Friday, 14 December 2012

Something for the Weekend - Red Soles, Sales and Veg Box cooking.

At this time of year it makes you wonder how people manage to Blog on a daily basis or get round to commenting on all their favourite sites.  December is madness, fact, and there I was with posts drafted for this week but no time to finish or upload pictures which is a complete rigmarole since the Google/Blogger saga, and before I know it its Friday and time for my SFTW roundup!

This week I have been lusting after a Louboutin Christmas Tree and who wouldn't?

Christian Louboutins Christmas tree display 02 Christian Louboutins Christmas tree display by StudioXAG

Christian Louboutins Christmas tree display 09 Christian Louboutins Christmas tree display by StudioXAG

Pink and green baubles be gone and get me some red soled babies to make a shoe tree of my very own........ le sigh.

Now you may know that I do a lot of home cooking anyway but I don't particularly make things which are healthy (sorry Em) but with the recent introduction to my local Veg Box company, that has changed slightly, as I have sought our recipes, or made up my own, to make use of vegetables that wouldn't normally see the inside of my fridge!
This week was no exception, as with half a ton of Curly Kale to cook I used some to make a soup and damn delicious it was, even if I say so myself.....


From the veg box I used: 1 carrot, I leek, I potato and softened in a glug of olive oil for 10 minutes.I added I teaspoon of tumeric, 1 bay leaf and cooked for a further 5 mins. I then added a heap dessertspoon of flour and mixed in, then added 2 pints of stock made with 2 stock cubes and stirred constantly whilst I added it. I bought everything up to boiling point, then simmered for 10 mins. I added a couple of handfuls of Kale and cooked for a further 5 mins. Yummy! I would have added crutons but didn't have time to make any so served with crusty bread.

More Sales have started this week including Kurt Geiger with up to 50% off here, French Connection here, Dune have up to 50% off certain styles here as do Phase Eight here. So if you are up for a bit of pre Christmas bargain hunting, click away and don't forget savvy sales shopping means shopping investment pieces such as trench coats, leather jackets, classic footwear etc but I forgive you if you want to throw in some statement pieces as well!

If you still have presents to buy, don't waste any time and get it done this weekend, making note of last  minute Christmas order and delivery dates, as these will vary from site to site.
Sainsburys was out of delivery slots early this week so it looks like a trip to the supermarket for me to grab the fresh stuff, cream, cheese's etc so I am not too happy about that and made the same mistake last year, one minute I checked and the dates weren't released, next thing I knew they had all gone! 

Last minute gifts for a touch of Luxe.....

Offer ends 17th December. Buy here.

I'm off to London for lunch tomorrow to celebrate my Birthday so hope to have lots of Christmassy snapshots to share with you next week, I just can't wait to see all the lights!

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  1. I'm stuck in with a poorly child with severe asthma....and I still have my Christmas shopping to finish!! Oh dear. I'm very jealous of your London trip. Have an absolutely fabulous time! XX

  2. Oh my ... that Christmas tree! How bloody brilliant is that?? Have a wonderful weekend, looking forward to seeing the pictures next week. Helen

  3. I agree - it's all complete madness at the moment - everyone is so busy and stressed. Your soup looks wonderful - perfect for the cold weather! Have a lovely Birthday trip - looking forward to seeing the photos! xx

  4. Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow :) x

  5. Louboutin Christmas tree - Absolutely wonderful !

  6. Hope you have a great birthday! Make sure you buy something fabulous!

  7. The Louboutin tree is amazing!! Not to mention the soup - I love kale and will try this soup now! xx

  8. Wow love that Loubie xmas tree. I adore soups, such an easy and delicious way to get in the extra the extra veg quota.


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