Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Joe Browns Snuggly Cardigan and Leggings Review.

When I was approached by Joe Browns and asked to review some products from their website, I have to admit it wasn't a brand that I was overly familiar with, I felt sure I had seen a catalogue at some point but that was about it, so I was more than a little intrigued to see what the brand had to offer.

Joe Browns is a lifestyle company with a customer base of over 900,000 and was started with a view to offering something different and far more individual to the other clothing catalogues in the UK and offers a range of mens and womens clothing, along with a selection of gifts and accessories. I also love the nightwear and onesie's which will make great Christmas presents.

I had £50 to spend and went straight to the knitwear section as knew my wardrobe was lacking a nice piece of chunky knitwear and I was immediately drawn to a cardigan that would keep me warm during the central heating wars that continue in my house!  I had to drag myself away from the Dealer and Shearling buckle boots to make this choice, you know what I am like for footwear!

LK258 - Snuggle Bunny Knit  - Snuggle Bunny Knit, Women's Knitwear, Womens Clothing, Clothing, Accessories, Joe Browns
The Snuggle Bunny Knit £39.95


A real thick snuggly cardigan with cable detail and a cosy collar which you can wear like a funnel neck for when you don't want to wear a scarf.


Excuse the crazy picture, my daughter made laugh, which you don't see often on the Blog!

One thing I love about having short arms is the fact that the sleeves are plenty long enough to channel your inner "Granny Chic" ....


I also chose a pair of black leggings as I was in dire need of a new pair for lounging around the house, and although sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss on the quality and thickness issue, the Joe Browns leggings are of really good quality and passed the "fist test" (where you stretch the fabric of the leggings over your first, and if you can see the colour of your skin through the material, then don't buy them) with ease.

LB115 - Leggings  - Leggings, Women's Jeans, Trousers & Shorts, Womens Clothing, Clothing, Accessories, Joe Browns
Leggings £9.95.

You can check out everything the brand have to offer at

Have you ever bought from Joe Browns?


  1. The cardigan is really pretty. Unfornately I react allergic to wool. And I am not particular fond of leggins as I think they are just nice on my daughter. But that is just my personal opinion. I really like your blog (just "found" it) and will definitely come back for visits!
    Greetings from Scotland

  2. I could definitely use that gorgeous cosy cardigan today and I'm really drawn to grey at the moment. I haven't bought from Jo Browns before but must have a look!

  3. I love that picture of you in the cardigan! And what a great pick and pic! You must get your daughter to take your photo of you more often. I've not really paid too much attention to Joe Browns before - I always thought it was a little too eclectic and boho for me but obviously not going by your cardi - will have a nosey.

  4. You look great - love seeing your gorgeous face on the blog! You should do it more often. Great picks from the JB website. I got the leggings in Navy and Black and have worn them lots. Never used to wear leggings but love them now! Avril x

  5. That's a lovely cardigan! Not that I actually need one more, but....I wear a lot of cardigans in the wintertime! Nice picture of you also, it's always so much better to see how a garment looks on a real, normal person versus some stick-thin 19-year old model;)

  6. Yay so love seeing pics of you. You look fab. Man you would have been sooooo hot if you wore that yesterday at the Hobbit Premiere. It was 22C! Tell Charlie the movie is said to be out of this world!

  7. That is my kind of winter woollie! Lovely and warm - wrapping up is a necessity these days, can't seem to keep my body heat in - must be my age! Those leggings are a really good price too! And the pic looks great - you should do it more often! x

  8. I've never heard of Joe Brown Will have to check them out. That's a great picture .. really natural and made me smile :)

  9. Love that look great!! I did get a supplement in a magazine about this brand before.
    ~Anne xx

  10. Gorgeous cardigan - I am not familiar at all with Joe Browns - off to peruse!


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