Sunday, 11 November 2012

Saturday in iphone pictures.

Pretty Blooms to brighten up a dull and wet weekend.

The weekend manicure featuring "Tate" by nails inc.

Limited Edition Christmas Candles from Diptique, making their way onto my December Birthday and Christmas Wish Lists.

Spag Bol - A firm Saturday night favourite.

Wrapping up Christmas presents you wish you'd bought for yourself. 

Have a great weekend my lovelies xx


  1. Gorgeous flowers .. and who is the lucky recipient of those boots? Not sure I'd be brave enough to wear them, but they're fab!

    1. My eldest. Topshop £95 to £50 in their sale. Luckily she doesn't read the blog so it is the only place I could share them with you as she is on Twitter and Instagram!

  2. Love your manicure, gorgeous shade of red! :)

  3. I ADORE those boots!!!...... *puts them on xmas list*

    Sharron x

  4. A post containing most of my favourite things. Love the nail colour - must track that one down.
    Happy weekend! :-) xx

  5. The flowers are beautiful, I always feel happy when I have colourful flowers in the house! Wrapping up Christmas pressies already, that is super organised, I haven't even managed to buy any yet.

  6. Love those booties... Can you sneak into her wardrobe and wear them too? Morning S

  7. You gave leopard print boots away! I make spaghetti big almost without fail every Sat. Didn't this wee as went to see Skyfall xx

  8. Gorgeous flowers, love the manicure, cute boots and the spag bol looks delicious! x

  9. I have my eye on one of those new Diptyque candles - just been reading about them in my new magazine. Love the nail polish too - great rich, winter shade.

  10. HAHA little did you know that i do read it from time to time and alas, spotted the boots! Good job I knew about them anyway!


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