Friday, 30 March 2012

Floral Trousers - would you or wouldn't you?

If you are over 40 and have read the title of this blog post, don't just assume that you wouldn't wear them and click off the page because there is a funny story involved, well at the time it was funny!

My friend S, who is now 44, once, 4 years ago to be precise, rocked up at the School Sports Day wearing a pair of floral trousers which sent me off into hysterics!  I am known for speaking my mind and also for cracking jokes at others expense, its the way I have always been and being as at that particular time S was quite friendly with some people who owned the local interior design company, I couldn't help but ask "I assume Beverley Lindsay Interiors run those up for you out of some curtain off cuts?".  OK so it doesn't sound so funny now but at the time it was, trust me, but the thing about S is, she doesn't give two hoots about fashion and trends and had already owned these trousers for years, having originally bought them on a holiday in Portugal and has continued to wear them every summer since, this year not realising that at 44, she is totally "bang on trend".  S is tall and very slim so from a figure point of view can wear pretty much anything and from a trends point of view it is not always age that influences your decision to wear a certain fashionable garment/colour/print but body shape also has to come into it aswell.

As much as I adore floral trousers, in my late forties and being an apple shaped 5ft 2, I won't be going there, but that is not to say that a) I won't be admiring others who have the figure and age group for them or b) continuing to rip the mickey out of my mate - she can take it, although I am finding it hard to forgive her for not wearing them for me this week, this post was drafted on Monday and I have asked repeatedly for her to rock them on the school run so that I could get a picture, but to no avail.......I'm beginning to miss the floral white background, large pink flowered fabric, perhaps she is saving them for this years sports day!

The H&M pants with their attractive price tag are being snapped up by bloggers at every opportunity...

Asterisque and Snap me in floral trousers
Pictures courtesey of Flingly Magazine

even my youngest daughter bought them.......

but if you are over 40, then make like Olivia Palermo rather than Sex and the City stylist, Pat Field.........

proof in point, it is not what you wear but the way that you wear it, so go for the grown up look........

Floral Trousers £115 Biba. Yellow Top £25 Linea. Tux Jacket was £275 now £80 Mary Portas. Tan Leather Bag £95 Monsoon. Leopard Print Court Shoe £65 Dune

So tell me, are you gonna wear them?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Season at Isabella Oliver 365 collection.

Ruched Jersey Dress £99
Ever since I first starting this blog (some three years ago now) and accidently stumbled upon what was soon to become one of my favourite labels, the 365 collection at Isabella Oliver has not only got bigger, but season after season, continues to get even better.

I have always adored their classic wardrobe hero's and the brand's capability to bring a touch of modern day wearable luxe to a woman's wardrobe with its use of quality fabrics, a generous cut and a selection of garments that mix and match so easily, as well as stunning stand alone pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

The collection is designed with real women in mind, making for a wardrobe that will take you from the school run to date night, lunch with the girls to a city break in Marrakesh, needless to say I want it all!

Print Pleat Dress £119

The classic jersey wrap dress continues to be one of the brands best sellers due to its ability to suit any body shape but the introduction of ruched jersey, a smudged blue snakeprint and zip detailing, all give classic shapes a trend led twist............

Zip Jersey Dress £105

but if you are more of a separates girl who prefers to mix and match or perhaps you lust after layering pieces, then there is sure to be something that will make all the difference to your wardrobe  with a wear-ability factor that will last way longer than just one season.

An outfit for every occasion.

Have you checked out the new season collection yet and if so, which pieces best suit your lifestyle?

Shop the 365 collection here.

Isabella Oliver (UK)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Something for the weekend - pink roses, pink pigs, a light dusting of flour and pistol boots.

A beautiful pink rose from my mothers day bouquet

In a week where us Mums are still recovering from eating too much chocolate, Lindor Truffles and virtually everything from the Percy Pig range at M&S in my case...............................

I am pleased to report that the Shellac manicure which is 2 weeks old today, had its photo taken last night and if my nails didn't grow so quickly, meaning that the nail polish is growing down my nail plate, it would still be looking pretty damn good for those of you who are interested and as I am a sucker for a freebie, I couldn't resist buying Marie Claire with its free Neals Yard Hand Cream..........

I have to admit to feeling a little guilty for laughing out loud, but I just couldn't help myself when I saw that Kim Kardashian went from this.......

PICS: Kim Kardashian flour bombed at fragrance launch 

to this............

PICS: Kim Kardashian flour bombed at fragrance launch 

whilst at an event to launch her new perfume earlier this week.
I have to confess I do watch the Kardashian shows on E, I don't know why, but the reality series are strangely addictive even though the girls annoy me immensely, Kourtney and Khloe are just so childish its unbelievable and their mothers quest for her daughters world domination drives me bonkers, have they not made enough money already?  Hopefully a light dusting of self raising will have bought this Diva back down to earth a little, maybe Kris Humphries paid somebody to do it and who could blame the poor schmuck!

It feels as though the January sales have only just finished and now the mid season sales are starting, not that I am complaining, there couldn't be a better time to think about buying some summer essentials and with the sunshine we have had this week, I might even give myself a Fake Bake with temperatures due to hit 20 degrees in some parts today.  But as much as I love the sunshine, there is no denying that it does leave you with a few outfit dilemma's.  You can look stupid in a coat that looks too heavy and I am in no doubt that Trench Coat season is finally here, its sometimes chilly enough to still require some form of outerwear especially when on the school run or on your way to work in the mornings and to put an up to date spin on a wardrobe classic, why not invest in this gorgeous jewel toned Mac from Hobbs.........

Kendal Mac from Hobbs was £119 now £99 buy here.

It will look stunning with floral trousers and I can just picture it with a pair of raspberry coloured jeans and a floral shirt, the perfect spring outfit which you can top off with a pair of gorgeous pumps from Kurt Geiger who currently have a 25% off promotion in conjunction with Grazia magazine by using code GRAZIA25 at checkout! 
As well as their own fantastic range, KG are also stocking 11 new brands online including Sam Edelman, McQ, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa and Acne to name but a few.   I can't even begin to tell you how much I need these Acne Pistol Boots in my life and although they come in four colours, the beige would be perfect for Spring......

The 25% off is very tempting and if I hadn't of just had 2 lots of root canal and a shiny new crown which is currently being made in the lab, I could of actually bought them, damn teeth grrrrr...... Shop the new Kurt Geiger collections here.

This week I am also loving the Rachel Zoe collection just launched online at 

 The collection is a must for all La Zoe obsessives, just look at this gorgeous dress.........


and I wouldn't say no to the handbag as a Chanel 2.55 is even further out of reach since my recent visit's to the dentist.....


The Next 48 hour sale starts tomorrow at 7am, so set your alarm if you want to grab a bargain and don't forget to report back with any bargains you get this weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine my lovlies!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Mums and Daughters - sharing fashion.

I have often talked about forty something women not wishing to dress either like their twenty year old daughters, nor their seventy year old mothers, but when you are in your forties, how acceptable do you think it is to clothes swap with your daugther and or, vice versa?

Much has been made in the press of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a 2008 Reiss dress for her first public address yesterday in a cobalt blue number that had previously been seen on her mother Carol, when she attended Ascot in 2010.  Reports suggest that Carole actually borrowed the dress from Kate in the first place, but it doesn't really matter who bought it, it is a great dress, classic style, gorgeous colour and one that undoubtedly suits both a women in her 20's just as much as it does a women of 57, but well placed sources also reveal that Kate often turns to her mothers wardrobe when she needs something special.

and that is exactly what happens in my house.  My eldest daughter, although 8 inches taller and of a completely different body shape to me, will often pop up to borrow a dressy top for a night out, sometimes something smart if the occassion requires it and very often a frock for maybe a wedding, christening or just for a night out as happened most recently when she stole a grey leopard print silk dress from my closet for a weekend away in Manchester.


and here she is in a Linea by House of Fraser cream silk one shoulder ruffle top which I fell in love with a few years back when I saw Yasmin Le Bon wearing it in a campaign picture, I never wore it as I felt it was a bit too young, so it was perfect for her even though it cost me £75 grrrrr.........


There will always be fashion rules I feel I should adhere to, but I shouldn't be afraid to take a peek inside her wardrobe now and again as these pictures prove, there are so many trends and styles that really can be worn by women of any age, its not a case of what you wear, more about how you wear it!

What are your thoughts on this subject and do you have a twenty something daughter who borrows clothes from you or vice versa?

Reiss UK

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Will I lose the Chanel nail polish obsession, now I have tried "Shellac"?

On Friday I took the plunge and had a "Shellac" manicure for the very first time.  For those of you who don't know about "Shellac" it is a nail polish procedure which uses a UV lamp to "cure" the nails giving you a manicure which can last anything between 2 and 4 weeks with no cracks, chips or splits to the nail colour.

You don't get the normal manicure included in the procedure so no massage or lovely moisturising lotions and potions, just a little bit of cuticle work and a file of any rough edges before the "Shellac" is applied and I have to say I am already impressed!

It doesn't seem to matter how expensive your nail polish, base or top coat are, nail polish always chips and for me that is usually within 2 or 3 days depending on how much housework or washing-up I may have done, so I am looking forward to having a couple of weeks without moaning about chipped polish but I know I will miss my massive array of nail colours, especially the new Chanel spring colours, sob.

Shellac Colour Range

I opted for black as I wasn't overly keen on the other shades available but all salons will have a different range of colours, my lady has only just trained in the system so doesn't have all the colours (the new s/s12 colours are now available, see below) and although there were some nice medium pinks and corals, I thought these better for when summer is in full swing and I know from many friends/fellow tweeters who have already tried "Shellac"that it is the perfect solution for holiday nails, I even got chatting to a lady on holiday last year who had "Tropix" on her fingers and toes, it looked gorgeous and she swore by it for a fortnight in the sun, so you can leave your selected holiday nail colours and remover at home and anything that means less toiletries to take away with you has to get the thumbs up from a professional holiday packer like me!

My own nails, not a great picture!

Spring and Summer new colours.

I did my internet research as only a nail polish geek like me would do, and came across this article from "All Laquered up" showing a picture of the Shellac black polish on day 14, so it all seems very promising and looks as though the problems arise as your nails grow, because the colour goes down the nail plate!

The thought of giving up my nail polish options, fills me with dread, but so does chipped nail polish so it is going to be a hard one to call for sure, and now I have tried it for myself and am fully trained in both mani and pedi procedures, I think investing in this system will be well worth while, even if I only use it on myself and my three daughters.
Hot Pop Pink, Tutti Frutti and Tropix would be my holiday colours of choice.

Prices will of course differ from Salon to Salon and if you have had it, I would be interested to hear how much you pay.  In my area, most charge £15 to £20, so I think you can expect it to cost similar to that of a traditional manicure.

Have you tried "Shellac" yet?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Something for the weekend - spring sale essentials, bargain jeans, magazine freebies and chocolate.

In a week where we saw Oscar red carpet gown madness which resulted in Angelina's leg opening its own twitter account (is that seriously a leg to be proud of?  It looks like something the French would cook up and eat to me) ........

The woman is mad, clearly.

and The Only Way is Essex considered it a fitting end to the season finale for us to see Gemma getting a snog from new beau, Charlie.............seriously that programme needs to get Mark and Amy back pronto, I can't tell you the amount of times I have fallen asleep whilst watching this season's episodes, boring, boring, boring.............

I had some tough decisions to make...............

don't worry, I ate both, but the major decisions were not just about Chocolate but about parties in posh London hotels to celebrate shoes v sons parents evening (I suppose that had to be a no brainer, gutted though I was) and then I had to start thinking about which dress to wear to an impending school reunion next weekend.
I remembered that Dorothy Perkins sale had started so thought I would hop on over for a peep, as I didn't want to spend too much money on something I probably won't wear very often and although there were some gorgeous frocks at fantastic prices, all the ones I liked were not in my size, just my luck, but I did get a little way laid with some other perfect pieces to take me into spring.......

I am a huge lover of metallics, whether it be clothing or accessories and summer metallics are so on trend right now, I was thrilled to find this great top for just £10......

and in light of my recent lusting after the H&M boucle jacket, I was more than a little excited to be able to channel the "chanelesque" look with a fab boxy cardigan for just £17...... how easy will this dress up a pair of jeans?

I had a Twitter friend ask my advice about a cropped, mid rise, dark denim jean earlier in the week and was pleased to recommend a pair of MIH Paris Jeans over at the fashionista's favourite online denim destination, Donna Ida, then low and behold whilst on an almost daily "outnet" window shopping session, found the same style jean which only had my size left for an amazing £65, so if any of you girls take a size 32 in a jean, you would be mad to miss out on these!

Paris mid-rise cropped jeans  by MiH Jeans

MIH Paris Cropped Jean £65 at theoutnet.

If you haven't already noticed, the April editions of our beloved glossies have hit the shelves and yet again there are some fantastic freebies which make the cost of the magazine so worthwhile.

Cosmopolitan has a selection of Clinique goodies on offer, depending on which area you live in .....

Other magazines contain hand cream and shampoo goodies.......

and this weeks Grazia contains a voucher to get a whopping 25% off of Whistles!

Don't forget to tell me if you get any magazine freebies or have any exciting purchases planned.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend my lovelies xxxxxxx