Monday, 3 December 2012

Spree v Steal - Chloe Susanna/Office Nighthawk Boots.

I've had a deep admiration for the Chloe Susanna boots ever since I first spotted them at Net A Porter and knew it wouldn't be long until multiple High Street retailers put their own spin on these studded, buckled beauties with a few more purse friendly options.

ChloĆ© Susanna studded leather bootsChloĆ© Studded python ankle boots
£850 and £1,135 at NAP.

Gradually numerous High Street homages appeared from Zara, Schuh, Linzi shoes, River Island etc and when some of these go on sale, then you know you are in line for some serious on trend footwear bargains!

Office Edgy 2 buckle Black leather silver s...
Office Two Buckle version was £60 now £30.

I first spotted the reduction on the Office homage a few weeks back in the lower cut shoe style with two buckles, and then saw that Alex over at The Frugality bought them, followed closely by Avril of School Gate Style, who in true blogger fashion, blamed Alex, as we do! This is what I love about blogging, so much inspiration out there and spreading of the bargain love! I was waiting the arrival of Avril's before I published this post so that I had another picture of them in the flesh as it were.

I have myself been toying with making that all important stylish shoe porn purchase but am worried about chilly ankles, so maybe the boot version will be more fitting to the forthcoming winter temperatures.

Office Nighthawk stud Black leather
Office Nighthawk studded Boot was £80 now £55.

They certainly look better in real life as with most things online......

Picture Source

Alex wearing the two buckle version........

Picture - The Frugality.

The real deal............

Picture Source

I'm not sure if I am feeling a little too old for them especially as one of my daughters begged me to buy them for her and as is usual with me, they will probably sell out while I make my mind up, so to buy or not to buy, that is the question!


  1. Oh, I don't know about these. But then I'm not what you would call an 'early adopter' of fashion fads. They're a little too masculine for my liking. I think I'd give them a miss Sharron ... but hey! I could be wrong, let's wait and see what everyone else thinks. Helen

  2. I actually think these boots are suitable for us 40+ girls as well, so if you like them, I think you should get them:)

  3. I am liking these boots HUGELY!!!!!

    Ali x

  4. Prefer the higher style because I don't like having the ankle gap. They look versatile and comfy enough and would look good with even the most basic outfit - a great alternative to plain ankle boots.

  5. Hi my dear-wow, what really good prices, the 2 strap shoes are gorgeous but the boots have a fab discount too. Thanks for sharing and making us all so tempted, haha!! xxx

  6. They are very lovely and quite a saving to be had too.

    X x

  7. Oh Sharon, I didn't realise there was a boot version too??!!! I'm really happy with the shoe ones though - wore them with a skirt for a blog post (later this week) and was surprised how cute they looked with black opaques and a pinafore. Really pleased I got them - I feel instantly younger when I put them on!
    Thank you as always for the lovely mention! Avril xx

  8. Great boots! Loving the savings / discount codes you are posting Sharron, keep it up :-) xx

  9. I prefer the boot version myself - cute! I think if you really like them you should buy them and wear with pride! x

  10. I do love the buckle look, but these are a little too risque for me. I prefer the original 3 buckle version to the 2 buckle. But ouch the price is beyond my budget. Let us all know what you decide!

  11. The IM Dickers and Chloe Susannas are virtually statement ankle boots. A few months back, I saw a woman walked past in her Susannas. I was mesmerized. I had to physically force myself to walk in the other direction lest I start stalking her .... I mean her shoes.

  12. Thank you for mentioning me on your blog! I love the shoes, as have quite a lot of flat boots. I am actually wearing them today and they are really comfortable. I was in MaxMara on an appt for work and the man on the door said 'hey, nice shoes' - so they can't look cheap!!


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