Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Plus Sized Fashion

When it comes to finding Plus Size Fashion on the High Street, it is never an easy task and one that many women find daunting and shy away from.  The thought of getting undressed in front of full length mirrors or calling out to a shop assistant for a different sized garment whilst in a state of half undress, can send most women home to their laptops and preferring to shop online, where they can try on outfits in the comfort of their own home without embarrassment.

The other thing most retailers tend to forget is that you don't need to be thin to want to look nice or be fashionable, and that many young women also fall into this buying demographic.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I once worked in a company surrouned by size 8s and 10s, yet the most fabulous and sexy of all were the two size 16/18 ladies who always looked sensational. Style/fashion is definitely not the sole preserve of the slim. Helen

  2. Absolutely. Fed up seeing midriff-hugging sleeveless numbers. Who doesn't want a bit of camouflage round the tummy area on Christmas day.

  3. Sod's Law - when I like something it is a plus size!

  4. I agree, changing rooms are not the most flattering of places no matter what size you are.


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