Friday, 16 November 2012

Something for the weekend - a new addition to the family, discount codes and what I'm loving this week!

Its almost the weekend lovelies, and although I was blessed with a mid week lie in due to a teacher training day, I need another one tomorrow for sure.  We have a new addition to the family, the kind that cries, yelps and scratches at the door all night........

Meet Poppy, a year old black pug who we were asked to rehome on Wednesday.  It took us all of about er, let me think, 5 mins to make the decision.  We just couldn't bear the thought that she might be given away to somebody who wouldn't love and care for her like we would, I mean who knew that going from somebody who hates dogs and animals because they moult and smell, I would end up falling in love with Albert as much as I did. I think its safe to say I am truly obsessed by Pugs and confess to still being petrified of Staffs and Rotties, they make my beach walks a complete misery especially when off the lead and the owners say "oh she's alright" as the hairs on the back of their neck go up and I stand there frozen and shaking like a leaf!

More fantastic discounts this week from all your favourite brands and nothing gives me a retail therapy buzz more than getting some money off!

The White Company - 20% off until midnight tonight (Friday) using code AB436 at checkout - shop here.
Clarks - 20% off adult styles until Sunday 25th November using code BELLS at checkout here.
 - 25% until midnight Wednesday 21st November using code FFNOV25 at checkout - shop here.
Karen Millen - £50 off selected coats, no code, reduction is automatically applied at checkout. Promotion includes the Signature Padded Coat (in 3 colours) The Classic Investment Coat and the Signature Faux Pony Coat.
Kurt Geiger - 25% off shoes both instore and online until midnight Wednesday 21st November using code F&FKG25 at checkout - shop here.
Dorothy Perkins - 25% off until midnight Sunday night only.Use DPFWD at checkout here.

For those of you who (like me) have been trying to lay your hands on the Ash Jalouse boots, I am happy to confirm that they are in stock in all sizes and three colours at The Dressing Room, shop here.


Some more fabulous magazine freebies this month including a Jemma Kidd mascara with Marie Claire and a Dune gift card with Elle mag.  I  already have this mascara, it came free with a magazine a few months ago and I am pleased to report that for somebody who usually only sticks to a couple of tried and trusted brands because they seem to smudge so easily on me, this doesn't smudge, so well worth buying another magazine and keeping it as back up for when the Chanel runs out!

If you are a fan of Jemma Kidd make-up there a plenty of products currently half price at Space NK. Click here to shop.

This week I'm loving the Ellie Saab perfume.  My eldest daughter had this on the other day and it was gorgeous and really lasts, something I insist on when buying fragrance.

Currently on offer at Debenhams here.

I was desperate to find out more about this gorgeous scent and its notes and found a fantastic review here if you are interested in learning more.  Let me know if you have it, love it or are buying for anyone this Christmas and have a fab weekend!


  1. OMG she is adorable!!! I love her!!! I always think about getting a pug - we have 2 boxers but the children keep asking for a small dog too:) And her name - well just a FABULOUS choice:) xx

  2. Hi my dear!! Poppy is just so so cute, lucky you and hope she and Albert make happy companions too! Have a good weekend xx

  3. There's no explaining these things but it's hard when you have a wet nose and doe eyes staring you in the face. She's very cute.

  4. Poppy is adorable!! Oh the stories you will have now that are two!! Our little Dolce and Gabbana (yorkies) keep us entertained with all their antics... there is nothing more wonderful than a furbaby ~ unless it's doubled ... we also have a yellow lab (Stella) that keeps us on toes.. enjoy your new baby!! xo C. HHL

  5. Oh I love all the discount codes! Thank you Sharron for sharing them. Also in love with your little doggy - what a lucky girl Poppy is. Enjoy her this weekend and have a good one, Avril x

  6. Your new addition is will have your hands full now!!Laura has that perfume and it is lovely:)
    ~Anne xx

  7. Awww, she's gorgeous!! I'm a sucker for dogs too, and I love meeting other dog walkers when we're out and about. I hope she settles in well x

  8. Oh Poppy's adorable! Hope she's settling in fine with the rest of the family! How are you ever gonna find the time to blog now? :-)

  9. Are you going to buy the Ash Jalouse boots??? Go on!!

  10. The Ash boots are so tempting.....not seen any that come close in quality and style!

  11. Awwww She's lovely!! I have a staffie, she is soppy as anything :)


  12. I know I have said it loads of times already, but I am so excited for you honey. I just know that Albert & Poppy are going to be firm friends, and you did such a GREAT thing taking her without even a thought. She was meant to be yours for sure :)

  13. I cant blame you for taking in this dog, so cute! I think my heart strings would have been plucked too. Have a fab weekend Sharron!

  14. Poppy is so adorable! Have a great weekend xo

  15. Aww I love your two wee bubbas. P&A are adorable and am sure will be inseparable! xox

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  17. Poppy is gorgeous - I presume you discussed the situation with Albert first and he approved! Love the Boots!

  18. Just saw the pics of the pugs...I have a fawn one. Luv her to death. Congrats on your new puppy! They're so much fun.

  19. What beautiful pugs and such a gorgeous puppy, I am actually feeling very broody for pups of our own now!


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