Saturday, 7 April 2012

Something for the weekend - Beautiful Women, Candy and Easter Treats Aplenty.

Happy Easter

The first week of half term was certainly a week where "News" was concerned and who couldn't help but have an opinion on the Samantha Brick story in the Daily Mail and her subsequent interview on This Morning.  The whole debacle was the top trending subject on Twitter (until mention of Karen Matthews release hit the headlines) and left me feeling a bit sorry for her in the end when it became apparent her argument had no substance what so ever and that a lot of things mentioned in the article were referring to events that had happened over the last twenty years and probably only once or twice and not in the volume we had been led to believe.  That said, I think what got my back up (and the rest of the nations women) was the fact that she honestly believed she was something special when in fact for a 41 year old I can't deny that she is fairly attractive and I really wouldn't mind looking like her one bit, but without the huge ego we all detected.  There are women like Samantha everywhere, we all know or have known one, the woman who really thinks she is something special, they are generally the ones who tend to have more male than female friends and not because women feel threatened by them but because we distance ourselves after growing sick of their bragging, boasting and vanity.  I'm all for women being confident but there is something very unattractive about being over confident and loving yourself. 

Would you be afraid your hubbie would fall at her feet? Thought not.

So now on with the important Easter stuff and whether you have a house full of chocolate bunnies, are busy baking Easter treats this weekend or thinking about elaborate decorations for your Easter dinner table, there are lots of other Treats around which don't involve consuming copious amounts of calories or tearing your hair out in Hobby Craft, so how about redressing the balance and treating yourself to a little new season retail therapy with mid season sales and free p&p deals aplenty?

Isabella Oliver are offering a different "treat" every day over the holiday period and today see's the classic straight leg jean available in two lenghts and three colours, indigo, slate and white, slashed by 70% making this classic wardrobe staple a very enticing £29.70 by entering the code "EASTER3" at checkout, so don't miss out!  In ddition to this, their mid season sale continues and features lots of new season pieces. Check out the sale here.

Other great Sales and discounts this weekend include:

Free P&P at Great Plains - just enter code WND12 at checkout.
Free Delivery at Kew - with code SUMMERDEL
20% off this Sunday at French Connection using code SUNDAY20
Save £5 when you spend £50 at Boots including free delivery by using code EBH50 until midnight 9th.
20% off of swimwear and lingerie at Simply Beach - enter code SWIM6 at checkout until midnight 10th.
Save 20-30% on a range of merchandise at Bloomingdales UK including clothes, shoes and accessories.

Although Easter may be all about the Candy, there is only one kind of Candy I shall be lusting after this weekend since seeing these recent picture of Olivia Palermo carrying the Anya Hindmarch Bruton tote. Now thats what I call Arm Candy!

white bruton tote by Anya HindmarchAnya Hindmarch Bruton leather tote
Bruton Tote £895.

I know I am usually all about the Chanel and Celine with a bit of Valentino Rockstar and Philip Lim Pashli thrown in for good measure, but how gorgeous is this beauty?  Big enough to fulfill my "everything but the kitchen sink" tendencies and with its classic white/camel/black colourway,  it will go with everything in your wardrobe! 

Get the Bruton in White from my-wardrobe and farfetch and in black from net-a-porter.

So whatever you are buying, eating or baking this weekend, have a great time, don't make yourself sick and enjoy!


  1. Hope the Brick incident goes away pretty soon. I'm still cringeing for her!
    Surprisingly, I can't like that Bruton tote. Maybe if it was smaller? Or because I know bowling/speedy style bags just don't suit me?

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Totally agree with you... having confidence is one thing and I would always admire a good looking and well dressed woman, but I hate arrogance and vanity!! I hope you have a fab weekend full of lots of lovely treats:)
    ~Anne xx

  3. I posted on the brick thing too as such a British phenomenon. If she had been really beautiful, would it have been better or worse I am still trying to work out?

  4. I still can't get my head round the Brick debacle, I honestly don't know what she was thinking. Like the different 'Easter treats' you mentioned, that tote would be top of my Easter list! Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I think she is crazy in my humble opinion. Does nothing for all the confident women other in the world.

    Hope you and your have a very happy Easter.

    X x

  6. I dont even think Brick is very attractive, she looks reasonably ok but thats it> I know people who are absolutely beautiful and yet dont have the attitude she does and actually dont think themselves very attractive.

  7. Just discovered your blog so hello from Ireland. About Samantha Brick, she sure knows how to get publicity! I think she is quite pretty but it's sad that she has such a big head!!

  8. Haha love your summing up. I do think she is mixing in a weird circle and that might explain it all!
    I love a bit of Anya too xx

  9. I have just come across this dress and thought about you and your quest for a white summer dress! Hope it suits your shape - I thought that it might

  10. That lady is quite pretty, but wouldn't have said that her looks would have been a burden to her. There are many prettier women. But, I'm slightly jealous of her because I would love to think I was prettier than I am.

    We send out such confusing signals! On one hand we want women to be confident in their looks and not be beholden to media-driven stereotypes, but on the other hand, a fairly attractive woman who thinks she's more attractive than she is, also draws quite a bit of ire - some comments that I saw on twitter etc were really rather cruel

    But how do we find balance? How do we become confident in ourselves and not step over the line that will then pull down the nation's laughter? I have absolutely no idea.

    Bag is totally gorgeous!!!!

    Ali x

  11. I love that bag, it looks like a Celine tote, and a Gucci bag bred together to produce a beautiful offspring. I am so over the Brick gate - I don't like to give the Daily Fail more attention. x


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