Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Candles for the festive season.

As much as I love them and still burn them, scented candles don't have the same kind of appeal in spring and summer as they do in autumn and winter.  Once the evenings begin to draw in and the heating goes on, nothing feels more indulgent than lighting a beautiful scented candle, although I often think I could buy myself a top with the money they cost, they really are a luxury for me and one I really have to justify spending my money on, except at Christmas.

The mere sniff of a discount code and an impending Christmas present order from the brand in question seemed like enough of an excuse to indulge my sense of smell by purchasing a White Company winter signature candle with its combined aroma of cinnamon, clove and orange to relax and rejuvenate me before Charlie gets home from school and the madness of dinner time ensues. I blame my mum's Frankincense candle from Avon when I was a child for my love of Christmas aroma's.

I often re-light them during the evening, and take them up to my bedroom before I bath and go to bed and although I love the fragrance of many candles on the market at other times of year, you can't beat a Christmassy aroma floating around the house in the run up to the festive season.

They also act as my fall back gift for girlfriends and female relatives when I don't have a clue what to buy, as they are always well received. You can view the full range of White Company candles here.

Christmas Scented Candles to covet ............

Frankincense Limited Edition Diptique Candle £45 from Space NK. Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle £30. Warm Roasted Chestnut Signature Candle £29 Laura Mercier at Harrods. Annick Goutal Noel Scented Candle £41 from Harrods. Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle £35 at Harrods. John Lewis Winter Spice Box Candle £12.50.

I'm loving the description of the Annick Goutal Noel Candle.....
"Fresh and full-bodied, spicy and fruity, a mixture of citrus fruits and majestic Siberian pine. A scent with the clarity of snow and the warmth of a house filled with impatient, excited children on Christmas Eve." Sounds divine doesn't it? Or how about the Roast Chestnut one from Laura Mercier, my mouth is watering already!

What is your favourite scented candle and do you buy one especially for the festive season?

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The White Company


  1. Adore candles in any shape or form! That white company one looks gorgeous. Would love the Diptyque also!
    ~Anne xx

  2. I totally agree, winter was made for candles. I look forward to purchsing some new one in the next few weeks for the winter nights. Yankie Candle actually do once called Christmas :)

  3. I will also treat us to a candle to burn over Christmas. I'd actually rather that than another top!! Ive saved so much on the groceries this year I think I can justify a nice candle for Christmas. Will def use a code!! X

  4. I love, love, love candles. Last year I got a Christmas scented one from Max Benjamin (Irish brand) which filled the house with a lovely clove & cinnamon aroma. In general and when money allows however, I am a big fan of Jo Malone (especially Orange Blossom) and Diptyque (Lilas)

  5. Have recently been burning a large White Company Winter candle which is gorgeous but my absolute favourite is their Orange Grove, its absolutely fab but they dont make it in a large size and £20 for a a small candle is a bit of a luxury!

  6. Hi my dear-love all your picks here, am not really a candle gal, but if I did get one for Christmas I'm sure I would adore it-the silk PJs look very tempting too! xx

  7. I never thought I'd get over my love of Jo Malone candles until I discovered Lily Flame - the most amazing scents that really last, and they cost - wait for it - £8!!!!!!!

  8. I love scented candles, my mum-in-law got a set White Company Winter Candles a few years ago and the are the best I have found on the market for smell and burning time. Burnt my last one last Christmas, heaven..... I find yankie burn not so well, too quickly and make a mess. I just got M&S christmas candles this year good price at £6 plus they are in a lovely red glass holder, very christmassy.

  9. Love candles. I got me the green Xmas Diptyque candle! Morning S

  10. Yes, I adore scented candles. I usually have Figuier by Diptyque but I definitely need something spicier for Christmas. I love the sound of the Annick Goutal one. x

  11. I too love candles everywhere. They just didn't feel right when I lived in sunny Spain. But now back in the English countryside (ish) they are a must. Never tried The White Compnay's before. I usually go for Diptique or Jo Malone, but will certainly be on the look out for them. You are so right, they make great gifts x

  12. I love candles, especially on winter evenings!

    No plans yet for next summer but would love to go back to Marbs again! :)

  13. I adore scented candles (and you are so right, they are much better in the winter evenings) but I am yet to bite the bullet and buy a really posh expensive one! I have added the White Company one to my Christmas list so hopefully Father Christmas will drop it off for me!


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