Monday, 31 December 2012

Sales Haul Part Two - These Choo's were made for walking.

I hope you like Sales Haul posts as much as I do, if not you are going to get very bored with me over the next few days as this is part 2 of 5 and I still haven't posted up my lovely Christmas presents!


Anyway back to the matter at hand, now lets bring on the glitter with these Jimmy Choo "Wheel" slipper shoes which come in a range of prints but I couldn't resist the sparkle and will have no problem wearing these with jeans and a jumper to jazz up my daytime attire!





I couldn't wait to try them on, so please excuse my joggers which I lived and died in over the holiday and that's another blog post!

Shop the Jimmy Choo "Wheel" shoes here.

What ever you are doing tonight, have fun, stay safe and make sure you sparkle!

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  1. Great sparkly slippers.
    All the best to you and yours.
    Have fun.
    Jane X

  2. Hi my dear!! Gorgeousness indeed they look comfy, chic, covetable-lucky lady and you enjoy them! xxxx

  3. The only thought that is going to enable me to cope with the gloriousness of your sale purchases is the thought of my new kitchen I am saving for!! These shoes are to die for - enjoy!! Happy New Year lovely lady!! X

  4. Bring on the photos my friend!! Loved your bag in the prior post and these JC ... need I say more ... I'm swooning!!! They are brilliant!!! can't wait to see what other wonderful treasures you managed to get in the sales. Happy New Year ...xo C. (HHL)

  5. Loving the glittery shoes. They look fab and ever so comfie. I approve of you using the Flap Fund to fund this purchase!

  6. Those shoes are amazing. Happy New Year!

  7. Love the sparkling Choo's - even with joggers! Happy NY!

  8. Happy New Year you gorgeous lot, love ya xxxx

  9. They are so sparkly, fab!

    Laura xo

  10. OOOOO way to go Sharron, Absolutely fabulous darling as Patsy would say. I was on the hunt for a pair of loafers, decided to wait till after the new year and then my blackberry died whilst I was uploading some blackberry software. Hence over $350 later I now have the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (still learning what to do with it). But the loafers now have to wait! boo hoo! Enjoy Cinderella!

  11. Commented on a couple of your blog entries but I do not think the comments went through - I often have problems with your blog when using my MacBook Air weird!

    Now where were we? YES GLITTERY CHOOS!!! So glad you joined the club; naturally I love them. Great investment for whenever you need a bit of sparkle or just to bring a smile on your face. x

  12. I was sad that your flap (fund) was sagging babes, but so glad you got these - I love them - sorry I am only catching up on all my blog posts today - its lovely tho to see lots of goodies in one go !! :) xx


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