Sunday, 25 November 2012

Gifts for girls - Silk Pyjamas.

My eldest daughter came up on Wednesday night.  She bought Ben and Jerry's, Pringles and Galaxy chocolate so all was good with the world when she pronouced "I want a pair of silk pyjamas".  When I asked "why" she said "Kourtney Kardashian wears them". Oh that's OK then.

We then spent a while browsing online at the various options and price points available and I told her I had already bought all of her Christmas presents, should I speak to the boyfriend? but she said no not to worry, he would never understand why anybody would pay £50 upwards for a pair of p.j's (typical bloke).

She went home, I had a bath, put my pyjamas on and then had my own life changing pj moment, where I decided that actually I want a pair too!  I was thinking all sorts of maudlin thoughts about being in my late 40's and the fact I might only be here for another 20 years if I'm lucky (forgetting about the high blood pressure and cholesterol because they are going to disappear on their own right?) and suddenly I couldn't bear the thought of living a lifetime without having the pleasure of sleeping in the most luxurious of fabrics, a bit like how I can't imagine living my life without ever owning a Chanel handbag.

I love pyjamas, I really do. Especially in winter when I bathe early and spend the evening snuggled on the sofa in something usually, plaid, thick or thermal (such a glamour puss) but now I am thinking slinky silky nightwear thoughts to bring out the Hollywood Starlet in me.  After all, they will be fab should I end up in hospital after having had a heart attack due to previously mentioned ailments no?  Knowing my luck I shall end up on a ward not to dissimilar to the one on "Getting On" (one of my fav programmes by the way) but it wouldn't be right to have a fashion blogger in hospital without the best nightwear surely?

Rosie for Autograph at Marks and Spencer £59.50 buy here.

John Lewis silk pyjamas £89 buy here.

Harrods Silk Pyjamas £99.95 buy here.

The White Company in silver, rose or alabaster £110.

Julianne silk pyjamas from House of Fraser £185 buy here.

Emilio Pucci Printed silk pajama set
Pucci Silk Pyjamas from net-a-porter £1,380.

Are you a silk pyjama kind of girl?



  1. I find them oddly cold. They look lovely and feel lovely against the skin but oddly cold unless I have a big dressing gown over the top and then I would look a real bugaloo and defeat the whole elegant point. But there's no denying they look lovely. Gosh I'm old - gone are the days when I used to wear only lovely sleepwear.

  2. I got my first silk nightie a few months ago.....never slept so well....perfect temperature all night....i also want silk pjs for xmas.!!!

  3. I'm obsessed with nice PJs, love these :)

  4. Hi I like the White company and John Lewis ones. The belt options, not so keen, you would end up losing the belt. Silk pjs are nice and was also admiring kourtney wearing hers. X

  5. The John Lewis pjs look gorgeous! Think I might treat myself too for a change:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. when I was stuck in hospital with a seized back, the only pjs I had were thin white silk ones that belonged to my grandfather and blue satin ones that were my great-grandmother's! Very swish and lovely on the skin, but a bit slippery in the bed itself.

  7. Hi hun. Sorry its been forever! Loving the pj's. You can't beat silk can you?

    X x

  8. I hadn't really given the topic much thought to be honest, but now that you've mentioned it & provided gorgeous choices, I've decided that I'd like a pair too!! Not ideal for someone applying steroid creams in fairness .. but that doesn't happen every night!

  9. Really beautiful choices! I move around too much when I sleep so the trousers end up scrunched up around my hips and top all twisted - I know really glam :-) I just wear the top or a silk nightie instead.

  10. I would love silk pjs, but in reality, I'm probably more of a onesie girl. Probably a pokemon onesie suit. Not deeply sexy, but cosy as toast for a big rattly victorian house!

    Ali x

  11. I love silk pyjamas...I have the White Company pair in silver they are gorgeous ;-)
    Lovely selection here.
    Have a good week.

  12. Ohh the John Lewis ones please! These would certainly be an improvement on my baggy, faded jersey ones (see - I'm a glamour puss too!).

  13. Eeeek...Sharron, I'd better not show you my PJs.

  14. Been there and gave them up but maybe it was because I wore them a lot as outer wear - I do love your selection and if I ha the funds I would get the House of Fraser ones xx

  15. I love silk nightdresses and usually replace my old ones at Marksandspencer Autograph range at about this time of year. Had a look yesterday and they don't seem to be doing them this year. Pity as they were about £45. Will check on line this PM.

  16. Absolutely a pj ladyg! Hubby bought me 2 pairs last christmas 1 black faux silk pair and 1 burgundy dotty pair - a little warmer fabric. I could wear them all day! Go for it you know you are worth it Sharron!

  17. Now look what's happened - you've made me NEED a pair of silk pyjamas!!! Before I read this post I'd never given silk pyjamas more than a cursory passing thought!! Now I'm off to look at the White Company ones! x

  18. Hey..This is nice collection of girls Silk Pyjamas. I like your Vintage Style Clothing.


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