Sunday, 2 December 2012

A week on my iphone.

As you can imagine December, along with the summer months, are the busiest time in the Beauty industry so I have been run off my little feet this week. It's definetly a young girls game and I am finding it more and more tiring and am getting a little fed up with the constant back ache's when I am doing certain treatments but hey ho, a girls gotta make a living, especially with two daughters now both in their 20's living at home and draining resources, oh well that's what parents are for and I wouldn't have it any other way after my eldest moved out four years ago aged 19! Now that was truly awful!


Trying out the Baukjen joggers as daywear rather than loungewear and realising that I want this seasons dark grey option to add to my collection.


I got my very first veg box this week from Kent Veg Box after a recommendation from my friend Em. I am not sure it would have been something my food budget would have allowed for had they not have had a special offer on which meant that I got three weekly veg boxes for just over £17!  In addition to the root veg which went beautifully with a midweek roast chicken, I had 10 tomatoes, 10 onions, loads of potatoes, a pumpkin and a red cabbage and I have to say the veg tastes amazing! I can't remember the last time I ate vegetables that tasted like vegetables rather than the force grown out of season tasteless offerings you get from the Supermarket.


Just a little picture I had to steal from the Selfridges facebook page.  I do love YSL bags and it is one of the few designers whose bags I have never owned ever since I got my first high end arm candy (a little Gucci number) when I was about 24.


Anybody who follows me on instagram may realise that I do have a "thing" for pictures of the sky, its beauty amazes me at times and this was the scene I was greeted with at daybreak earlier this week. As my old Nan used to say "red sky in the morning, shepherds warning".


No Christmas would be complete without buying one or two new decorations for the Tree and a call from middle daughter who was at Winter Wonderland on Friday had me agreeing to paying £8 each for these little cuties!


Claudia wearing her "Pugs not Drugs" Urban Outfitters t-shirt.

Have a great Sunday xx


  1. Oh I'm going to Winter Wonderland week, I'm so excited. We were going to Paris but changed it for London, I think nowhere beats it at Christmas time.

  2. Those decorations are gorgeous - almost as cute as the real thing!

  3. The boots in the first picture - need more info please. They look very interesting to me and not a jot about them from you! They don't look like the Jalouse as the toe isn't pointy enough (I've done my research). Which are they?

    I think I would have bought the decorations of Albert and Poppy too if I had pugs called Albert and Poppy!

    1. Sue, there was lots about the boots when I first bought them which was this time a year ago in the Oasis sale! I obviously knew back then I wouldn't be able to afford Marant and that the Jalouse would go out of stock as soon as they came in!

    2. I didn't even know what a blog was a year ago!

  4. They are super cute decorations.

    X x

  5. I hope December slows down. November went by far too fast. Some lovely reminders of the week there.

  6. Such a pretty daughter and lovely dogs! and what a fantastic t shirt. We always get a new decoration for our Christmas tree for the girls each year, a little family tradition. I have been thinking about getting a veg box for a while now but wondering if it would work out more expensive, if the veg tastes that much better I think I will have to try it out in the new year.

  7. God those Pugs are adorable! Love those cute xmas decorations. Will Poppy and Albert have their own Santa stocking? Morning Sharron

  8. Those leggings are great with the boots! My first designer bag was also a Gucci, still got it! But have to say, I used to like that YSL style before it got all over the place. I really want to support our local farmers but as you say, the price can be prohibitive especially if you have a lot of cooking to do. Your pugs are adorable and Claudia's beautiful!

  9. I'm not a lover of dogs as a rule, but your two really are super-cute! x


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