Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Warehouse Jegging Love.

I can remember back in the summer as the end of Charlie's time at Primary School was fast approaching, I began to have serious wardrobe panic over what I would wear each day when I no longer had reason to get dressed and be out of the house by 8.30am for the school run.

I treated myself to Joggers and a new Jumper as I knew these two components would work for a more stylish relaxed daytime look, that wouldn't leave me scared to open the front door to the postman, and then despair set in for the other 4 days of the school week.  I could visualise myself living in leggings with just a rotation of warm and comfortable tops (what I really mean is old cardigans complete with holes) befitting of someone who spends her time cleaning, cooking, Blogging and working from home and although I do usually spend the winter in jeans, they are not always the most comfortable and that's where a pair of pull on Jeggings stepped in.

 I had seen a few bloggers mention the Warehouse Jeggings and although I do own other styles that fall in this design bracket, they are all from premium denim brands and still have a zip and button fastening unlike the Warehouse style which are pull on and more light weight, which in my book = more comfort.  I decided to opt for a dark denim wash pair as I always find this shade of denim to be the most versatile for day or evening and much smarter looking than a paler wash and I was desperate for something that could see me just sling on a pair of boots and a coat and be good to go if I needed to take a bus into town or meet a friend unexpectedly without looking like someone who was slowly morphing into Waynetta Slob.

I've worn them with flat shoes, ankle boots and long boots and love them because they are just so easy to throw on and great to hoover in and with a £10 off denim promotion currently running at Warehouse, I really want a black pair too!

Pocket Jegging was £36 now £26 in all 6 colours.

Are you a Legging, Jegging or a Jeans only girl? 

Warehouse Fashions Limited


  1. Oh I have them too and LOVE them…they never fall down and it's great about the back pockets. Where are you boots from Sharron….LOVE them! x

  2. I am a jeans girl to be honest but that could be because I haven't experienced any jeggings.

    X x

  3. I have got myself a pair of coated jeggings form DPS and some claret ones from Zara to see how I get on with them - I haven't worn a pair of jeans in weeks!!!! Love them!! X

  4. Hi my dear!! Fabulous buy and I love the colour you chose too, perfect for Autumn! I heart all three choices-leggings, jeggings and jeans rotate very regularly in my wardrobe and I wouldn't be without any of them! Hope you're having a good week xxx

  5. I love jeggings! They are gorgeous, great colour :)

  6. Don't have that many leggings as I need more tops to cover my backside! I do live in jeans but these jeggings look brilliant and the comfort factor is a huge bonus! I'm actually going to be wandering past Warehouse tomorrow - do you mind if I pick up a pair? x

    1. Of course I don't! That's where blogs come in handy you see something on someone else and are inspired to buy it!

  7. Use 25oct for an additional 25% off, this can also be used with 25octdel for free delivery. Both expire 03/11.

  8. Ive never tried jeggings but I could be persuaded. Normally I live in jeans but sometimes skinny jeans can get uncomfortable by the end of the day.

  9. Never tried jeggings, but so like the look of these. Might have to take a look, especially at some black ones.


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