Saturday, 8 December 2012

A week on my iphone - Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


The tree went up on Monday evening.  I couldn't think of a better time than when the Royal Variety Show was on TV, the programme I loved and looked forward to as a child and teen but hate as an ageing adult, although I was upset to hear that Robbie Williams sang Mr Bojangles, as I do love him doing that song!


I'm afraid the vote for pink and green decorations was unanimous this year, clash with the decor somewhat I know, but hopefully we will be back to cream and gold next year or perhaps white if I can pick some up in the sales!  I was so disappointed to have bought an artificial tree for the first time in virtually my entire life (and that is a long time, trust me) but I am really pleased with it and it certainly has it's upside, with no pine needles to sweep up every day! Half price from Homebase - get in (as the kids would say)!


You know it's almost Christmas when your 12 year old son appears after his shower wearing last winters Reindeer pyjamas from John Lewis. They do a slightly different version this year but I think this will be the last pair of novelty p.j.'s for the fast maturing tween!


The first snow fall of the season.


As the temperature dropped to zero and a few snow flakes drifted through the air, a trip into town for a root touch-up called for shearling lined Jimmy Choo boots and the puffa coat which can no longer be referred to as my "school coat" as I am now afforded the luxury of not having to go out at 8.30am everyday.  The only plus side of your kids growing up!

My week ended on a high when my eldest daughter passed her final exam after 5 weeks of training with Virgin Holidays.  I will miss her being at Thomas Cook in town, it was always lovely to pop in and see her, but now she will be based in House of Fraser at Maidstone and my youngest daughter after dropping out of her fashion degree in the summer, followed by loads of unpaid work experience on the glossies, had an interview yesterday afternoon for New! magazine and got the job - starts Monday for three months.  Fingers crossed my middle daughter after graduating earlier this year gets something soon!

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? Presents all bought and wrapped?



  1. My decorations are up and I'm getting there with presents! Your girls are doing great:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    ~Anne xx

  2. No tree yet (we'll get a real one, hopefully tomorrow). Started present ordering today - am so behind it's crazy...!

  3. Everything went up this today. So excited as having my first Christmas in the Uk for 12 years. Been playing Michael Bublés Christmas album since October-that's how excited I am xx

  4. Your tree looks lovely - you will save so much money having one. I reckon I have saved about £40 a year for the last 10 years having one - that adds up! I still have two that need walking to school so need to bundle up for a few years yet!! X

  5. Tree looks lovely and so does the snow! We didn't get any :(
    Well done to your two girls - onwards and upwards. Hope you're celebrating this weekend, Avril xx

  6. Your tree looks so festive! Best of luck to your girls in their new endeavors.

  7. Our decs went up yesterday so all set now for the festive season. I think the Santa hat will have to be surgically removed from my daughter's head .. she's been wearing it for the past week! Congrats to your girls, that's great news. You must be bursting with pride :)

  8. Great pictures. I love the snowy garden. x

  9. Nice pics! I love how you decorated the tree in greens and purples:) We don't put up our tree until the day before Christmas Eve, as that is the tradition here in Norway.

  10. Aww your tree looks gorgeous! I am getting the tinsel out in the coming week but the tree will have to wait. We had about 3 inches of snow but it was melting away by the time I went to take photos.
    Good luck to your girls with their various jobs/hunting!

  11. I also used to love the Royal Variety when I was young but didn't even realise it was on - think I was at the gym! The tree looks great! I'm pretty sure this is the same one me + the hubby were looking at this morning from Homebase online - is it the Rocky Mountain? We considered buying it but it was out of stock in our local branch - shame. So no tree up yet - think it's going to have to be a real one next weekend. I still have a few presents to buy and haven't wrapped anything up as yet - but hoping to get it done before the kids break up for Christmas! Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xx

    1. That name doesn't ring a bell. It was originally £160 down to £80 well pleased with it!

  12. Ooh snow! I'd like to experience a white Christmas one day! Morning S


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