Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sales goodies but not what you are expecting!

I know lots of you may think I am mad but when my eldest daughter pronounced that she had spent £40 on cards and wrapping paper a few weeks before Christmas, quite frankly I was horrified, and that is why one of my Christmas traditions for many years now has been to pop into town and buy my paper, gift tags, crackers and cards in the sale.


I like Boots for my wrapping paper and made sure I bought enough as the two daughters who still live at home seem to think it is a "given" to just help themselves to whatever is in the house, plus I also end up wrapping up the kids gifts from my Mum, so always need a fair bit.  I made sure one of the rolls was a 10m which came with tags, a smaller single roll with tags and 2 packs containing 4 rolls, bows and tags along with 2 packs of 14 tags for just £10.

The crackers and some of my "special" cards were from Tesco as Boots didn't have any, well not in my tiny branch, and I have to say I get as much as a kick out of this as I do when buying shoes and handbags at a bargain price and it is one less thing to add to the never ending Christmas list each year, so you have to agree it makes sense!

House of Fraser still have plenty of wrapping paper and accessories in their online sale if you are looking to get organised for next year. Shop here.

Do you buy your gift wrap and cards in the sale?


  1. Great plan and I do the same Sharron - Paperchase is great for this! Oh and don't forget that most charity shops have them reduced at this time of the year also - being organised and charitable at the same time :) xx

  2. Hi my dear! How very organised you are and thats a lot for £10, well done indeed!! Hope you had a fab Xmas and wishing you a lovely weekend! xxx

  3. I have done the same!! Rolls of paper, bags, ribbon and cards. I am planning on making my own crackers next year - arggh . You can hold me to that one!! X Saves a fortune doing it this way . As long as you remember you got it. Not like I did one year and forgot!

  4. I always keep an eye out in the Paperchase sales for their Christmas cards which I always find are beautiful but expensive. Hope you had a good Christmas - can't wait to see your sales spoils.

  5. It definitely makes sense - I always buy my Christmas stationary bits at this time of year too - why pay full price when you can get it at a fraction - plus it only gets ripped to shreds and chucked anyway! Hope you had a good one! xx

  6. Yes, sometimes I buy in the post xmas sale. I still having wrapping paper from this year and gift bags. I buy extra for the hubby to wrap mine in!! Am on the look out for outdoor sale decorations this year Happy New Year Sharron!

  7. I would love to be this efficient, but no I have never done this.

    Every year Harrods reduces its amazing Luxury Crackers (you know the ones that cost about £400 and have beautiful gifts in there) and by final sale they are below £100 and I always say I will get some - but I never ever get around to doing it!!! They would make beautiful presents - hmmmm!!!

    stop it - what are you doing to me S !! ;)

  8. Always. I don't need to this year though as, apparently, I bought enough last year to see me through next year.

  9. I always do the same but tend to buy from the various charity shops since I need literally about 100 cards alone just for my kids to give out every year. The trick is to keep it all somewhere accessible as I've lost whole batches before, a year means a whole lot of mess in my house!


Let me know your thoughts, all comments are much appreciated, I know it takes time and effort xx