Saturday, 12 January 2013

Beauty Buys - Dermalogica.

I have a bit of a strange relationship with Dermalogica products if I'm honest.  I wouldn't dream of having a facial unless the therapist was using Dermalogica and I also wouldn't dream of using anything else on my own clients, unyet I have a drawer full of it, that I never use at home on myself. Strange woman.

That was until just before Christmas when I had an email from alerting me to the fact that they had a £10 off a £30 spend code.  Now WIMH is a site I use to browse the contents of celebrity handbags and had never really looked at the products they sell online, until this discount code and upon closer inspection I noticed these Dermalogica sets of iconic items were only £9.50 each when on other sites they retail anywhere between £18 and £24 so I stocked up and made a promise to myself that for the meantime I was going to use this beauty brand, after all, everybody I know who uses it on a daily basis has lovely skin, so why had I not done it before?

Now you know how much I love my Liz Earle and Eve Lom cleansers, as both exfoliate in addition to cleaning the skin, so I have had to get used to using a separate product, the iconic Daily Microfoliant, which so many people rave about, but other than that, I am finding that I really like it all and instead of being on that constant search for a luxury product that will completely banish my wrinkles, it's about time I just gave up as I have realised that no such moisturiser or eye cream actually exists and all we can do is cleanse, tone and moisturise on a daily basis the rest is down to good gene's, good food, no smoking, and a high factor sun cream.  


The set consists of 4 products which would be suitable for all skin types and makes the ideal starter kit or travel companion.

Special Cleansing Gel - Really like this and remove with water and sponges as I would for a facial. It's anti-bacterial whilst being mild enough to use on all skin types.

Daily Microfoliant - Powder formula that you mix with water.  I remove it as I do the cleanser. I spray their Multi Active Toner afterwards but this is not in the set, I already have this. Made from Rice Bran which has been used by Japanese women for centuries.

Daily Soothing Cream - One of their universal moisturisers meant for normal to dry skin and does soften skin on impact. Increases hydration whilst soothing and healing.

Multi Vitamin Power Firm- An eye cream which can also be used in the lip area but not many websites tell you that, so its great if you feel you would like a multi function product that deals with that particular problem area as well as your eye area. Contains vitamins A,C and E along with antioxidants and seaweed.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who was Dermalogica trained at College and always performs my facials (when I find time to have one) and she said that she doesn't use the Microfoliant as she finds it drying and I do agree with her, but so long as you apply your toner and moisturiser straight after, your skin won't feel uncomfortable for long. I also have their skin prep scrub which my friend prefers, but am using the Microfoliant for now. She also said that she can't use this particular eye cream as it gives her small red spots around her eyes and funnily enough, it did me too, but they were so tiny and that ceased to happen after a few days of use, so she uses this particular product on her upper lip area and between her eyebrows instead.

WIMH now have another discount code running with £12 off a £35 spend if you fancy stocking up on these sets as I did, or giving Dermalogica a try for the first time.  They would also make great gifts if you have any female birthdays coming up.

I would also like to recommend their Age Smart Power Recovery Masque, a powerful concentration of antioxidant vitamins for mature or prematurely ageing skin which I have also recently bought.

You can buy all the full size Dermalogica products mentioned here from

Have you ever tried Dermalogica? If so which products do you swear by?


  1. Love trying new skincare products, great post :) Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Funnily enough I reordered my precleanse and smoothing cream yesterday too. I usually get it from Look fantastic, but they wouldn't take any of the codes this time for some reason so I got it from Essentials Pharmacy London and got it all £10 cheaper even than LF!! Was well chuffed! Love dermalogica products, although I am using the Liz Earle cleanser atm! X

  3. Hi my dear!! This is a lovely review of Dermalogica, it certainly sounds a really good brand and it's always great to go by recommendation too. I generally just use cocoa butter lotion on my face, that's it. I don't get spots or skin problems (thankfully) so just stick to what I've been doing for years now. Have a lovely weekend Sharron xxx

  4. Great review. I used Dermalogica years ago but am now a Liz Earle or L'Occitane (Immortelle) convert ;-)
    I am tempted to try their microfoliant again though after reading your review. Off to check out the site xx

  5. I'm a big Dermalogica fan also Sharron. If I ever get the luxury of a facial, I always look for a salon that uses it. Love their masks also and the SPF additive that you can put into any other face cream - genius! I used to use the daily microfoliant all the time and swore by it but ran out a few months ago so you've reminded me to re-stock…off to check out those sites now! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Avril x

  6. So important that we take care of our skin. I have always moisturized from being in my early teens. Of course now I do everything I can, age and beauty hey! or is it more vanity?

  7. A great review and I'll definitely look at the websites mentioned - thanks. I'm a Clinique fan/addict but I like to use use Dermalogica body wash , body cream and buffing cloth.

  8. I've never tried Dermalogica (can you believe it?) although my good friend has used the range for years. Maybe because I used Liz Earle for so long and then switched to Emma Hardie (which my skin really seems to like) and then also have a few other cleansers to use up, I don't want to complicate matters further! I do have a small Daily Microfoliant sample from a beauty box yet to crack open. I am quite intrigued by the Multi Active Toner though - I wonder if this could be used in conjuntion with other brands? xx

  9. Dermalogica is one of my rotator brands but it did make me chuckle when you have stuff in drawers but don't use them.

    I keep telling myself buying the products is only half the battle! You gotta use them for it to work..;)

  10. I love their Gentle Cream Exfoliant!

  11. Thanks for this review! I love learning about products! Have a great week and come say hi!


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