to create a delicate lingerie range coupled with a specialised fitting service designed specifically for mastectomy sufferers

I know this week is Half Term, but I shall try my hardest to go to Bluewater as I have wanted to be properly measured by Rigby and Peller and buy one of their bra's for some time now and I am sure I am one of the 80% of British women currently wearing the wrong size!

So start looking after your breasts, they're fabulous, and get yourself along to your nearest Rigby and Peller store to try out their unparalleled fitting service for yourself and remember to take your old bra with you to take advantage of the £10 off offer, your clothes will look so much better for it!

shop beautiful and unique designer jewellery online at

Friday, 21 October 2011

Something for the Weekend - Grab a mid season sale bargain.

With mid season sales in full throttle, I thought this particular "Something for the Weekend" post, should focus on a bit of bargain online shopping, just in case it is too cold to traipse up and down the High Street this weekend and who doesn't love a great reduction?

Dorothy Perkins.

VIP week begins today with a massive 25% off of everything online.  Just use code DPVIPE at checkout. Shop here.
Tall magenta skinny jeans
Top Pick - I love the colour of these Magenta Skinny Jeans was £30 after discount will be £22.50.

A website that has recently cropped up on my radar is Style-Passport, but don't be fooled into thinking the  website name means that this fashion e-tailer only stocks clothing suitable for holidays, as that is far from the truth. With a range of brands including Halston Heritage, Anya Hindmarch and Barbour, there is a range of clothing for every season and their sale is fantastic if you are looking for this season designer pieces with massive discounts and one thing I really love about the site, is the fact that if you are heading off for a winter sun holiday, there are Prada sunglasses and DVF bikini's and kaftans to keep you effortlessly cool by the pool.

*NEW SEASON* Printed silk shirt - Equipment
Top Pick - This Equipment shirt is a new season piece with 50% off and is perfect for layering under cardigans or wearing with coloured skinny jeans (see above) and heels for dinner. Equipment shirts are always high on every fashionista's wish list, so don't miss out.  Was £253.00 was £126.50. Shop the sale here.

Reiss - Up to 40% off.
Reiss Sammie Dresses
This silky jersey Sammie dress from Reiss is bound to become that "go to" dress for every occassion from Christmas Parties to summer weddings. Was £129 now £84. Shop the Sale here.

If last winters coat is looking a little sad and worn out, then it must be time to shop the Monsoon, 30% off winter coat promotion.  With free UK and international delivery there are even more savings to be made!
Rebecca Box Coat

I'd throw winter coat practicality to the wind and invest in this Rebecca Box Coat with its glamourous faux fur trim. Shop the promotion here.

One of my favourite footwear sales just has to be Office. Huge reductions and a High Street take on many designer styles makes this the fashionista's favourite footwear destination, and I just couldn't resist two top picks from the massive amount of reductions.  The first is for a classic boot that will take you through the winter in style because every shoe wardrobe needs a pair......

JOUST STRAP BOOT - style no: 17035000

and my second pick is for a pair of shoes to take you through the party season at a bargain price and these would look superb with the Reiss dress featured above.

Office Tooth and nail Blk nylon/suede
Was £85 now £20. Shop all reductions here.

Are you planning on making any additions to your wardrobe this weekend?