Friday, 23 November 2012

Something for the weekend - blogger problems, tree's, new websites, Upper Street sample sale and this weeks discounts.

Thank god its Friday my darlings and we have lots to make us smile this weekend including a round-up of discount codes, sample sales and things I am loving this week.  I can't believe there are so many discount codes around at the moment, not that I am complaining as I have taken advantage of many when online shopping for Christmas presents these last few weeks as every little saving, even if it is just free delivery, certainly adds up so lets enjoy some bargains on Black Friday!


After seeing that all artificial Christmas Tree's are half price at Homebase, OH and I have been thinking about taking the plunge and buying one.  I have always sworn I would never have a faux tree but the prices are tempting beyond belief and when I think of how much I have spent on tree's for the last 20 odd years, it is actually a little frightening, I think we paid about £50 last year and had to travel miles to get a decent one as none of the ones locally were good enough! So you never know, Santa may not get covered in pine needles this year when he deposits the pressies under the tree and all the nectar points will add up!

After all our recent talk of duck and down filled coats and jackets, Olivia Palermo shows us how to do winter chic in style with a daytime look that would suit all ages. Olivia first popped up on my fashion radar when my daughters used to watch "The City" ("The Hills" New York spin off) and has since gone on to become one of the worlds hottest fashionista's whether walking her dog Mr Butler or sitting front row at fashion week. I just adore the sleeve detail on her jacket!


An email from Russell and Bromley confirming that their website will finally be launched first week of December was met with much excitement on my part, it really is about time don't you think?


This week has been dogged by blogging problems as google will no longer allow me to upload my own photo's to the blog saying I have used all my quota and that I need to buy more space, which I am reluctant to do. All I can think of, is trying to delete pictures from old posts in an effort to free up some space in the first instance to see if that works, if anyone has any advice on this or how I can tell what size my images are, I would appreciate it as I am about as tech savvy as a frog!  Copy and pasting images from websites isn't an issue just uploading my own.


So for all shopaholic's out there, lets get started with the discounts and codes!

Lovers of bespoke designer shoes will be interested to know that Upper Street have an online sample sale with prices starting from as little as £49!  So if you are looking for a pair of shoes that nobody else will have, then check out their website here

Two seperate discount codes from The White Company - 1. 20% off the Seychelles range using code AB459 until midnight Wednesday 28th November shop here. 2. 20% off selected items from The Little White Company sleepwear and bedroom accessories using code AB462 shop here. Free delivery when you spend over £30 applies to both offers.

Boots - discount codes are running up until 23rd December on premium beauty products. Use code PREMIUM5 to get £5 off a £50 spend, PREMIUM10 to get £10 off a £75 spend and PREMIUM20 to get £20 off a £100 spend here.

Selfridges - until midnight Sunday 25th November if you are buying fashion, homewares or accessories then enter the code SELF20 to get 20% off and if buying beauty, fragrance or wine then use code SELF10 to get 10% off here.

Kurt Geiger - 20% off everything until midnight Sunday using code KGXMZS20 at checkout here.

Office Shoes - 20% off everything online and instore shop here.

Liberty - £30 off plus free standard delivery when you spend £150 or more using code CHRISTMAS2012 at checkout here.

My Wardrobe - 30% off the party edit until midnight Sunday using the code PARTYEDIT30 here plus get 25% off the perfect present using code PERFECTPRESENT25 

Don't forget to let me know if you have grabbed any bargains with these codes and what are your thoughts on the real v fake Christmas Tree debate?

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  1. I had the same problem with Picasa - no room left and I dont want to pay yet! So I have deleted a load of my photos that aren't on my blog and that has made room. I think you have to be careful not to delete photos you have on your blog or they will disappear from there too! I love real trees but as you know got an artificial one 10 years ago - probably saved me at least£300 so far! But I do miss the smell so may get a potted one as well next year when we have room! X

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so organised! I need to buy something towards Christmas shopping, I haven't started yet. xx

  3. Love that photo of Olivia! I'm having the same problem with blogger ... did try to purchase space last night and it wouldn't allow me. Have deleted photos to free up some space for time being. Hope you have a good weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. No need to delete photso form old blog posts! Upload your photos onto Flikr. Copy the HTML code from it (lot easier than it sounds) then paste it into your 'HTML' version on your post. xxx

  5. Do you know this is so strange how the picture uploading problem hit so many people all at the same time. Hope you come out of it on the other side soon. I bought the extra space for $2.99 for the month but that buys me time to have a look at all the other options out there. I have a fake tree - I had a family friend treat us to a quite expensive one as a Christmas present and she helped choose it - she's a florist in real life so she picked carefully for a good "bushy" well formed tree. But I almost prefer it because I don't have needle drop, it's a bit uniform (I can be quite anal that way) and it fits in the alloted space.

  6. I love real trees but it's always so difficult (and time-consuming!)to find the perfect size and shape so a couple of years ago we invested in a good fake one but I do miss the pine smell. I'm glad you mentioned the problem with the photos as I suspect I'll be near to my quota - I'll be reading all the advice from your readers then I'll be prepared !!!
    PS Thanks for the codes!

  7. couldn't possibly start thinking about the tree doubt it will be from the man on the corner I like to pick the one I think looks left out and take it into the's all quite tricky!!

  8. Hi there, hope you get your picture problem sorted soon. That's so annoying for you! After 14 years of real trees, we finally opted for a fake one two years ago. Gotta say that I prefer it. As Sue says, it's more uniform so it looks better, no pine needles and the greatest joy of all, you can put it up earlier as there's no fear of it dying! I think fake trees have a bad name because they were pretty terrible years ago. The design and quality is so much better now.

  9. Flikr has the same free space limitations as well - Been there ! done that ! Copy & pasting links from other sites is risky as well because if the owner moves the pictures you lose the image - Been there ! done that ! Hadn't realised Google had the space limitation as well - currently here ! about to do this (probably!) !


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx