Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Love from Australia sheepskin Boots for just £54.99!

Cold weather always leads Bloggers to indulge in some talk of boots of the sheepskin variety and just like marmite, they are certainly an item of footwear you either love or hate, but for me they form an invaluable part of my winter attire, nothing beats a sheepskin boot if you are looking to keep your feet toasty warm and last winter I got my first pair of Love from Australia sheepskin boots and developed a love for the brand which is as strong as that for my trusty Uggs.

Of a similar quality and price bracket to Uggs and with many styles on offer, I just had to share with you the fantastic Love from Australia sale at Daniel Footwear.  With normal prices usually up to £239, with this fantastic deal you can buy a pair for just £54.99 here.

Here are just a selection of styles available:

Beige Cozi Womens Flat Calf BootGrey Jezebel Short Womens Calf BootLove From Australia Tan Eva Short Womens Wedge Boot

So if you have always lusted after some sheepskin lined footwear but haven't wanted to spend a fortune or you fancy sticking a pair on your Christmas list, then now is the time!


  1. Ooooh toasty. I'd have to keep those as indoor boots - I wouldn't be able to keep those clean for two minutes outside! That's a really good price for sheepskin boots too. We have a few Daniel outlets near where I live - must pay them a visit.

  2. I'm on the fence where these boots are concerned. Can't make up my mind! I think they're really ugly ... but then my sister bought me a pair a few years ago for Christmas and they're so warm and comfortable. I would rarely wear them outside however (unless for a quick run to the shops) and my Australian brother in law assures me that in Oz they're only worn as slippers. It's the old conundrum, style vs. comfort!!

  3. They are very much marmite taste! Same can be said for Birks and Crocs!
    I used to like sheepskin boots and I love the warmth but I don't like the look on me - they look cheap and nasty - I DO need some sheepskin, waterproof boots so will check out the Ugg store - they must do them?


  4. They look lovely and good to know they are real sheepskin as some of the less expensive ones out there are sheep wool lined - not as warm at all! I was looking at the selection last night and do fancy the wedge ones…agree with Fiona - definitely a marmite item! Avril x

  5. Great price compared to the Uggs. I have never worn a pair as I feel they are too flat, but that wedge pair above look very cosy:)
    ~Anne xx

  6. Those are cosy happy feet, what's not to love? I'll never get rid of my Uggs.

  7. These are an amazing bargain. I got some Whooga boots recently for £59.50 and free delivery from Amazon Warehouse, where they sell returns. The boots were perfect, just missing packaging.
    I have worn sheepskin boots for working from home for 5 winters, ever since a friend told me they had changed her life! They changed mine too, keep me much warmer and much happier!
    I'd never dream of going out in them. I leave that to the leggy teenagers.


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